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  1. Ditto (although my unsuccessful AIB was 1970 something). However, younger son, whom HH may recall as a fairly well constructed individual, has wanted to be a submariner since his teens. He did take us round his boat a couple of years ago and we were both amazed at the size of the thing. I gather coffin dreams are not unknown amongst the crew and given that on some ships/boats he has been unable to turn over in his bunk, I can quite understand that.
  2. Did a TPO use the Taunton-Barnstaple line? I do wonder if the Mail Apparatus at Wiveliscombe and East Anstey is actually Token Exchange apparatus?
  3. I was past the Hippodrome road end this afternoon - thought those hedges looked odd - ice? I didn’t realise it was that cold..... Have you found a 1.8mm drill bit yet? I’ll drop a couple off on my way to work.
  4. Download it from here https://www.telford.gov.uk/downloads/file/10178/granville_heritage_trail_leaflet Walked part of it on Sunday - some informative boards along the way.
  5. Sorry to be a bit tardy on this - just catching up on this thread. I think those lamps are LMS loco lamps and my memory suggests that only 5428 and 4767 carried this style of lamp. They were significantly different to the LNER style that most other NYMR locos carried. But it was a long time ago.. Stuart
  6. From the summer 1954 Carriage Working Book, the basic sets were BT-CL-BT or BT-CL-T-BT with a further T as a timetabled strengthener during July, August and early September. DMUs from 1958? I think I have a 1930's carriage working book somewhere, I'll have a look for it but I doubt they'll be much different. Both books are from NERA http://www.ner.org.uk/assets/NERA Book & Publications - Combined List 22nd March 2019.pdf
  7. A 158 was on the 1020 ex Middlesbrough/1158 ex Whitby on Friday 26 July. It looked well filled and there were plenty of people waiting to join at Whitby .
  8. After 43 years of working with them, I would say that you do have to treat Ordnance Survey maps with a degree of caution. That statement isn’t intended to denigrate the OS, either body or the surveyors, a number of whom I have counted as friends or former colleagues, but I do think you need a certain amount of knowledge to interpret what you see. Firstly, the Ordnance Survey map is a topographical map, it is intended to show physical features – it is not, and never was, intended to show property boundaries (s12 Ordnance Survey Act 1841). It does, of course, show physical features w
  9. My memories are 1967 onwards (I can just remember my mother buying me a ticket at Lealholm station and putting me on a green DMU to be picked up by Father in Middlesbrough). The dated services I remember would have been 1740-ish to Newcastle and 2109 SO Middlesbrough, both of which were limited stop after Grosmont. On Sundays, there was quite a gap between the last arrival and first departure of the three trains so the shortest might have gone into 4 (no carriage sidings at Bog Hall by then). That second photo in your post is the scene I was trying to envisage in my mind (having walked down
  10. I remember those signals as well, they were both ‘planted’ in No.1 platform. No.20 being almost in the middle (width-wise) As to platforms 3 and 4, there was a restriction on Mark 1 coaches using those platforms – you couldn’t put Mark 1s into either if the other was occupied. I guess they were OK for 57ft stock. This from BR Standard Coaching Stock restrictions (1961) Whitby Station. If on No. 3 Platform Line, No. 4 Platform Line to be blocked, and vice versa. Platform 3 was still there in mid-1959 according to a dated photo in one of John Hunt’s Past and Present books
  11. I'm away from my books at the moment so can't check, but I'm pretty sure Reedsmouth's J36 had a turn to Scotsgap on the two daily passenger trains. I also think the J36 worked the fortnightly SO passenger Kielder/Keilder - Hexham and late night return until Reedsmouth shed closed. Stuart
  12. I think you are right and it's been ordered. Many thanks for the pointer. Stuart Thanks for the info. Stuart
  13. What is the DVD you mention, please? I've tried googling it without success. I too was a Grosmont resident back in the 60s/70s, using the line to get to school in Whitby, and definitely remember class 104 DMUs.
  14. 1966/67 WTT - 3L16 0500 Parcels from Preston, Kendal 0638/0643, Windermere 0703. 3L17 1120 Parcels from Lancaster, Oxenholme 1200/1212, Kendal 1217/1227, Windermere 1245 3L85 ECS (Vans) Windermere 1300, Kendal 1318, to work 1A65 1A65 SX 1820 Parcels Kendal to Kilburn High Road 1967 Summer WTT 6L25 SX Carnforth 0700, Kendal 0742/1025, Burneside R, Windermere 1050. 6L24 SX Carnforth 1338, Milnthorpe 1358/1430, Oxenholme 1446/1505, Kendal 1515/1612, Burneside 1620. 6P56 SO Kendal 1210, Milnethorpe 1235/1310, Carnforth 1327 8P56 SX Windermere 1240, Burneside 1300/1335, Kendal 134
  15. Just spent a fascinating couple of hours at this place (big thanks to Mrs S who spotted it in the Zagreb Times). HO exhibition layout with multi-level lines in effective mountain scenery including spiral and underfloor section (glass covered!). According to their flyer, 1000m of track and 100 trains with plans to extend downstairs into the basement via another spiral. Appropriate stock with locomotive (mostly German or Swiss as far as I could judge) which all ran very well and smoothly under DCC control. Couple of smaller layouts downstairs which you can have a go at driving - meant to enc
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