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  1. Thanks for the imput Philip, my Friend has no 3 rail track of any kind, Hence why I was suggesting this as a possibility. He mainly has a bunch of 2 Rail Stuff, This may find you handy https://youtu.be/i9musWnowmc
  2. Yes I understand however sadly In my Country (the states) its hard to come across a pair of romford Anything, Let alone axles and wheels in the right size, Hence why I was implying it might be difficult to obtian Some, That and import taxes are pretty expensive now. Hence why I'd like to find something mor available if possible. Thanks for any advice.
  3. Will any princess chassis's work? even the oldest Tri-ang (Non Rovex) Models, how'd I Isolate the body from the chassis, Assuming He'd have the same problem when Awdry Converted his Henry (Graham Farish Black 5) to Use a Tri-ang Chassis, I know Romford wheels are an option, is there a simple way to Convert one? If romford wheels were not an option and they are not for me how would one would?
  4. Hello, I'm Asking on behalf of a Friend, who's got a Twin Trix Railway 3 Rail British Railways Blue Flying Scotsman and I want to know how easy it would be to convert the model over to 2 rail DC, If it would be a simple matter of replacing the magnets and Amateur on the Locomotive or if it would need further modification such as a wheel replacement Can anyone offer any advice? He doesn't run 3 rail... 99% of his models are 2 rail. Thanks for the Help! he's in Canada so models from the UK won't be Available to an extent, So American models will have to be used
  5. Hello, So not having much success with the BEC 2P kit and trust me I didn't do such a terrific Job, I've sent it to a friend who had actually repaired the bad solder joints and actually made it look beautiful, I did remove the base of the model for a new intended loco-bashed chassis, and I'll be sending him a Castle which has been lurking Hattons for Months. The castle will be used for parts... Here's what I'm thinking. Tender shell: to be kitbashed into another kind of tender Tender Chassis: Will be reused in its original format Drivers and bogies: I'm onl
  6. Hello! I've been wanting to know more about the trains from The Original short from "Wallace and Gromit"--- "The wrong Trousers" were the Body shells of the Models Scratch Built or can I get them from 2nd hand sites or new I assume as Toys? I'm fully aware the Chassis's Of the Trains were reused Hornby 0-4-0 Tank Engines, like the track and signal that was used on set.
  7. Hello, I've been rather addicted to this YouTube channel called Oscar Paisley who has some wonderful reviews online about Tri-ang, Tri-ang Hornby, Hornby Dublo and now Jouef, one that was of particular interest was the RHX set, never able to buy the real thing because of costs which is rather ok, and being rather addicted to Lone Star my idea is to kitbash a Unit w/headlight so it functions like the Larger OO counterpart. Three Treble O Trains Units I'll be taking ownership of a Vista Dome car from the Union Pacific (not sure of the Rarity but
  8. Hello I will be picking up a few collectible Treble - O - Lectric and Treble - O - Trains Items, and I'm interested to learn the full price guide for the ranges, if someone could post it here that would be terrific
  9. Hello all! I have an inquiry about Lone star and their battery controllers in regards to battery boxes, what did most youngsters use to power their train sets when they had one of these, whats recommended/still available or available 2nd hand? I'm hoping to pick some of these online, I'm not sure if Treble-O-Lectric made something for it in particular or if you would have bought something separately, and NO i'm not referring to eBay, which is a hit and miss. I found a seller who is willing to sell some Treble - O - Lectric items to me and I'm super happy! I'm nearing my mid 20s but highly appr
  10. Howdy! I bought a beautiful gem on Hatton's a week ago, which is a model of princess victoria with intentions of reworking it into a Model of Hornby Dublo Canadian Pacific 1215, the Model while only still British outlined at the moment, I want to Modify with a Cowcatcher and a Battery operated headlight, for easier use... I would like a Few tips on this conversion if possible... The Hornby Dublo version is a Gorgeous model but is unconventional on a Standard layout, plus converting a Standard Hornby Dublo model is a Headache in my opinion, not something I want to do
  11. Hello, I've wanted to talk about this for some time, I just never really got around to it. I have been wanting to convert a Tri-ang Princess Victoria into Canadian Pacific 1215, I've been wanting to use the cowcatcher off my official one as the model doesn't have a chassis... I've ordered a 8P 4-6-2 for use with the project, and I want to add a headlight and a flickering firebox, I was hoping to use the locomotive with the American styled Matchbox cars from days gone by when I'd run trains, it would be a big help, the Canadian Pacific I own is in poor condition and I'd l
  12. Thanks! I'm not sure what to say, but Thanks, I never would have Imagined I'd get nearly 20 Replys! Its really heart warming... If anything I should probably get back to working on these little Guys! you guys gave me a Huge chunk of inspiration, I'm also working on a New OOO layout now! (Just need to order a few bits of Track and a New Terminal piece off ebay, They have one I want) Here is a Photo, she's still very much a Work in Progress but its where I plan to run the majority of the Treble O Stuff during Community Chat Sessions on instagram and on YouTube (I'm in a group with other. Hobbyis
  13. Hello, I'm wondering if it would be possible to replicate the old Airfix Motorized wagons? What modifications would I have to do to a Boxvan By Dapol to get it to move under its own power? Also would I have to weigh the Dapol Locomotives down, by How much? I'm Looking to get another Pug eventually by Dapol and I want it to eventually be pushed by a powered wagon, any suggestions are welcomed! Thanks!
  14. That would make sense, I assume then it would be an American Toy Train release, only sold in the United States and Canada since many were fond of the German Marklin at that time, but couldn't afford it
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