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  1. Thank you very much for these practical suggestions. I feel more confident to give this a try now I know what Im doing.
  2. I am new to Railway modelling. What Scenic Scatter would you recommend for foliage with rubberised horsehair? I am making hedges on my OO layout with the horsehair. A BRM video on the subject uses Woodland Scenics course & fine scatter of different shades of green. Which ones? There are so many scatter materials available plus flock also? I just want to be able to sprinkle the scatter material over the Horsehair/PVA glue to create the right effect. Thank you very much for any suggestions.
  3. Hi Phil, What Scenic Scatter was used in your BRM Video (August 2017) about making hedges? You mention a course & a fine which you used with Rubberised Horsehair. Please could you let me know which ones you used. The result was great & I wish to replicate this. Thank you very much
  4. Thank you very much for you help
  5. This may be a simple question but could someone let me know where these parts belong? I am constructing a Peco Lineside Bridge, I know where the winged retaining walls are fitted but what about the Parapet wall & coping stones shown at the top of the photo? Do these fit on the back of the bridge i.e. roadside? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you very much
  6. I have started to ballast my model railway layout. I chose to use Woodland Scenics 00 Medium Mixed Grey Ballast. I understand some modellers use a mix of 00 & N size ballast. This is my first attempt at ballasting & I have read lots of information on how to do this including looking at videos But theres nothing like actually doing this. I have firstly ensured that the ballast is tampt down properly before gluing. I found using Ballast Magic (mixed as instructed) did not glue all the ballast properly. So I have reverted to the tried & tested method of 5
  7. Can 00 Ratio Station Platform kit straight section be bent slightly to fit curve at once end of station?

    If so, how would you recommend this id done?

    Thank you

    1. Hroth


      I haven't got the instructions to hand, but I think they can be gently curved by putting them in finger-hot water fro a couple of seconds then bending them to the amount you require.


      Its worth a try at least!


    2. 4073


      Thank you. I will give it a try.

  8. 90% of my layout has been sprayed with Acrylic paint. Would I have to remove this before applying primer?
  9. Thats what I read. Acrylics were recommended instead of enamel paint. However on about 30% of my new layout the paint appears to crack on sleepers only! Am I able to spray over the acrylic with enamel?
  10. My new 10' x 8' layout is housed in a purpose built Garden Log Cabin. The track is complete & the trains are running perfectly (DCC) I have started to weather my track. (Peco 100) using Humbrol Dark Earth Acrylic paint. On drying, I noticed that on a large number of sleepers the paint had cracked & flaked off on touch. I have repeated the weathering but this still occurs? Unable to move forward with ballasting until this issue is resolved. Can anyone advise me why & what I can do to solve this. Thank you
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