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    Model Railways - N, 009, 0. Also got some Triang TT and starting to dabble in OO again
    Real Railways - BR Early diesels. Coaching Stock. Narrow gauge Railways

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  1. Just a reminder - Buy & Sell is still being 'advertised' at the top of the RMWeb home page
  2. Thanks for the replys to my question about the interiors. I have now painted mine as Mark suggested - also ordered the Timereel DVD. Mike your interior photo is great, had a look at your Flickr site , the pic with the roof detail will come in handy as well, SVR have done a nice job on that coach. Steve.
  3. I am in the process of building two of the Doncaster Mk 1 prototypes, 3083 & 3084 from Southern Pride kits, unlike Brian's, mine will be left in Maroon. Can anybody tell me what colour the curtains and upholstery was when the coaches were maroon. Thanks. Steve.
  4. Times have changed since I was job hunting, what is now considered as :- 'Are you located within a commutable distance of Barwell? ' Hour, hour and a half or would it be less than that. Steve
  5. Hi Bob, you know that I would love to come and help you operate, but as I now live in Lincolnshire it is a bit to far to go for a session. If you need help at exhibitions in this area let me know. Steve. Former Bexhill MRC member
  6. Just out of interest, as I never heard it announced - who won the best layout at show ? Steve
  7. Hi arff999, Are you sure moving vehicles are prototypical for Lincoln Steve.
  8. We went on Friday, was surprised at the number of people there on a weekday. I thought the £15 'day ticket' was good value, I think a day ticket is £15 for a 'normal' train ride on the GCR so apart from the £5 car park fee the exhibition was free, and a very good exhibition it was. A very good effort by the railway, will be back next year if they hold another one. Just to make my day we had breakfast in a Gresley buffet car whilst being hauled by a Deltic, what more could you want !! Steve
  9. Hi Roundwood20, A very interesting post, as for photo's I would be interested in seeing any you have of the interior of these vehicles in their original condition. Steve.
  10. A reply within 3 mins. that is excellent service. Thank you Richard.
  11. Hi, Judging by the lack of posts on here it would seem that I am the only one still waiting for their subs. copy. As I am not at home at the moment could someone please let me know the email address so that I can contact the appropriate department. Thanks, Steve.
  12. Hi, Could Robert , or someone else tell me if the - 10.0 am return of stock to Victoria (direct) was ECS or in service - not via Eastbourne (was the line between Stone Cross jcn & Polegate electrified ) or something else. Thanks, Steve.
  13. What month/year is this for please?
  14. Hi, It looks like 2655 to me. It is a 2HAL, one of the 1939/40 sets built for the Medway electrification scheme. What I think is wrong about the caption is that it says its at Earlsfield, to me that looks like Lewes (East Sussex) Steve
  15. Hi, This sounds interesting, I will have to get my TT out of the cupboard and give it a run. Have you got any photo's of Thorpe Road that you can post on here? Steve
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