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  1. My Mum used to say, more money than sense. Waited patiently for my sound version, so think I’ll hang on to it. Also watching the other GT3s listed on eBay with a sense of bemused intrigue.
  2. Good grief. Wonder how much I could get for my sound version.
  3. It was and there is - do a search on YouTube for 'a passenger forcibly dragged off a United Airlines plane' - the first hit.
  4. I too have got mixed up in this topic, receiving the same email that my order could not e fulfilled. I felt annoyed, and now it seems that Hattons received their allocation, I am disappointed that they did not inform me sooner, so I could have looked elsewhere. I actually contacted Hattons a few days before receiving the 'we are oversold' email when I saw the model appearing on eBay asking for further information on the pre-order and they sent the following: Good Morning Mr XXXX, Thank you for getting in touch regarding your pre-order. We are aware that th
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