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  1. The garden railway is coming on nicely but I have now decided the coaches are too far apart. Ive bought some mag couplings (pairs magnets on a link) Q. how do I fit them to the Lima coaches? Do I fit to the bogies or the end of the chassis, do I need to extend them, maybe drill a hole centre of chassis and extend with wire - bit Heath Robinson and not very professional. Advice please.
  2. Thanks again, all makes sense now. Btw no current to the track so no worries there, but expansion is a good point. The loco has rechargeable batteries and works with radio control.
  3. Thanks for the replies, but Im still confused. Phil says: o gauge joiners ARE bigger than those for OO as bigger track. Happy Hippo says: Peco code 124 track DOES use same joiners as OO. I dont get how those tiny OO rail joiners can fit, in fact I have a packet and they are murder to fit. But I will make sure I get code 100 as I have a mile of code 124 bullhead that I bought years ago in preparation for this project. This is not a finescale effort as the model buildings are concrete, cast from moulds and the loco`s and rolling stock are Lima, converted to radio control.
  4. Hi, Im new here. Building o gauge garden railway. Have laid concrete strips around the garden, most of it at ground level. Now fixing 10mm uPVC to the concrete, it follows the shape of the track plus a bit either side and I have beveled it to make it look like built up ballast. Question: Im going to pin track to the uPVC, I also have resin to bond fine ballast, do you think this will work? Also I cant get my head around the track joiners are the same as used on OO, is this correct? They are so hard to fit is there an alternatve? Thanks.
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