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  1. Yes it's 0.022in and the valance 0.015in I have put the decimal point in the wrong place, sorry about that.
  2. I have been working on the running plate. Made out of 00.22in nickel silver, I the cut the shape out from a sheet of N/S then used my maker pen to blacken one side to mark out the the cut out and drilled a hole on the inside he ilne of part to be cut out and I past the piersing saw blade through the hole, and cut that out. I then marked out the holes for attaching the body to the chassis and soldered a 8ba nuts over the holes. The buffer beam is also out of 00.22in N/S, drilled the holes for the buffers and the hole for the screw couplings. Then soldered then in place. Next is the va
  3. It's been along time for an update on this build. I have made the compensation bar from brass and soldered on with 145 solder and added some other smal details. The compensation bars I made out of 00.15 brass, I cut two pieces a little bigger than I need, soldered the two together I then used a black felt on one side then I marked out the shape then I rough cut the shape with a piercing saw AND finished of with a file to the final shape, I split them apart and soldered the in place I then blacken the bogie and chassis then painted them in mat black.
  4. No they was all gone when I started at Feltham at 1963.
  5. Hi Dave. That Z class is amazing, the rods are very much like the real thing. Keep up the good work.
  6. Scratch Build M7. I have just finished the coupling rods. Earlier I had all the preparation. I marked out the rods and cut out the shape with a piercing saw then I used a file to finish of. I then used my soldering iron split the two rods. The bigger one was for the main frames, the small ones is for the rods. I did two lots as a precaution for going wrong. The finished rods.
  7. Thank you for that Nigel. I am a member of the South Western circle not given it a thought of getting drawings from them. Thank you.
  8. Update on the M7. I have cut out the main frame spacers from 00.22In nickel silver drilled holes in the centre for attaching the body and the is one for the trailing Bogie. I have soldered the spacers on one main frame. I then fitted the main frames into my chassis alignment jig with the rods at the end s of alignment rods. then solder the other frame to the spacers. Here is the frames assembled. Next is the trailing Bogie. I made out of 00.22in nickel silver, I cut two pieces to the size of the side frames. Soldered
  9. Hi DGO. It's been a few day since you got the Simon Bolton book how do you find it.
  10. Update on the M7 scratch-building. I have marked out the brake hangers and drilled the frames for the brass wire to hold the brake hangers. I also split the two main frames and used a brouch to open out the driveing wheel axie holes and soldered the brass bearings in please. Next is to make the chassis spacers out of 00.22in nickel silver.
  11. Hi Jack. Beach Head is be restored at the Blue Bell Railway. I saw it in the shed last August. You have done a fantastic job on those locos.
  12. Even got grass growing inside the shed LOL. Fantastic work Richard.
  13. Hi Pete. I can see what you mean. I just thought it strange that they look very narrow. With the body screwed on top would give the chassis more strength. Thank you for that.
  14. I have measured and marked out the chassis as to the drawing. But it do not look right to me there do not have the depth in it. But that as it as in the drawing so must be right. This the chassis I have cut out, the two side are still soldered together.
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