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  1. Hi all does anyone know how or where I can get this or buy it as a stl file for my 3d printer need it in 00 gauge I think it looks great cheers Paul
  2. Hi does anyone know where you can buy this camera unit seen it on Facebook and in real life maybe someone done it on a stl file for a 3d printer thanks Paul
  3. P knowles

    Tts class 67

    I dont know if it's in the right place but anyone now how to stop my Hornby 67 from moving once I press the horn it moves forward when am using my ECoS controller and so does all my other tts chips I've got for so far any ideas guys????
  4. Hi guys am having a problem with my Dapol class 68 when I try and reset it it doesn't work anyone have any ideas my problem am having is when the loco sets off it cuts right out it's like it's stuck tryed to reset it on my ECoS control but keeps saying error can someone please help me out it's really doing my head in I payed a lot of money for sound it starts up then refuses to move cheers Paul
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