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    Diecast (& other) Train Collection has been described as eclectic and eccentric. Current project: 00 scale, working (with water) canal lock, in planning stage.

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  1. conductive or immune, said the Smart Alec while eating an Eccles Cake? I mean, that you are not going to move sawdust from one side of chest to the other. I have this mental picture of you waving a conductor's baton and the sawdust marching ..... . Thinks, I go and lie down in a quiet corner.
  2. it's been a while since I last watched OUATITW, must find it somewhere
  3. I loovvvee cake (& biscuits), no nuts or cream for me though, not allergic etc, both are wasted on me. Every tried Curry Cake? A lot better than I thought it would be
  4. hello from a newbie, What about VC10s? 1963 - 2013, kept going by skill, prayer and not going near airports/ airbases where they not be allowed to take off again from what I heard
  5. Did the ones with cast plinths look anything like these? They are made by Britains as paperweights and made (I think) of Pewter. My Flying Scotsman has also lost it's plinth, on the inside of the casting are a couple of pillars which formed a rivet to secure to the plinth.
  6. going back a couple of posts, will CA have a (Merryweather perhaps) Fire Engine? or have I missed that conversation?
  7. If you want to know more about piers go to (Clevedon just happens to be my nearest so keen to promote it ) https://piers.org.uk/pier/clevedon/
  8. I watched a few minutes of Streamline Express (found on Talking Pictures), a 1935 film featuring a single car, (very) wide-bodied, 2 deck, Zepher like, monorail express, that is supposed to go from New York to California in 20 hours, non stop, at a speed of 160 mph! https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fobscuretrainmovies.wordpress.com%2Fpage%2F6%2F&psig=AOvVaw2eZTJkNex3wWwIUd37vjNW&ust=1606767973883000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCKCBt63LqO0CFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD
  9. I have a friend (he may be a member of this forum?) who denies the electron flow theory, instead smoke somehow 'carries the power' along the conductor in very thin bore tubes, the proof being that it sometimes escapes ....
  10. sorry wrong button just now, not a good morning
  11. Rivets in four candles?? At the risk of going off topic, the balsa wood used for the Two Ronnies Folk Dancers Sketch came from the model shop that was in Fairfax St in Bristol
  12. Recalling my days spent studying for my C&G/ BTEC (that dates me!) Electrical Technicians, Kirchoff's II (ie Voltage) Law states that the sum of the EMFs (Electro Motive Forces) must equal the sum of the PDs (Potential Differences) in a given circuit. All those wasted days (I never want to see another transistor again, please!), I never used any of the theory in practice. Sorry about the (()))s
  13. Sorry but being pedantic no, it depends upon the shape of the conductor/ circuit board, could be triangular, rectangular... . I grant you that it returns to the same point
  14. It's quiet in here, has everyone gone to the Hempton Sheep Fair? Perhaps I should introduce myself, I'm Jed and this is Frankie my horse (with cart), I collect scrap metal. G'day to you sir.
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