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  1. It was a part built kit I got from a show at Hayle show last your, the chassis was white metal so I put that in the spares box and got Comet chassis
  2. Hi George. The Charlie is looking good mate. I am building a old South East Finecast Schools at the moment with a Comet chases.
  3. I see it at Taunton today and the extension made a great improvement to the layout. Ian well done.
  4. Hi George. A T9 would fantastic mate. I built a PDK one in 4mm a few years ago. Are you going to scratch build one.
  5. Looking fantastic Bill. I have that mental lock sometimes. Keep up the good mate.
  6. Looking good Ian. Looking forward seeing it running. keep up the good work.
  7. Not been on here for a long time now. Exhibitions for the rest of the year. July 27th Brideport. August 24th 25th Burnham on Sea. September 21st 22nd Redditch. November 2nd High Wycombe.
  8. Hi. This layout is for sale if anyone is interested in buying it, it is going at 900 pounds and that it does not include the DCC system and rolling stock. It will have to be collected.
  9. Hi Rob. Sorry to hear about your health and glade you are on the mend, I also recently lost my mojo and now getting it back. looking forward seeing your new layout when its finished.
  10. Looking forward coming on Sunday
  11. Sorry for your lose. In Looking forward see the new addition.
  12. I will be there with Hounslow Sidings so I will say hi now.
  13. Looking forward to going Richard. Be a fun weekend
  14. West Country 34003 Plymouth is finished. I weathered it with my Airbrush then put in the coal iinto the tender. Put the southern head code boards on the front, then the train board (Atlantic Coast Express). I've ordered a crew from Modelu waiting for them to come. I have put in a Zimo MX648 sound decoder with a suger cube speaker and a red LED in the firebox
  15. Hi George. Thanks for the comment. Yes the Airfix kit makes a good base for a good model. I also yoused the Albert Goodall components.
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