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  1. Maybe it's an Advent calendar, get one quick.. Their days are numbered!
  2. I had an old diecast lead one, possibly made by barrett and sons, probably 1950s! Something like this.. https://www.tortoys.co.uk/acatalog/Taylor-and-Barrett-Beehive-34772.html
  3. A nice freight engine maybe? Like a 9F..
  4. 2C48 Plymouth to Penzance service with 43 198 and 43 093 at camborne 10/9/19
  5. I must admit to liking this version but like the RAF class 91 wont be buying it for the simple reason its an ancient model with a nice paint job and too expensive for what it is, will make do with my original Lima 156 I bought new around 30 years ago!
  6. I had this model and several others with identical motor bogies, none had any issues with gearing, Only issue I had on some was a high pitched squeal caused by lack of lubricant on motor bearing!
  7. Penzance 7/8/19 37099 with the ultrasonic test train shares the station with a couple of GWR shortie hst sets, didn't have time to take better pics!
  8. I have some lima diesels that i paid £8.00 for, and a couple of 3 car dmu's that cost £10 new, probably doubled in value in the last 30 odd years, Also a class 50 that was £4.99 from Taylor & Mckenna in Luton with a free Hornby wagon!!
  9. My parents had friends with a static caravan on a site in manor road in Felixstowe so for some years up to about 1984 we stayed there for 2 weeks, i remember seeing rails embedded in concrete at landguard fort, near Darrells battery i think, and followed the tramway from the breakwater, also walked to the Town station which fascinated me at the time, derelict and seemingly abandoned apart from the line, later cut back , into one platform. Never took any photos of the fort but have a few of the station platforms! Took the train to Ipswich a few times too, sometimes even leaving the station to explore the town! There was a minature railway on the seafront with an oval of track round a lawn, and another further out at Mannings amusement park, which also had a wooden roller coaster, Mad mouse? If that counts!
  10. Certainly looks nice and seeing the real thing a few times times I was considering getting one, but unfortunately can not justify spending over £400 on a 5 coach set as currently running, will have to make do with my 1980s blue & grey 8 coach set!
  11. Proper job!! They arrived over 2 years ago though, cost £250k each
  12. Howes of Kidlington have a very small retail area now, I don't remember seeing any O gauge models displayed on my last visit a year or so ago! Tower models carry O gauge but are in Blackpool and have an online catalogue! Exeter area.o gauge guild have a meeting on july 18 and August 1st if thats of interest, may not be traders present though! https://www.exeter-gog.net/
  13. The Bright lights of Newquay? Now I haven't seen this show advertised, presumably its the same place as last year, in the Village hall. Will have to make the long trek along the A3075 again!
  14. Turn Left for Titfield..
  15. Obvious answer is to scale up a model to 12" to the foot, lay a 3rd rail for current collection, replace that nasty coal fired boiler with a nice electric motor & gears, add sound effects and a small steam generator, no one would know the difference. .. Maybe!
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