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  1. FIDDLEYARD THOUGHTS Now that the scenery is coming together, thoughts now move to a fiddle yard so I can actually run some trains through the scenery! Will be a separate board for ease of storage and transport but I'm torn between: A single line fiddle stick c 2ft long A full fiddle yard basically mirroring the layout Other (answers on a postcard) I'm thinking a full fiddle yard would be the most useful for exhibitions or multi engine running if I want to represent a full days running.
  2. Some slow progress pictures... The BR standard 5 with a short rake of Mk1s including a GUV, all need weathering and detailing. A few drunk trees have sprouted on the bank at the back of the layout, need to add some more. The platform is also slowly coming together. It’s short length is highlighted here, however, as it is a halt and only used by short stopping local services such as the Autotrain and ex GWR railcars it’s large enough.
  3. More work on the backscene, may well add a light grey wash to suggest haze or depth? The platform sides have been glued and pinned onto the platform piers, and I have started to blend in the buffer stops. I have also added scatter on the field to make it less uniform and am thinking some trees and telegraph poles on the bank at the back will help too. Need to decide on what couplings to get, the tension locks just really are off putting! I’m thinking Kadees for the remote uncoupling etc. I also need to order a nameplate for the new engine but it’s getting there!
  4. BACKSCENE AND BUFFERS Painted up a backscene in sky blue, more detailing, clouds and hills to add! Will work out a better way to fix it onto the lay out, probably push pins or brass tacks with painted heads. The buffer stops have been planted in a bed of DAS, which will be blended in when dry. A new loco has arrived, will be detailed and weathered soon! About to do some work on the platform sides with a cup of tea!
  5. Indeed, both were built as ambulance coaches, however, by using a pullman as my launching point, both the roof profile and the doors at the brake end are already correct. I also fancy a bit of a challenge and an interesting piece of rolling stock that I have ridden in feels like a good prototype. MUCH PLANNING STILL TO DO
  6. I am still thinking that making one myself will be a fun challenge, the Southern Rail Email Group is a bit of a treasure trove that I have found this morning, lots of photos of both the prototype and model forms, so I think some measuring and rivet counting may well be in order! https://sremg.org.uk/coach/coupe/coupe_se14.pdf
  7. Thank you! I'm coming back into the hobby after a long break, and when I was a kid I was happy with my triang relics and a tender drive A4! Rule 1 very much applied! So am a bit out the loop on catalogue numbers and the like to say the least! Will have a look around for those Jason
  8. I have a few of them now! They look fantastic, and as my planned layout is a posh seaside resort, something like a shortened Ilfracombe portion of the Devon Belle, a 6 coach + observation car would be nice, but not for almost as much as I've spent on the rest of my stock!
  9. Does anyone know if there is a kit in OO for the Devon Belle Observation Cars? I’m loathe to spend the extortionate prices they go for on the Bay. I was given some Hornby Pullmans from the 80s and am thinking one of these could be the basis of a bit of a cut and shut or new sides? I also have been struggling to find any diagrams of the observation car to plan from? Thanks Rob
  10. Cows Took the layout outside to give it a clean and add the backscene frame. I probably need to add more scatter and ground cover, but it's getting there! The herd of cows are now fully painted up, ready for placing in the field.
  11. Barrels and Buffers A wagon load of 3D printed barrels, painted and weathered. First coat of paint. All 3 buffer stops painted up, will probably add some scatter and maybe ash to the tops of them for a different texture.
  12. Midweek Update I am currently waiting on a set of sleeper built buffer stops and the frame work for a footbridge to arrive from the internet. A backscene made out of thick card is in the works, nothing fancy, probably a gradiented sky which I will break up with a few trees and add in the suggestion of some far off hills. This will be mounted on a softwood frame which I need to add to the baseboard structure. I have had a rethink with the platform and rather than the 'open' type, I am going to use brickpaper for the platform faces, with a painted balsa wood / "concrete" to
  13. Thanks John, certainly an interesting looking prototype, perhaps a bit grand for what a small halt! I have a couple of the Hornby bridges, but again think they are a bit fancy looking? I want to avoid things hanging over the edge of the baseboard for fear of them being damaged.
  14. HELP WITH FOOTBRIDGE Beyond the forward edge of the baseboard is the main UP line, I would like to add a representation of a footbridge to allow passengers to cross over the main line as a barrow crossing would obviously not be suitable! Have done a very rough sketch of a footbridge which ends inline with the edge of the baseboard, can anyone think of a more elegant solution?
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