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  1. Much cheaper and just as good versions if not even better at Lanarkshire Models.
  2. Have you tried these?, they are etched not cast. https://www.dartcastings.co.uk/mjt/3918.php
  3. Even easier if you do not want DCC, is to add two Brass curved pieces of 0.45mm wire to the sockets on the Loco chassis after removing the DCC plug at the loco end, the wires bridge the two connections like so : : the brass wire fits towards the rear of the chassis on both sides .
  4. Janet, What is the situation/availablity column with the out of stock kits please ? They are shown :- out of stock waiting not available I presume the "not available status" means they will never be made again ? Re the other two status's are/will you making more/accepting pre orders on either option in the future please ? thanks Mick
  5. Have you checked the offside of the Footplate , is that straight ?. If it is?, that is probably why you have a gap on the nearside in the above photograph. The off side rear corner actually looks higher than the nearside.
  6. Place the slidebars into the cylinders , then bring the valve gear end part down until it touches the chassis at the rear. Ensure those parts fits ok then screw the rear down onto the chassis. Check pistons for free movement in the cylinders. Once ok ,then place the connecting rods first onto the centre wheel pin. Then the Eccentric Crank on top fitting into slot and for screw. Check correct angle on Crank. Very small amount of oil on moving surfaces and job is done. Test with motor on minimum power , once running ok not on track, with no binding, then test run. All the names of parts here etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walschaerts_valve_gear
  7. Yes I forgot the 145 deg bit was needed as well!!. The only possible problem is getting the part to release without everything else falling apart , no idea if a thin layer of low melt will hold well in use, to allow for adjustments etc etc..
  8. Cut a piece of paper double (or bigger) the etch size , and then fold up and see what happens . Or you simply have a missing etch.
  9. I use a 'white" Pad described as a Jewellers Soldering Block I think I bought it from Cooks on Gold , not cheap but zero dust and has not detriorated in the last year + of use. Re soldering, I have never tried to use low melt on nickel silver , it maybe easier to desolder in due course if it holds ? I recomend water based Flux for soldering , no awful fumes and works really well.
  10. Wow !! I better keep a look over my shoulder next time I am in Smiffs looking at Mags !! 😂 Where do Warners/BRM display/list their sales figures ?? The only ones on a search were Bauer listing Model Rail at just under 17000. Steam Railway also by them managed better sales at 18000 plus.
  11. Go on the Hornby site and download the relevant A1, A3 and A4 (which are very similar) parts sheets which all have line drawings of the part, and you can then compare them there for free.
  12. Totally disagree. £10!! and hidden in a sealed bag, is not the way to try and get people to buy anything, especially newcomers to the hobby. There are far too many other modelling magazines in a normal format (no bag) for people to buy. Are one of the two magazines in the sealed bag in trouble ?? If that is correct this will not help in the slightest, judging from the piles sittiing on Smiffs shelves.
  13. Have'nt been around there for years . I worked in that area in the 1970's , it may have been demolished and rebuilt more than once since then !. Prime site. It was a little shop at best..It appears to be a listed area so the building should be still there. No 14 https://www.jwmodelrailways.com/product-page/w-h-models-scale-model-equipment-1977-catalogue 14/16 New cavendish Street https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:14_and_16_New_Cavendish_Street,_Marylebone,_March_2023.jpg Totally different look today , presumably it was only one half of the shop in the photo above.
  14. Hundred yards or less from Marylebone High Street the other end from Gt Portland Street.
  15. Contact below, they are very helpful. https://Bachmann-spares.co.uk/product/3f-jinty-pcb---e3222%2bpcb01-rev-a--32-225/e3222-108-03
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