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  1. How much would leaving the wagon out reduce the price? I bet it would be around a fiver. Then watch the "Why didn't Hornby put the wagon in with the loco" comments.
  2. ...decide that there is only one solution to a problem and then rant with a "look at me" post on social media. You can tell it's a "look at me" post because they play the victim by including "admin, delete if not allowed" or invite people to disagree with them.
  3. Surely that's the layout owners problem? If they want to take the model on the road then the layout will need to be modified as required. If they can't make it work then don't accept the invite. No one's forcing them to go.
  4. It gives those us who love Thunderbirds AND pasties a dilemma. Which inspirational wagon load from this series do we build first?
  5. And the first engine to appear was Edward, who all right thinking people consider the star of the "Edward and friends" series.
  6. You keep on about this M1 idea. Have you actually thought it through? For a start, you claim it will be cheaper. As they say in exams, please show your working, otherwise it's just a guess. How do you propose to get the tracks between the lanes? Is your plan that the system is self-contained or does the track cross the motorway at some point? Running tracks down the middle of motorway means reducing the number of lanes. How will the Daily Mail react to that?
  7. Or is it misogyny? Difficult to tell, but I'd be surprised if the same comment would have been made if a bloke had been holding it.
  8. No one is being forced to buy these motors, so I really don't understand what @Ruston is getting so angry about. If we want to faff around on the net, we can bag a "bargain". If not, we can buy with screws and drawing for a few quid. That's how free markets work - the customer gets to decide.
  9. Fine as long as they want a class 66. If a Pullman set, C Class or coal tank is what you desire, could you suggest an alternative? Not everyone just wants a new, shiny box and cares nothing for the contents.
  10. I can't get supplies from Bachmann so we'll chuck £150k+ at developing a new model? If that's the only reason then they won't be in business very long.
  11. Seriously? You are complaining about less than 3 quid on the price of a new loco? Perhaps we should have a whip-round to help you out.....
  12. I remember the good old days when people would craft an OP rather than expecting everyone to sit through a 5 minute ego-trip video. Words, if considered, can be read in seconds. Video demands as much of my life as the creator thinks they can get away with, usually much more than I'm willing to give.
  13. Bachmann are concentrating on catching up on their programme and not announcing new stuff until it's nearly ready according to the stand staff. That's what people here have been telling them to do, now you want them to stop that and upgrade all the existing range? Make your mind up! Nothing wrong with aiming to be Tesco either. They seem to take a big % of the grocery business. If Bachmann are doing that then they can't be doing too badly. Maybe you should wait for the DJM version.........
  14. He also said dust extraction. I'd rather pay more for my models and know that those making them weren't risking their health to do so. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I hope not.
  15. That's not an alien object, it's a tractor. If the ones around here are any guide, the very last choice of transport for those looking to cover interstellar distances.
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