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  1. They must be SSL to get onto the Southern, but the Southern is a vast region and the NMT will probably only be passed for a very limited number of lines as no HST has ever gone East of the line Waterloo-Woking-Havant and there will be slices of the lines West and North of that which are not fit for them, such as Fareham-Southampton direct as well as twiddly bits usually served by SWR Class 455's!
  2. Probably not, but elsewhere lots of Colas people sign HST power cars including all the infrastructure monitoring people that TUPE'd in and many from previous employments where poached from long distance passenger TOCs. They generally don't use HST vehicles on the Southern as most of it isn't cleared for either the power cars or the Mk3's so I would assume the other locos would still have a role down there.
  3. All of the "new boy" operators have wised up to this, Locomotive Services and DATS both using VP185's. The cold start thing is an issue, although it can be over-ridden but at the cost of 100 hours added to the engine hours clock if you do that to an MTU under a service contract, but the bigger issue is that after a few days of being stood the MTUs tended to drop all their coolant, and it's a reliability and cost headache to recover from that each and every time- ask EMR for details!!
  4. Allegedly to replace Class 37's, they need something with a "go anywhere" RA Index of 5 that isn't 60-odd years old. I suppose they will relivery them if they prove to be better than the Class 37's for what they are using them on.
  5. Tangent subject but I'll never understand why GWR didn't convert the SLE/SLEP coaches to HST type three phase, put a power car on each end and dispense with the unreliable 57's anyway. The list of advantages is vast and the cost of modifying the sleepers easily re-couped over a short space of time.
  6. From 1991 when ECML electrification cascades basically doubled the XC HST fleet the XC allocation was split, half (mainly the original NE-SW sets) were at Laira and the other half (principally reformed ECML sets) were at Craigentinny. Only the ICCS pool code sets from Craigentinny were scheduled onto the Bournemouth services (along with some other long distance Anglo-Scots to/from Penzance) and the sets were "captive" with cyclic diagrams which returned them to EC every few days. The ICCP pool code sets from Laira still covered the NE-SW route and the Plymouth to Aberdeen and return, these wer
  7. July 1991 for the HSTs down to Bournemouth. Initially some mixed up sets until the ex ECML rakes were reformed and buffets swapped about, by the end of 1991 pretty solidly 7 car rakes, TGS, 4x TS, TRSB, TF. Power cars initially drawn from any in the "Eastern" fleet but by Spring 1992 mostly drawn from the EC based "ICCS" pool- this included all eight buffer fitted examples.
  8. The CDL error is a quick fix, repainting the ends is also a quick fix and can be done whilst I repaint the step boards and fill in the holes where the buffers don't go, although such things lead me to question why I'm having to redeploy £200 of brand new coaches straight to the work bench! Others I'm sure will live with the totally wrong interiors in much the same way that others will live with the colours on the Oxford Mk3's- I'm happy to be in a minority who wants something better!
  9. I have one each of R40003/A/B/C and all are first class interiors.
  10. The daft Avanti livery duo of Pendolinos (390155/156) have contrasting coloured doors but the door and surrounding panel colour changes along the train length, so how on earth a partially sighted person is supposed to determine where the doors are on those is anyone's guess.
  11. PM sent to MGR. I think, probably wrongly, that if many of those people were told their MK3's are wrong and given a solution that solves that it would bring them into the market! It amuses me (but I say nothing) when I see a Mk3 rake on an exhibition layout and they have got the locos or power cars 110% spot on looking brilliant and it's hauling a rake of coaches which have also received lavish external attention but stopped short of addressing this issue. Of course I accept that many don't care and are happy to run with then as they come. I have knocked together a sea
  12. I'm not on Facecloth or Twitter and never will be so those options are unavailable to me. Using the right interior for the Mk3 from the range of carriage interiors they have would negate my need to contact them! You have not addressed my point; I'm not asking for a special interior to be made just to make me happy, I'm asking for them to use their existing standard class interior inside their standard class coach. If that makes me unreasonable then so be it.
  13. I did it because a minority were spoiling this thread by starting/perpetuating a childish slanging match and I wanted to talk about a new Hornby release instead. Have me struck down by lightening for wanting to get back to talking about Hornby 2020 Range Announcements in a thread of that name....
  14. I didn't ask Hornby because I don't have a direct line to them, they probably don't care and it's too late now anyway. As for the comment about having to shell out thousands to get the interior right- they HAD the right interior, when the scale length Mk3's came out there were three interior mouldings, a first class "48 seater", a buffet for the three large window varient and a standard class interior with a 72 seat layout which whilst not perfect for models after blue/grey was vastly better. They used this interior on all the releases back then and I have several HST trailers in V
  15. Mostly because I make the effort to get my carriages right outside AND inside, before entering service all my rakes have the interiors repainted so that when you look through the windows they are as good as they can be, seats all the right colour, bulkheads, walls, floors and tables all accurate. Having a first class layout on a standard class coach means I cannot do that, and whenever the thing is running I will know and that will be bad enough for me! None of mine are intended to live in their boxes, and I don't have anything in untouched condition as it comes.
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