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  1. That’s very true Bernard - I wonder what a Peckett would look like with no saddle tank? That’s gotten some gears turning in my head...
  2. I have seen many examples of this myself - mine was merely designed as though there were a higher quality production version, instead of redundant wagon conversions.
  3. Morning all, After witnessing the Hornby model of the Peckett ‘W4’ Class, I thought to myself “Why didn’t they make a tender for longer work periods?”. The result was this locomotive, dubbed the ‘W4T’ Class. What do you think? SRF.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion and information - this will prove very useful! I happen to be located a stone's throw away from Alton station in Hampshire, which is a prime example of a network/heritage crossover station. This gives me something to work from along the lines of your idea. Also, thanks to everybody who's sharing their ideas to help me out. You're all talented people, and I'm truly grateful for your help. SRF.
  5. A great suggestion These are great suggestions - a folding layout could be the way to go (so long as I can find the space to operate the full layout) as that would allow for more operational possibilities. Yes, I’m aware of the massive length of my ‘Javelin’ - at one point I resorted to running only the end units which, while looking a bit odd, shortened it to around 2’. Another thing that helps is that due to my wide variety of stock, the layout would be an ‘anything goes’ sort of thing, therefore meaning that I could run what I wish without being historically accurate. As fo
  6. Thanks for your suggestions, both of you - These are both sound ideas that will certainly help. Now, electrics aside, is anybody able to help with the design of the layout? I need something that can fit my large stock - my ‘Javelin’ especially - while still being compact and having operational potential for each type of goods. Coal services could be catered for with a coal dock of sorts, and a yard crane would work for other goods. A good sized station would be nice too, catering for my large passenger coaches and units. Any ideas? Thanks. SRF.
  7. Thanks for your suggestion John - unfortunately I don’t possess the knowledge or equipment to do such a thing. However, since my last post some testing at home has revealed that I could place my spare example on the opposite side of the layout and operate each when necessary. Of course, your suggestion could certainly work when I have greater expertise on the matter. Thanks very much! SRF.
  8. Hi all, I’m attempting to plan a new OO scale layout to fit my limited space. I’ve got 4’x2’ to work with, but anything more will likely require many negotiations and compromises. I’ve got Peco Setrack to work with too. The two major limitations with planning the track layout are: 1. For power provisions, I only have a Hornby power track and remote. This means that I cannot have any sidings where the track is not served forward of the unit. Say, for example, I had a point and one of the tracks had a power unit on it - I would not be able to give power to the o
  9. Thank you! The kind words are greatly appreciated. At least I know that people like what I’m doing!
  10. Evening all, Today’s post is a bit of a double-feature. First of all, I have taken a generic Hornby RailRoad 0-4-0T, along with the chassis from a Peckett B2 Class, and played about with it to create a small, heavy duty shunter. This would work at more sizeable industrial railways and maybe the odd locomotive works. As promised, I have also produced a revised version of my centre-cab Sentinel locomotive. It now has 3 axles instead of 2, making it more suitable in terms of axle-load for an industrial railway. As always, I’m open to ideas and requests, so feel free to give
  11. Thanks for the advice Michael, I was wondering whether two axles would be sufficient! I agree that the axle-load would be pushing it, especially for an industrial railway. In light of this, I’ll post a revised version in due course.
  12. Now that you mention it, I remember an example of such a thing that used to run on the Longmoor Military Railway, No. 890 ‘General Lord Robinson’. Now it is preserved at the Avon Valley Railway, where it has been since 1986.
  13. Here’s a far more subtle (and more likely) modification to an existing locomotive type, the Rolls-Royce Sentinel. This example gained an almost identical livery to that of a standard Sentinel from the Barrington Light Railway. The cab was moved to a more central location to provide greater visibility to the driver, but instead of the standard singular engine, two smaller variants were fitted. I like to think of it as a smaller and more successful version of the Class 17 ‘Claytons’. Any ideas/suggestions for what I should do next? SRF.
  14. Hi all! I’ve been following this thread for a while now, as I take great interest in ‘what-if’ and imaginary locomotives. I decided to have a go at editing one for myself - this is my first attempt at such a thing, so apologies if some editing skills are sub-standard in comparison to some of the great things I have seen here so far. This uses some imagination to create a scenario in which around 1965, British Railways is in need of a new yard shunter class (heaven knows why, they already have about 12 classes of such a thing!). Having seen the work of Ruston and Hornsby, a prolific
  15. I would get some modelling done if I could, but every modelling item I own is residing at my grandparents house - one of multiple disadvantages of being a 12-year-old modeller..... To add to my woes, my parents don’t happen to stockpile boxes, even though delivery amounts are through the roof for our family! Does anybody have some suggestions for how I could get some 4mm scale - or maybe bigger - modelling done without specialist modelling materials? Cheers. -SRF
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