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  1. Have we just lost "Ignore Topics" feature with this mornings upgrade? Mine are all back.
  2. And blow me, just scanning eBay tonight and there's the exact part at half the listed price, must go out and get a lottery ticket....
  3. I recall my original kit from 40 years ago was Wills, it had a Belpaire boiler and I paid someone at the time to retro-adjust to the original round top, including sourcing the safety valve. @PenrithBeacon, found it thanks, and will order. @Compound2632, all I wanted was the part name and source and I end up with a whole lot of extra knowledge as I often do from your posts, fascinating. Cheers all.
  4. Yes, a Wills Kit as I recall with round top firebox modification, thx.
  5. I have a fully built model of the above but in 40 years of storage, the part indicated in the photo has been lost. Can someone give me a name for it and, even better, where I could source a 4mm replacement? Thanks in anticipation.
  6. Exactly my experience, relative newbie so went for what I thought was a common option for brush application, Humbrol Matt 106, 99, 110, 33, 100, 79 and 20, for starters. Thought it was me and my painting technique but all nearer gloss than satin. Mitigated "slightly" by using Humbrol thinners, but not happy at all...
  7. Agreed, 2 road and multistorey would be nice, in brick and in stone, and even a single story wood double track, there seem to have been quite a few about across many pre- and post-group railways.
  8. I've gone from nothing to the verge of track laying of a large, 20+ points BLT during lockdown, the compromise is code 75 as I would have liked to use bullhead but availability is patchy and I needed some small radius turnouts so I will be cutting the sleeper webbing and spacing the sleepers out for a better look. My tip is to not buy all the track in one go, however the tempting "free postage for quantities" may be as I've found that despite having all the track templates laid end to end, getting some actual track components and laying them in place led to some changes from the or
  9. A bit overpriced, I'm seeing (and have just purchased) code 75 electrofrog singles £36 and doubles at £38 at Hattons, and in stock at the moment.
  10. One other thing I thought of overnight, you mention a MR 3835 Class, a Fowler 4F, the Bachmann model, these were built in 1911 at which time all goods locos were turned out in black. In fact, you need to go back to before 1907-1908 when goods locos were still crimson lake, and for which there are no RTR models. On the other hand, the forthcoming Bachmann 0-4-4T 1P is the pretty red RTR loco we're all craving for. Have a look at the London Road Models website for MR crimson lake kits if you're up to it.
  11. Are we talking OO gauge, if so, my train of 12 Slater MR D299 open wagons (66,000 odd built in MR days so very common) plus MR brake van and a Bachmann MR 4F 0-6-0 with Bachmann 36-025 couplings comes to 125cm max. Hardly 5 feet even with a few more wagons - I work on 7.6cm per 9 foot wheelbase Slaters wagon when planning siding lengths. Plus I know East Midlands MR pretty well if you want real locations to start from.
  12. Received 10 various turnouts and 12 yards of OO gauge Code 75 track yesterday from the large Widnes reseller. Long wait but they are now showing stock across broad swathes of Peco codes.
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