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  1. Hi Trying to recreate the class 20's to Skegness but unsure what coaching stock was used. Particularly interested in the Mk. 1s era. Can anyone assist? Ta in advance.
  2. I think the headcode should have been 6B31 for this journey (not 6B78). Can someone check this one out?
  3. Can anyone provide any headcodes and departure times of these trains c. 1980, in particular the ones operated by class 25. Thanks in advance
  4. That's brilliant. Thanks for your help and I love the pictures. Cheers everyone
  5. Sorry everyone, I made some more enquiries and I think the train was from Swindon, NOT Gloucester. I believe it was the 1C11 06:45 Swindon to Penzance and it ran in 1986/7. So back to my original question, Can anyone tell me how it was formed? Either coach numbers or type will do. Thanks again
  6. Trying to think how old I was at the time as I was only a child. I reckon it might have been 1985 or 86. From memory it got to Exeter about 9 or 10am approx. I'm fairly certain it was a Gloucester - Penzance service. Was always a class 50 on it. It may have been a Saturday only service thinking about it, as I was at school during the week!
  7. Hi everyone Back in the early - mid 1980s there used to be an early morning Gloucester - Penzance worked by a Class 50 and a rake of coaches, mark 1 corridor stock I believe. Can anyone tell me how it was formed? Either coach numbers or type will do. Thanks in advance.
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