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  1. A box of tasty goodies arrived today from Derails. There were also some wagons in the box. Not quite as tasty but still very nice, and they should last a lot longer.
  2. There's another topic about this in the Small suppliers section:
  3. Well that didn't take long. Every silver lining has a cloud..... Next you'll be complaining that the wagons don't have double flanged wheels. I'm happy to accept the compromises needed for model railways.
  4. Some recent LRM kits I built last year:
  5. Derails also have some exclusive wagons here . Anyone else?
  6. The recently introduced code 100 curved points have unifrogs, SL-U76 & 77 .
  7. An alternative is available from Pre-Grouping Railways: https://pregroupingrailways.com/product-category/flippem-automatic-coupling-system/
  8. You need to plan your packing better, take some empty boxes with you to fill up.
  9. https://news.Bachmann.co.uk/2024/03/Bachmann-reveal-oo-scale-palvans-at-the-palace/
  10. I'll repost this again Is this still correct?
  11. MAD MARCH offers at The Hobby Shop, Faversham. Aka a Dutch auction.
  12. Lots of photos of 302s appear in Dave F's photo topic:
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