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  1. Got the Christmas coca cola set with the bagnal diesel from TMC for just under £60, pity Hornby didn't release the container wagon separately though! The new set seems to be an odd mix of old steam loco and modern(ish) wagons with old style wagons available separately (and the box picture shows a different tank wagon to the contents pic), although there was a monobloc tta wagon last year.
  2. I was after one of these when they were first released nearly 40 years ago and Managed to get one off ebay in mint condition last year!
  3. Quite fancy Elders Fyffes to go with my rebuilt United States lines bought some years ago now, but should I order from my local shop at £264.99, hattons at £238.50 + post or as I have been using, TMC at £238.99 with free postage? Other option is to save a few more pennies for the Ace trains O gauge version! (As I am supposedly building an outdoor O gauge line)
  4. I have noticed this a lot with Hornby O gauge wagons, one seller has pairs of couplings , wheels and axles, and wagon roofs as separate lots, with the robbed wagons sold as a job lot "for restoration or parts". I recently paid £6.20 for 5 rather ropey but complete open wagons (collected as local) and have seen a pair of couplings sell for more! I do feel guilty swapping parts on my collection though.
  5. 37421 and biffa bins at Penzance. 16/12/20
  6. Interesting to see this view, got as far as Redruth, however Missed off the portreath branch junction at 21:47. Slightly early with the site of carn brea station which is passed at 21:17 The original Hayle railway terminus Redruth station was at a different site to the current one, further west and north of the line , near the junction to the tresavean branch which wasn't mentioned either!
  7. Many years ago I bought a blue warship new and it never was a good runner, from memory it was an issue with the gears not meshing correctly, think a stub axle was moulded slightly in the wrong position! A secondhand chassis bought for spares had the same issues! It spent its life being pushed by the Bachmann version which came from the infamous warley sales stand in the days when Bachmann sold their 'seconds off cheap, but now has a disintegrating mazac chassis and May donate it's running gear!
  8. A relative of mine built a test track using peco SM32 set track curves of 30 inch radius, and discovered that his Heljan class 45 diesel would just about run on them although it did look a bit odd!
  9. Although I never had the privilege if meeting Rev. Cliff I did enjoy reading the chronicles of Lock's sidings, and am now the owner of a few of his O gauge models bought via WJ Vintage. Rest In Peace..
  10. I have been trying to avoid looking on ebay for old fashioned O gauge, however couldn't resist bidding on this 'Open wagon B' which emerged from the Hornby factory in the early 1930s. Costing £1.99 plus post it came with 1 repaired spoked wheelset and is now fitted with tinplate wheels. Really must build somewhere to run all these models, and unlike my Heljan and Dapol models they don't arrive with bits loose in the box, or fall off in use!
  11. Some cls 127 units were converted to parcel cars with the addition of roller shutter doors, including, from memory, 51591, repainted into original green and reserved for the national collection. The experiment was not very successful! Seem to remember seeing the units at bletchley depot but don't recall them running.
  12. ETS currently make British outline wagons for Raylo & WJ Vintage, As well as some continental wagons in British liveries. They also made some of the Corgi Bassett lowke range.
  13. All those Leighton Buzzard sandpits are now housing estates!
  14. I can remember a BR bauxite timber conflat? Container at a local cement works, did think at the time it would make a good shed, however someone set fire to it instead! There was a timber van body in a field near bodmin, I think I posted pics on the thread mentioned above, haven't been past for years so don't know if its still there.
  15. The L & B used Devon rivers with 3 letters, Axe or Sig would be the only other options, then 4 letters such as Dart, Tavy, Wolf, Mole, Erme
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