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  1. Hello all, a slightly different update this time. I apologise for the lack of posts as of late, but unfortunately progress on my GWR carriages covered in this blog has temporarily stalled as other commitments have somewhat taken over over recent months. However I do aim to show some images of a couple of other small projects I have been slowly working away on since my last post on the carriages when I have the time. Hopefully you will start to see regular updates from about the end of May - I'm looking forward to having the time to share my modelling progressions with you all, and t
  2. Progress on the Clerestory and 6-wheel carriages has slowed slightly over the past week due to other commitments, however I have found time today to look into the Triang chassis ride height. I knew at the start the old Triang chassis would be far too high when running with more up-to-date stock, as shown in the below comparison image with a Hornby ‘Bow Ended’ Collett. It is clear to see that the 6-wheeler is about half a buffer to high. Ok, so maybe the issue can be addressed slightly by re-siting the wonky buffer and fixing the body in place, but the difference would sti
  3. Thanks for the tips, anyone got any clue how I can recreate the gold lining?
  4. I fancied a change from the 6-wheeler tonight, although progress on that has been coming along well. In the background of some previous images some of you may have noticed a Tri-ang clerestory, in the progress of repainting. Well here it is: One side has almost been completed. Another coat of brown is needed from the brake ducket along the passenger bays. After this the cream will be applied to the appropriate panels, with red and cream being used on the droplights. Eventually it will look the same as the guards area. One of Hornby’s long GW clerestories will be sourced
  5. Some small updates on the 6-wheel carriage project: First of all the underframe has been developing nicely. The ratio footboards have been removed from the original coach and attached to the new chassis. Lower footboards have been fabricated from some spare steel rail, filed down appropriately and set in place. Starting to hide the somewhat crude triang axlebox detail. (Image Below) Below is a snap of one footboard just to show what has been done compared to the original rail. On the coach I think it does the job well, and adds some all important weight. The ro
  6. Thanks for the pointers, it certainly involves a little modellers license but I’m going to take those suggestions just in case anyone at exhibitions challenges the existence of such a model! The Tri-ang underframe is a good start but I agree the ride height is a little high, hopefully it won’t look too out of place with the other coaches I am planning to revamp. I think the Chivers option may appear some time in the future!
  7. Thanks! The clerestory coach in the background is another ongoing project - eventually it will join the 6-wheeler after painting and detailing. Also got to do something about those terrible triang bogies...
  8. My first entry: The other day I began having a look at creating a semi-fictional GW 6-wheel brake carriage, having been inspired by an article on the Swansea Railway Modellers Group. I already had a Triang 6-wheel chassis, a suitable chassis for now which will be heavily detailed in the near future. The body? Taken from a ratio kit which I had started painting but never got any further. Work over the past couple of days has included shortening the ends of the chassis slightly to accept the ratio body, reducing the ride height slightly and adding new wheels for a better ride
  9. Hello Folks!

    After a period of dormancy after signing up, I have decided it is time to make a start sharing my modelling exploits on here with you all. I plan to post an update later on today, so please keep an eye out and feel free to leave any feedback on any posts that I put up, it will be greatly appreciated. Hopefully there will be a lot of interest in the updates I put up.





    1. truffy


      Looking forward to it! But please create blog or a thread in one of the Layout & Workbench subforums:



      If you post it here, under single status updates, it will soon be lost to follow-up.

    2. BartonStDavidSDJR


      Thanks for the advice, I have created a blog in the ‘blogs’ page and added two updates to it. Hopefully that will be a little more noticeable. Enjoy the content!

  10. I’m wanting to repaint the roofs on my Hornby Collett bow ended carriages. I have decided I want to go with grey, but after trawling through many forum posts similar to mine I can’t find a grey which people recommend. I am get to dabble in airbrushing, so an aerosol is my best bet. Has anyone got any recommendations as to the right sort of aerosol colour for this? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks for your responses. I’ve had a response from my model shop and one of the gears has split. The only problem is that they’ve discovered all screws to get to the gear have been superglued in place and can’t be undone. Seems like whoever did this did it for a reason. So I’m left with two options now I believe: 1) Write the model off and get something different 2) Find a replacement chassis from another 7F and swap it with the non-working one I think the only component which I would have to swap across with the replacement chassis is the cylinder block
  12. Thanks very much for your help, I have had a delve as much as I dare, but don’t really want to go any further, for fear of breaking a valuable model! I’ve sent it off to my local model shop to see if they can work out the issue-hopefully it’ll be running normally again soon.
  13. One thing I forgot to mention above is that the gear on the driving axle can be moved round with the wheels. I know this isn’t meant to happen, so would that most likely be the cause of the issue?
  14. Hi all, I recently acquired one of Bachmann’s SDJR 7F locos in the S&D blue livery. Since receiving it I have noticed one major flaw with the running quality, the mechanism will work fine and then will suddenly lock in place. I’ve tried to delve into the model as much as I can to try and find the issue, but with no such luck. The only difference I have found compared to normal locos is that I can push the driving wheels round - surely this isn’t meant to happen? I have also checked through the valve gear and con rods to see if anything is catching and it appears
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