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  1. I have been trying to avoid looking on ebay for old fashioned O gauge, however couldn't resist bidding on this 'Open wagon B' which emerged from the Hornby factory in the early 1930s. Costing £1.99 plus post it came with 1 repaired spoked wheelset and is now fitted with tinplate wheels. Really must build somewhere to run all these models, and unlike my Heljan and Dapol models they don't arrive with bits loose in the box, or fall off in use!
  2. Some cls 127 units were converted to parcel cars with the addition of roller shutter doors, including, from memory, 51591, repainted into original green and reserved for the national collection. The experiment was not very successful! Seem to remember seeing the units at bletchley depot but don't recall them running.
  3. ETS currently make British outline wagons for Raylo & WJ Vintage, As well as some continental wagons in British liveries. They also made some of the Corgi Bassett lowke range.
  4. All those Leighton Buzzard sandpits are now housing estates!
  5. I can remember a BR bauxite timber conflat? Container at a local cement works, did think at the time it would make a good shed, however someone set fire to it instead! There was a timber van body in a field near bodmin, I think I posted pics on the thread mentioned above, haven't been past for years so don't know if its still there.
  6. The L & B used Devon rivers with 3 letters, Axe or Sig would be the only other options, then 4 letters such as Dart, Tavy, Wolf, Mole, Erme
  7. Got a text message from 'Hornby' this morning stating that my DHL (Drop Hurl Lose) driver Bob will deliver my parcel this afternoon between 15:13 and 16:13, which he did, and I left it at work!
  8. Payment taken 5 days ago, and email from Hornby saying the models had arrived in warehouse, nothing since. If I could remember my log on details would check on Hornby site!
  9. For those on facebook,there is the 'Golden days of British petrol stations' group ! https://www.facebook.com/groups/257490574710302/
  10. It's a new model, not related to the Tri-ang one. Still waiting for my one to arrive!
  11. In the 1980s I built up a fair sized dublo 3 rail collection, mainly from the local swapmeet and usually found in the boxes under the tables, so most was a bit tatty, seem to remember paying £4.50 for a green duchess with tender! Also had Red duchess missing its tender and front bogie, and a couple of N2 tanks, a rake of crimson and cream coaches and various wagons, including a trix brake van with lighting! Got an A4 less tender of a school mate too. All sold on ebay about 20 years ago now, except for a vacuum tank wagon I rewheeled and a 2 rail standard tank loco my dad got me
  12. Peco have restarted production a week or so ago, so supplies of new track should be appearing immanently!
  13. Darstaed have a range of Mk1 coaches on the market, Heljan versions have an incorrect side profile with no tumblehome and were more expensive at £250 although the new (still not) released versions have a retail price similar to the Dapol version,that is also not yet available (due end of 2018) , but has the correct body shape!
  14. Triang made a mk2 coach with opening doors in 1966. In O gauge!
  15. I have a few ETS items and have found their coupling works well but is very susceptible to uncoupling on less than perfect track, and incompatible with the drop link coupling, a version of which is available from ETS as a spare but is expensive! https://www.ets.cz/en/spare-parts/coupling-compatible-with-old-tin-plate-models-buco-type.html
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