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  1. Peco have restarted production a week or so ago, so supplies of new track should be appearing immanently!
  2. Darstaed have a range of Mk1 coaches on the market, Heljan versions have an incorrect side profile with no tumblehome and were more expensive at £250 although the new (still not) released versions have a retail price similar to the Dapol version,that is also not yet available (due end of 2018) , but has the correct body shape!
  3. Triang made a mk2 coach with opening doors in 1966. In O gauge!
  4. I have a few ETS items and have found their coupling works well but is very susceptible to uncoupling on less than perfect track, and incompatible with the drop link coupling, a version of which is available from ETS as a spare but is expensive! https://www.ets.cz/en/spare-parts/coupling-compatible-with-old-tin-plate-models-buco-type.html
  5. Was hoping this was their O gauge model ...
  6. The 101 was the ex Lima model, with better paint finish and new quieter drive unit.
  7. There was a review in model rail a few years ago, from memory the main issue was getting a smooth and concentric layer on the wheel!
  8. kernowtim

    New Hornby Rocket

    Did get a phone call from Kernow models last week telling me that a centenary edition wagon I had ordered had arrived, so I asked about the Rocket pack, to be told they were still outstanding.
  9. There are numerous versions of the mk1 transit, which remained in production until around 1977, the similar mk2, which had a different front end is less common, Also vw type 2 transporter, plus the smaller ford escort and bedford HA amongst others.
  10. Peco factory reopened April 27th!
  11. Maybe Dapol will make an O gauge version, I would buy one to run on my yet to be built transition era layout!
  12. At 5am my order went through straight away ☺
  13. I recently purchased from an Ebay business seller a RTR o gauge loco which turned up in a not very strong cardboard box the same depth as the models and about 6 inches longer and wider, with a few sheets of crumpled newspaper to cushion it, nothing around the models box. the model arrived safely despite corner damage to the outer box and the seller apologized for the packing error, asking me to phone him, I messaged back saying model was ok. I later left positive feedback mentioning poor packing and within 10 minutes got an irate reply stating he offered to "mend this" and blocking me from future sales and also passing my details to "other sellers I know on ebay and that's most of them" Post was free but not sent special delivery as advertised, I didn't mention that in feedback though..
  14. It is possible that the seller assumes all model buildings are scaledale, as all vacuum cleaners are Hoover, although its also possible they are "pulling a fast one" I have messaged buyers about listing errors, sometimes I get a thanks from someone selling their late father's trains, often totally ingnored and once got an irate message from someone selling a Hornby loco with number and box picture of sound fitted model as dcc fitted when I asked if it had a sound decoder fitted. Nowhere was it mentioned the sound decoder was swapped for silent, got blocked and listing was unchanged. .
  15. Probably over 40 years ago I got, probably from a jumble sale, a triang catalogue missing its covers, which I later found out was the 5th (1959) edition. I carefully marked what items i wanted my parents to get me for Christmas and birthdays! Didn't get much from there though. Still got it somewhere, together with the 1977 edition, first one I bought new for 25p, with the marvelous hst on the cover, although I wanted the rural rambler set with blue 'Nellie' and coaches!
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