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  1. Thank you Dave. Will go on there website or give them a ring.
  2. I am looking for the axle boxes and springs for the tender.
  3. Hi Barclay. Yes I am very pleased the way it has turn out. I did have a few moment with building it but I got over that. Thank you for your response.
  4. Hi Richard. Yes I have made a start on the tender. but having a problem getting some of the white metal parts. so if you know were I can get hold of them?
  5. My finished scratch built M7. I have done quite a bit from the last time I posted on here. I sprayed Hallfords Gray ectch premier then a gloss black. Then the tranfers, I used Fox transfers they do them for a M7 but is this set they don't do the lining for the valance so I ordered them form Modelmasters, I have been waiting for the transfers for nearly a month from Modelmasters, poor Jim has not been to good and having having a operation on his eye as well, but it was worth the wait. The decoder is a Zimo Mx648 with a You Choos M7 sound, it comes with the Western House pump.on function 11 and it also comes on as a recycle but as I did not put the pump on I asked if he could turn recycle off. I fitted two small sugar cube speakers and a very small stay alive taped to the decoder and I tucked it into the boiler and I also fitted a Led in the firebox. I very much enjoyed building this and being it's my first scratch build. As I was waiting for the lining transfers I made a start on a Drumond 700 tender.
  6. Hi James. Sorry to hear you are going to sell Greenwood. I know what you mean about needing room, I sold Yard Shunter to make room for Feltham Road. Good luck with the 0 gauge layout.
  7. Richard and I will see you there. I'm taking Feltham Road.
  8. Hi Mick. Sorry I done recall your name, But I my know you face. I will pm you.
  9. The scratch build of the M7, I am now see the end of its build. I have got the bits I ordered from P D K yesterday, the boiler front and the tank filler lids, I did ask for the tank inspection plates but he had none in stock so I made them from headcode discs and used my pin punch to make the bolts heads around the edge, I then glue them in place. I intend to to put a sound decoder in her with a led for the Firebox flicker, so I drilled a hole in the Firebox doors to take the led but that was not in line with the hole in the bulkhead so I had to cut a Rabat in the back of the boiler front so I can run the cable up and through the hole in the bulkhead. Now it's time for the paint shop, I used Hallfords Gray etched premier. I wish to thank Richard Slate of Mudmagnet model's for 3D printing the sandbox.
  10. I did the same on my M7 roof, but I used 1mm L shape brass and 1mm T. That was a bit fiddly because of the size.
  11. Hi George. It's coming on very well mate just waiting for some parts from P D K. I have just posted a update on RMweb today.
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