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  1. Hi Jack. I think I would put a brass plate over were the bogie would be as it looks a bit thin there.
  2. Hi George. I have lost my mojo as well. I am struggling to finish my Millholme MN that I had a long time ago. I am been planning on having ago on of scratch building a M7, thinking that mite push me on, I have the plans and doing the research and a book by Simon Bolton on scratch building locos. But no not working at the moment. Your three bulleids are looking fantastic.
  3. That looks like a very good start Rob. Looking forward see the progress.
  4. That looks fantastic mate. Keep up the good work.
  5. I am doing MN 35023 as a spam can. It is a very old Millhulme kit that I brought back in the 80s, it's proofing to be a pig to build. Still thing of starting to scratch build that M7.
  6. Looking good Dave. I have seen that idea in a book on scratch building locos. Keep up with the good work.
  7. Coming on very nicely Mate. Looking forward to helping you at exhibitions on this. Keep up the good work.
  8. Looking good Dave. I had the same with the balance on my PDK rebuilt MN.
  9. Glade that you have your mogo back on this one. Looking forward seeing the progress.
  10. Andrew I think you should this LOL. The difference is the MN the boiler is longer than BB and WC.
  11. That is fantastic mate. I hope my schools come out as good.
  12. It was a part built kit I got from a show at Hayle show last your, the chassis was white metal so I put that in the spares box and got Comet chassis
  13. Hi George. The Charlie is looking good mate. I am building a old South East Finecast Schools at the moment with a Comet chases.
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