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    32 years modelling late 70's early 80's BR 4mm, GW 7mm in garden (never ending build) ho North American micro, and somewhere a box of German beer wagons.

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  1. Hello, I’ve been using my current layout on and off quite some years (37 to be precise). The track is all SMP and has never been an issue. However, One of the points has just developed a short when switched in one direction but not the other. I’ve checked for debris, checked the soldering but all appears good. Does anyone have any ideas. I’m trying to avoid lifting the point because they’re all getting a bit old! thanks in advance!
  2. Hello Cloggydog sorry for the delay in replying. I would appreciate you having a look re the transfers, many thanks, Chris
  3. Hya, has anyone out there got any spare transfers for a Br Brahe tenser please? Many thanks Chris
  4. hya does anyone know the working timetable train code for this train, often hauled by 2 25's but I saw the odd 40 in charge? Ican't find it on the Wtt for 1980/81! Many thanks!!
  5. Hello, One of my my Bachman 08's suffered a slow speed collision whilst I was testing it on my original layout (33 years old, but clearly issues with platform overhang clearances!). The rivet popped out on one of the front cranks. I got it back on but the engine clunked around the layout before I removed the rivet. Am now unable to relocate said rivet in coupling rod. Is this a scrapper for re sale as spare parts ( I hope not), beyond economic repair or is their a fix for this?! Thanks in advance!!
  6. Excellent work! I grew up in the late 60's/70's near Weston in a railway family who are all enthusiasts. Great memories of BR blue which I have modelled since 1980. I remember the Hydraulics On the Weston branch and spotting over the fields and Uphill junction. Would be interested to know as well what coach you used for the tonnes inspection vehicle as this and the Chipmans weedkiller train are a couple of my yet to tackle projects!
  7. Thanks for your help guys. I've got some shots of the water tower thanks Gordon. Not made buildings in 7mm and need a water tower for the garden line. Thanks for the photo link as well. Will need to engineer an excuse to take the family across the river for a visit with the tape measure!
  8. hello, wondered if anyone has the above please? With Winter on the way I would like to build a model of the above, potentially absorbing job for the coming long Winter evenings! Many thanks Chris
  9. Hello, does anyone out there know if Smokey Valley are still in operation. I have e mailed them a couple of times with no reply. Not sure what size operation they are, etc
  10. Excellent thread, just discovered it. I've been modelling the Bristol-Weston area since 1979 and these threads have put a lot of stuff into context. Many thanks, really enjoyed the piccies.
  11. many thanks everyone for help, Happy Modelling!
  12. Hello, I am relatively new to ho modelling. Geeps pottering about with grain hoppers on a stubby set of sidings. I have little knowledge of UK suppliers for loco bits and am after new stanctions for a couple of gp18's. I wondered if anyone out there can recommend a source or should I be looking overseas Many thanks Chris
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