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  1. Yes that's all I could find too. Would be useful to know what types they were.
  2. Hi I'm trying to find out the stock used on the Cambrian Coast Express railtour on 28 January 1978, powered by 24087 and 24133. Did anyone male a note of the coaches? Thanks
  3. Thanks very much. I've seen several pictures of this train in the 80s and by then it doesn't appear to have any catering. Seems strange to me.
  4. Thanks for explaining that. I didn't know Cricklewood had an allocation of coaching stock. Great one!
  5. 2 questions: Did the Stirling/Newton Abbot convey a catering vehicle, and if not, why not? and Where was the stock allocated to? Laira? Or somewhere in Scotland? Thanks
  6. very useful but it doesn't show the depot allocation for the stock which is what i'm interested in,
  7. Does anyone know what depot the stock used on this service in the 1970s was allocated to?
  8. Can someone tell me what depot the Motorail coaching stock was alloated to please?
  9. Yes I joined that site and it did have the info I wanted. Thanks for that. Great stuff!
  10. Would anyone have details of the rakes of coaches used on this service as the links mentioned earlier in this thread have stopped working. I'm particularly interested in the rakes used around 1974/5 when the service ended. Thanks very much
  11. Hi Trying to recreate the class 20's to Skegness but unsure what coaching stock was used. Particularly interested in the Mk. 1s era. Can anyone assist? Ta in advance.
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