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  1. Hi Niles hopes all well im trying to take my bagnall apart and having a nightmare it just doesnt want to come apart if you can remember how does this model come apart without breaking i could hide my face in shame but no expert on these thanks
  2. Hello All just a quick hellome Andy a 50 old from staffordshire mostly a 28mm figure painter and complete novice on this subject however i have seen my dad through my lifetime live and breath steam to go from 00 gauge layouts to massive Hornby 0 gauge layout inside garden shed / outside garden to its too cold outside going to build a n gauge layout sadly this never happen since sadly my father has passed away i have had this urge to build a small layout in narrow gauge 009 since i have inherited quite a bit of oo gauge stuff i will try to use what i can so the inspiration credit goes to Niles scarside display wonderful and got me hooked to do something similar so have been busy trying to find suitable locos and was very luck to get a minitrains bagnall side tank and got aftermarket chimney to suit will be add plus some brass here and there also managed to buy another bagnall from narrow planet lovely little loco well plenty to do and plenty of questions going forward im sure Ta for now
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