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  1. Several years ago our 10 yr old son was in hospital having broken his thigh bone (femur) so in traction for a few months. One Saturday afternoon the all the kids on the half-empty ward (and accompanying parents) were getting a 'bit stir crazy' as we couldn't get out, resulting in a desperate need to cheer the kids up. So we took in a fake arm (the sort of thing that you can put to look like a trapped person beneath a fallen object, (with the permission of the Ward Sister) stuffed fake arm into a sweatshirt and he his real left arm behind his back. This was timed just before the nurse came round checking pulses, temperatures etc, poor girl got into quite a panic when she couldn't find his pulse from the plastic arm. The kids & other nurses were in hysterics.
  2. Bit of a frustrating day trying to sort my Hugar Train Set, see my thread on Collectable/ Vintage, oh well
  3. Hmm, not a very successful day. Took the power car apart to find one wire missing, one brush loose and various nuts, bolts, washers & earth tags missing. Also had to install extra insulation around the the block holding the shoe, the block only being held on by one nut & bolt so 'floats' around a bit. On the test-track it runs (doing my bit to recreate the Ozone Layer) drawing 0.7 - 0.8A from my Gaugemaster PSU. Can't help thinking that a 2nd magnet might help. Set up some of the track on the kitchen floor, to find that the power car alone will with help make a circuit, with the other 3 no chance. What to do? Problems I can see: No bearings on motor or axles to reduce mechanical resistance. Too many high (electrical) resistance joints causing to voltage drop from a 'no load' 12v to 8v half way around - see Kirchoff's 2nd Law (EMF = sum of the voltage drops). Track too uneven at the joints.
  4. I have a book "Modelling in '000' Gauge" by E.F. Carter (ie pre-N Gauge bit not Lone Star) where he describes making wheels [from rod], extruding his own rail [from wire] and winding his own motors! Does anyone still do the last 2?
  5. I used to be a Service Engineer for a Juke Box/ Fruit M/c / Pool Table etc company. One day I had a call to HMS Royal Arthur (the RN PO Training School near Corsham), the "lads" had decided to have a party using the Juke Box, so wheeled it from the bar to the other end of the NAFFI building. Apart from dislodging a few records, they had found two 3-core mains cables coming from the back, chopped them & wired them into them same plug. BANG! One of those 'mains cables' was the cable to the behind-the-bar volume control (ie L & R with a common return, also record reject) and 3-core was a cost effective cable for that purpose. They had fried the amplifiers by applying 240v onto the transistors! Same company sold (instead of just hiring-out) a pool table to a pub. Come delivery day the slate bed could not be found, a reputable company would have said sorry and postponed, not this lot, they got a piece of 1/2 inch chipboard, cut it to size & shape, covered it with the correct green cloth and told the delivery team not to stop for a pint after setting it up.
  6. posted by Sidecar Racer in 'Things That Make You Think'
  7. Good Morning All, A few(?) days ago someone here was talking about Router Tables. Please are they easier to use than a hand held router? Is there a comparison between a Router Table and a Router and Table Saw and a Circular Saw?
  8. Many thanks, as SWMBO allows I'll try to get in working and post photos
  9. Please does anyone know what voltage & a.c. or d.c. the Hugar Southern EMU set run on please, I have the track as well.
  10. If the codifiers (the persons assigning the NSNs) had done their job correctly, the grade/ finish specification (& batch traceability) of the special nuts, washers and bolts would have specified, I know I used to be one - working on an Army comms system. Sounds like some Bean Counter decided to downgrade the coding, thus falling foul of The Law of Unintended Consequences due to a lack of knowledge/ time
  11. Accountants (aka Bean Counters) know the price of everything and the value of very little ie they confuse price and value. I gave up (& retired) trying to convince management (in the MoD Civil Service) of the folly of putting all the work out to contractors rather than 'in-house'. "But look at the money saved by reducing MoD staff", came the reply, a few years later no internal experience left (not even enough to monitor the contractors effectively) and surprisingly the costs rocketed, quality/ performance dropped. Yes, I'm old enough to write MoD rather than MOD. **Rant Mode Off***
  12. My next project is the repair of a French Dinky Railcar. One is missing it's chassis, so I am going to make a replacement from a piece of sheet steel and araldite it back in place. I have sourced dome new tyres, wheels & axles from Model-Supplies. I have an extra set of tyres coming as I do believe the perishing ones will last much longer.
  13. Ah. Too many TLAs wait for it ... .... got it yet? .. TLA = Three Letter Acronyms
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