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  1. Let me just wipe of the dust of my topic It's being awhile but i have being busy laying down tracks. All hidden tracks on the mainline have being layed down. 90% of the branchline is finished. Still need to work out the branchline station but that's secondary to getting a train running on the mainline. Today has all being about wiring the layout. Connecting all the tracks towards the occupation decoder. Not sure how you call it in the UK. But its needed for automatic control of the the layout. Already more than 200m of wires has being soldered on the tracks.
  2. So today another update on the layout. We have being working hard on the frame again. As photo's show more than a thousand words... If have already cut out the timber to form the bridges at Miller's Dale. A third bridge has being added for the branchline. If everything is going to plan. I can start laying track this week for the hidden parts of the layout so i can place the table top for Miller's dale
  3. So Thursday was the great day, after a cup of coffee we embarked on a new journey. After a good day's work my brother and i produced the first part of the table. Today we will add more details for the tracks and make a start on the table tops that will b3 at 3 different heights. So lots to do, but there is a good start. Now i really wanna lay down some tracks this week. I also got my self some trackbed from dcc concepts. I need to figure put how to place it correctly. Normally i use cork but this is way more beautiful in the end
  4. Thank you Alister_g I do really like scenery, trees and little rivers. That makes the location a great spot for me. There is plent5of room to make it a lush and green world with trains fitted in the landscape.
  5. Hello Some may know as the guy from Alloa in N gauge. First let me say i am not a native English guy so forgive my grammar if it's wrong. A few months ago we had a bit of bad luck with the roof of our house. This was to do with the big snow storm here. So we opted to move and it was decided that Alloa station would cease to exist. But after watching a few other houses we luckily decided to stay in our current house. So i had a layout in the attic that was already being stripped down at several points and my partner felt bad for me. So i opted fot the garage for my layo
  6. Looks really promising. You make those scale scenes building so good!
  7. I really like this station layout. Lovely to see what you can achieve in the proper scale Now that i am rebuilding the garage into a trainroom i am going to use aviomore as the main Centerpoint of my layout with some small adjustments.
  8. The photos are a bit deceiving, it's less steep than it is. I tested it already wuth several trains. On the mainline i have added powerbase just to be sure
  9. And another update on Alloa Finally we have enough tracks pinned down so we can have a train running allong the trackk for major test works. the small coaching yard is also ready to be put into action when the time comes. i adjusted the depot for the engines because of the limited space so i came up with my own idea of making it interesting. Thats what i really like about the hobby, be faced with a problem and finding a right solution that looks beter also. Track laying is at a hold at the moment because of the massive back log at the Dutch postage service for inte
  10. Hi W Well a bit bigger update this time. I finished all the hidden track for the mainline. Except a few tracks in my fiddle yard but finding turnouts at the moment is pretty hard. But pictures say more than my rubbish English as a Dutch guy. After the laying of the hidden tracks i finally could lay down the table top for my grand project wich also has a lack of turnouts at the moment vut i do have enough to make sure we can have a train running this Christmas. As you can see i have added a 1.1 profile of my trackplan so i can
  11. Finally a bit more text from my side. I have decided to remove the extra platform, this wil give me a bit more scenery room instead of only tracks on the table You can see here the revised trackplan without the extra platform. I will use the tracks in the back to hold trains for a few minutes so i can simulate a busy rush hour. luckely the PC will help me with controlling the layout. I have also adjusted the small engineshed to make it a bit more usefull instead of the older more prototype version. I also start to kinda like a nice looking TMD. And well you
  12. Ah you visited the metropolis of Lelystad. Fine city indeed
  13. This week we started on the tracks behind Alloa station. Placing the small helix and laying down tracks at the back side in the powerbase system. The table still needs a bit more work so the ramp will be more smoothly Until next time
  14. So here is the first small update. On this side of the room will be Alloa station. Still need some work before i can start laying track. I do hope to finish this week with the laat wood works because it's really not my thing On this side I already started laying tracks down. Sadly i can't finish the fiddle your because i don't got enough points to finish it atm because i want to make 2 tracks go all around first so i can have a train running.
  15. I got my inspiration from your layout
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