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  1. Hi all, Thank you for taking the time to either comment, or add a 'like', your friendliness and positive feedback is much appreciated, . Cheers, G
  2. Hi all, I apologise if I'm out of order, but I just wanted to share a few progress pictures as you were all so kind in helping out with my original question, . I appreciate it's not railway modelling, but it's a similar scale, 1/72nd, to H0/00, which I think is 1/76th? If I have overstepped the mark please let me know, I won't be offended, . Cheers, G
  3. Hi Andy, Firstly my apologies for not posting over the weekend as promised, . Secondly, although I have only come back to the hobby these last 2yrs after a 40yr hiatus, my main influence comes from the 70/80s, in particular a gentleman called Ian Weekley who wrote for the Military Magazine. Thirdly, below are a couple of images of the main steps. 1 - I create a template in either card or foamboard, cutting out doors and windows etc...this is where I slipped up, next time I will cut the apertures larger than needed. 2 - Coat the templa
  4. Hi Philou, I suspected the door issue would be spotted, , it basically arose from a stupid error on my part, . This is my first ever attempt at a building, or more accurately, part of a building in this scale...normally I build armour in 1/35th scale and basically do scenery (example below of a river ford crossing)...and I miscalculated a few things, so either had the choice of the doors potentially having been blown off, or swinging outwards...maybe the wrong call, . It's been a bit of an experiment and learning curve with the many and varied mistakes I've
  5. Hi Andy, I'll post a few images over the weekend of various stages, though I'm sure it's likely to be nothing new as constructing buildings must be a given for most railway modellers, . Cheers, G
  6. Hi Adrian, Thank you for the positive feedback, much appreciated, . Cheers, G
  7. Hi 5050, Thanks for the positive comment, very much appreciated, . The building is mainly constructed from card, plastic strip and DAS...and lashings of white glue, the stonework is scribed into the DAS. I also made myself a jig today to make something that might pass for corrugated iron, almost certainly not accurate, but it's for only four sheets to the lean to roof (see images below). More than happy to share more information if interested, but I don't want to bore anyone, . Thanks again, and cheers, G
  8. A big thank you to Airnimal, RJS1977, Phil, BMS, and Andy for all the advice, suggestions and/or links, they're all very much appreciated and will be explored. It's nice to find a site where so many are willing to offer friendly advice to an outsider, . Thanks again all, and cheers, G
  9. Hi Phil, Thank you for taking the time to kindly respond to my post, , I will check out the suggestions you've made. Cheers, G
  10. Hi all, I am in the process of building a military diorama in the Armorama forum and, as part of this, I’m scratch building a segment of a fictitious farmhouse, Normandy, France circa 1944, in 1/72nd-1/76th (approx. 00/H0), image below for interest, . My question is this, is anyone aware of any sets of early 20th Century farmyard equipment, e.g. spades, forks, milk churns, carts, etc that I could use to populate the yard area, it’s equipment only, not figures using it, . Can anyone help please, . Thank you, and cheers, G
  11. Hi Devo63, You are so right, tanks, planes, trains or ships, we can't be knowledgeable in them all...well I can't, though there might be some such folk around, lol! The good thing though, is we're all passionate about our chosen genre, and in here the folks have been kind enough to share their knowledge and passion with me freely...that's been great, Thanks one and all, G
  12. Hi Mark, Il Grifone, As previously mentioned, I'm learning so much in here...I thought my question was a straightforward one, but then one thing leads to another, lol! Cheers, G
  13. Hi Michl080, Thanks for confirmation about the Miniart kit being of the Reichsbahn type chair. I would imagine that if any local modifications had occurred that they'd be minimal, as you say they'd most likely retain the existing infrastructure in occupied countries. I'll have to use the kit if I model something in Germany. Thanks again, G
  14. Hi KevinLMS, Timbowilts, Thanks for the comments regarding all the different gauges...it's bad enough trying to get it right for a model in the UK. I never knew it was potentially such a complex subject, I thought track was track apart from timber or concrete sleepers, lol! Cheers, G
  15. Hi ikcdab, Thanks for the heads-up, I 'googled' the dunster crossing, and one of the first images is the sort of thing I was envisaging (see image below). Now all I need to do is try and scale off dimensions of timbers etc. Brilliant, thanks again, G
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