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  1. DRS 37405 crossing the canal bridge
  2. Absolutely spot on, why should anyone be entitled to a freebie on the back of all your hard work. On a side note I am hoping the drivelock feature will form part of you sound file so we can all give this beast the thrash it deserves.
  3. 156468 on approach to platform 2 passing the DMU sidings
  4. Northern 156420 approaching platform 2
  5. Northern Abellio liveried (debranded) 156204 & 156468 at the station.
  6. I haven’t added any videos to the Chesborough North youtube channel for a while now. Although I do intend to do some quite soon. The Cappagh 60 has not had much of an outing on the layout since I got it, One day I hope to have some suitable wagons for it. I would love Revolution trains to do a run of the JNA-Ts in the Royal Blue livery for for my DC Rail stock.
  7. DB 66097 with empty scrap MBAs
  8. GBRf 66783 with a rake of 18 Castle Cement PCAs
  9. Is it too early to have my TPE drivers out route learning!
  10. Well in anticipation of those Accurascale TPE coaches coming out next year my TPE drivers are out route learning. Here’s DRS 68034 running light engine.
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