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  1. The whole pitch is wonky
  2. Using a PC When on a webcam site after selecting a particular stream I get this: I used to get a description of the cam and it's location plus other site news. I just get a load of irrelevant thumbnails now.
  3. Hi all As the title says You Tube has started filling the space under every video image with loads of suggestions in thumbnail form. Mostly are not relevant. It means that any info under the video from the poster is lost. I used to get information about the stream/video and/or it's location but these are now gone How do I get rid of them?
  4. Two from me. Mainline cat 37084 GWR Green 0-6-0PT #5764. Both chassis halves completely disintegrated. Mainline cat 37090 GWR Green 2-6-0 #5322. Both main chassis halves completely disintegrated. Both models had been stored in good conditions in their boxes from new but were unusable when tried.
  5. The other problem with searching RM Web is a space here or a hyphen there can make all the difference Even the pdf itself, you've spelled it in uppercase with full stops, it is often lower case and almost always no punctuation.
  6. What is puzzling me is that a few weeks ago one of Openreach's contractors laid a new cable in all the ducts around here, they were at it for several weeks covering a fairly large area (they may have done a lot more) I can't see new copper cables being provided as the number of landlines has reduced, leaving spare pairs, so I assumed it was possibly a fibre cable. The problem is no provider around here is admitting that fibre is on the way. I really should've enquired as I have a BT footway box right outside my property.
  7. There were fields full of wooden aircraft to fool UK based Nazi spies
  8. Some do not include Huntingdonshire & Cambridgeshire in East Anglia. 70013 was unlikely to be seen hauling a train through Huntingdon as it was intially a Norwich loco and until transferred to Carlisle 12 years later spent it's time on the GE system land would have spent it's early years in and out of Liverpool St.
  9. Has this topic piqued people's curiosity?😃 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-68820057
  10. Sorry to pour cold water on your great idea but without an index it will rapidly become unusable How will you find articles/info that would interest you in gthe future? I suggest you set it up in the same manner as the Mazak Rot thread with the index regularly updated.
  11. How dare a ladybird be called a nasty bug, they're lovely things.🙂
  12. He's just registered himself as an American resident for business purposes.
  13. I can. I had a ration book.☹️ Coal (on ration) was just black dust. Many things were in short supply, even when not rationed. etc. etc.
  14. Don't blame Beeching, he was only doing what road builder Marples payed him to do (as Minister of Transport)
  15. I would hardly think so, especially as there is a statue of him outside the House of Commons. He's part of the UK's transition to Parliamentary Democracy.
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