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  1. Proper job!! They arrived over 2 years ago though, cost £250k each
  2. Howes of Kidlington have a very small retail area now, I don't remember seeing any O gauge models displayed on my last visit a year or so ago! Tower models carry O gauge but are in Blackpool and have an online catalogue! Exeter area.o gauge guild have a meeting on july 18 and August 1st if thats of interest, may not be traders present though! https://www.exeter-gog.net/
  3. The Bright lights of Newquay? Now I haven't seen this show advertised, presumably its the same place as last year, in the Village hall. Will have to make the long trek along the A3075 again!
  4. Turn Left for Titfield..
  5. Obvious answer is to scale up a model to 12" to the foot, lay a 3rd rail for current collection, replace that nasty coal fired boiler with a nice electric motor & gears, add sound effects and a small steam generator, no one would know the difference. .. Maybe!
  6. May be worth looking for lima locos such as their diesel shunter , J50 and pannier tank steam locos, cheap and reliable with not much to fall off, the bigger diesels could be harder for a youngster to put on rails . Hornby do a train set controller with a transformer that plugs directly into mains socket so only a low voltage cable to controller!
  7. May have to get one of these for my Dapol O gauge model, should be a bit more room for a bigger speaker!
  8. Have added to list, plastic components and mechanism seems unaffected so far!
  9. There are some videos on youtube covering this, search for.. replacing Triang wheels!
  10. Bachmann 32-053 D804 in Blue. Chassis block curving down at both ends although one is worse than the other,small cracks in casting visible. Body securing self tapping screws no longer tighten, possibly pulled out when chassis distorted in storage.
  11. This is the reworked ex mainline one, the plastic chassis moulding appears undamaged and would probably straighten out. I was going to sell this on ebay with a long dead unpowered mainline version, I may transplant the works into the mainline Plastic chassis instead!
  12. Just dug my warship out of its storage box to find the chassis somewhat banana shaped, never heard of this affecting this model!
  13. Burnham club did commission many wagons from Dapol but not any longer it seems, there is a page on their website listing their previous wagons. https://www.burnhamanddmrc.org
  14. Around 15 years ago i was looking to build up a rake of the Hornby CDA ECC china clay wagons but they fetched good money even then, Hornby later released a 3 pack with tan coloured weathering which was cheaper, I still have my rake of 2 :-)
  15. Mk1 coaches have come down in price compared to the first release but presumably will have the same flat sided shape issues, prices will be similar to the Dapol versions,also due soon.
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