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  1. Despite spraining my ankle en roiute I had a most enjoyable day at the Show in Glasgow. Highlights for me were the two P4 layouts (Stands C9 and A7) from the East and West Scotland 4mm Groups, especially the West's excellent moorland effort. I was also surporised and delighted to find a small British H0 outline shunting layout at Stand C6 and the trams from Weir Pumps(?) were also back this year. Didn't buy much, mind you, only Vol 3 of the pre-Grouping Liveries Series but I was amazed to see how far MDF and card laser cutting had developed over the past few years. It might now
  2. Maybe Hornby have done a deal with Protocab to introduce a range of small batteries, in situ battery rechargers, CPUs and radio controllers under the Hornby imprint so that we can, at last, leap into the 21st century and get away from rail conduction altogether. I wish !
  3. Wasnt it one of the cars in the Gilbow set? Look that up on Ebay and check.
  4. Ive never seen any evidence that ANY ROD locos were painted khaki in Europe though some were painted that colour in UK at the end of the war and after ROD had been disbanded (with WD markingss not ROD ones).. Wm. Aves in both his authoritative books says definitively that all ROD locos were black by mid 1918 whatever colour they arrived in. If you have any evidence there were khaki ROD locos I would like to see it. Some J36 on their return to the UK (and still in ROD livery) in 1919 seem to be a very weathered black or even a dark gray - but no khaki, it would appear.
  5. 1ngram

    MRJ 272

    And I always thought Maud Junction was on GNSR in North East Scotland
  6. Good review of the R.O.D. 2-8-0 loco in genuine ROD black. And its got the necessary Westinghouse gear. As such its a pity that Hornby seem to be about to foist a khaki (should be black) J36 R.O.D. version on us in a few months. Mind you, at £148 or so the 2-8-0 isnt cheap !
  7. Not a rail colour but is there a car spray colour to match the kinda red/rust colour steel bridges like the Forth Bridge are painted in?
  8. "I have toned down the red inside motion with Vallejo 'oil and grease', which looks much better, 'Haig' will get the same treatment!" Dioes anyone know where one can acquire this "grease and oil" paint in the UK?
  9. Just ask for the ROD letters I got them to do for me. Someone else already did and they came to me and asked my permission to let him have a set. Just do the same. I told them that anyone could have them as they come from a published font. Here's the email I sewnt John Peck KENNETH CLARK <[email protected]> To:[email protected] 29 Jun 2018 at 14:35 I was given your email address as a firm able to print white transfers. I'm attempting a ROD cameo layout in 4mm after reading both of Wm Aves excellent books on the ROD railways of WW1. Th
  10. Precision Labels (see modelling press) did an excellent job of making me sets of ROD numbers and letters for my J15. And a speedy service too!
  11. Is the cabside numberplate(?) printed on or is it a raised moulding?
  12. I haven't seen the LNER J36 yet but I expect the numberplate to be a raised moulding but I dont know if it is a separate piece glued on although I think this is likely as there are other versions of the loco with only a printed number. Mind you. lookinmg again at an enlarged photo of the loco it could be it has a printed numberplate? Can anyone who just got theirs tell us? If you are asking about the photo of the J15 then the numberplate comes from Guilplates. I got the white transfers done for me by Precision Labels. Excellent quality and prompt service.
  13. Here's my attempt on the Hornby J15. I searched in WORD for a font which looked like the ROD one and got a couple of transfer sheets made up for me in white by an advertiser in a mag.: I'm looking forward to doing the same with the LNER J36. Can anyone tell me how to take the existing loco numberplate off so I can replace it with one from a loco that actually ran on the ROD? I've used Guilplates in the past but does anyone else provide this service?
  14. In plain black you could also have it as a ROD loco in France. Transfers are available but you would have to replace the number plate as this loco wasn't a ROD one. Better than waiting for the incorrectly coloured khaki one Hornby currently intend producing.
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