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  1. Slow progress on the station. I think its looking good. Lots of detail to add yet! And looking the other way. Duck!
  2. Thats a good point! I have had a look at photos of Clapham Junction and I think that would be a great solution. I would probably end up styling them similar to the new ones at Market Harborough and Loughborough to keep the midland mainline look. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Using my computer mock-up from the weekend as a rough guide, (as above) I have constructed the frame for the station building. This part (engineers brick) will be fixed to the layout once it has been completed, and the station part (the red brick) will be removable to avoid damage in transit. I might use magnets or pins to keep the building together when trains are running? More updates to come!
  4. I'm currently planning the station building. I tried to draw my ideas but couldn't get it to look right. In the end I have edited a photo of the layout with a rough idea as to how the building would look. (Inspired by Leicester) This edit lacks details and windows etc but I think it gives a rough idea what I'm going for. The back platform I want to look like a recent addition, so would have new looking stair access to the old building? Any suggestions and comments are very welcome!
  5. Spent some time working on the layout today. Most of the progress was wiring, but I did install the new bridge, filled in any missing sleepers and added some orange cable tubes. I know these are no longer used as they have arguments with tampers, but as the layout is set between 1997 and 2021, they should be present for more of those years than they shoundn't be present, (if that makes sence!?) so they have been added. The new bridge installed, not looking very new! There are still some old sleepers and ballast still visible amongst all that vegetation! I want his bridge to to have once carried a branch line, maybe too expensive to remove? (image compression has made the bricks look very stripey!) A gap in the sleepers due to fish plates now filled in. The orange cable tubes. These are for the signals. Should look much better once ballasted. More updates to come!
  6. There has not been any progress on the layout this past week. However, I have been working on the disused bridge that I had a mock-up of in the last post. I will attach a picture of that once its on the layout. Other than that, the only other thing that has happened has been the arrival of another pair of HST power cars! I think I may have too many of these now, if thats possible!? The coaches had been split from the set by the previous owner but they didn't want the power cars. So I've managed to get two never ran power cars at a bargain price! If Dapol ever produce 43102 and 274 in a set, I will definitely change one of these pairs into either Network Rail or Colas. Just need to get the grills painted on them and they are good to go! My EMR red fleet, 43251, 295, 238, 295, 251, 295, 251 & 295... I need to get some transfers! Hopefully I can spend some time on the layout this weekend. More updates to come!
  7. That's great to hear! Do you have a diagram of the circuit board so I could locate the problematic diode? Or a link to one? Thanks
  8. A little bit done to the layout yesterday, The platforms have been re-cut as I wasn't happy with them before. I still need to cut out platform 1 (nearest the front) again before it gets the top cardboard layer. I also cut a few blocks and using some off cuts built a mock-up bridge. I'm not sure if this will be including this yet, I don't know if it would work in the scene. If I do include it, it would either have an old disused track or just be overgrown. There is also a mock-up for the scenic break, very likely a major road, on the left hand side of the layout. (can just be seen in this picture) Can't model the MML without a Project Rio HST! This was set ND122J that has been de-branded and re-numbered to be 43157 (MML core fleet) and 43155 (Rio fleet). These numbers chosen as these PCs never got the MML blue livery. Progress on platforms 2 and 3, Soon to be free of that very inconvenient gap!
  9. Hi all, yesterday I was running one of my Dapol HSTs when I noticed that both the power and dummy car had both lost their lights while running. At first I thought this was just really bad timing and that both LEDs had burnt out together, so I tested it in the other direction (dummy leading) and the lights were working, white on the dummy car, red on the power car. So my first thought was to change the bodies and lighting units over so the PC had white lights and the dummy had reds. (I only run my HSTs PC first). To my suprise, the problem hadn't changed. Reds on the PC, whites on the dummy. So the LEDs can't have burnt out (supported by lack of smell) I checked this with another (fully working) HST and sure enough, all LEDs are working. This made me think, as I have three other HST sets with some lights out, and sure enough, when tested on the working chasis, all LED's are fine!? So I have 8 HST power cars that will only show either white, red or no lights, even though the LED's are all working. These power cars only have one thing in common and thats being older releases. 3 sets are East Midlands Trains and 1 Virgin West Coast. Could anyone help me with this problem? What could be causing it? Is there a fix? In case its important, my layout is DC and run on a Gaugemaster model D
  10. Another couple of pictures of the layout. These are completely up to date. This first picture shows the fiddle yard, now with two extra lanes: and another station shot.
  11. Modelling the midland mainline in N gauge, not an easy task! The midland mainline, in my opinion, is one of a few mainlines that always seem to be overlooked when companies look into what models and liveries they make. This means that the limited stock you can get is very expensive and hard to come by! If anyone saw my other layout "Featherbed Lane" this layout is it's successor, the old layout hasn't gone anywhere, but has reached a point that I am struggling to do anything with it due to the back being only a few inches from the roof, and the front facing onto a staircase! I have decided that it would be best purely as a test layout and I will not be continuing scenery any further. Anyway, enough waffling. The new layout: 8ft by 3ft 6, a little bigger than "Featherbed Lane" and is freestanding and portable. All areas of this layout are easily accessible and this makes life so much easier! The layout consists of 3 loops: 2 mainline tracks and a bi-directional slow line with a reverse loop and access to a dead end platform. (pics below) So far, all that has been done to this layout is trackwork , the installation of a backscene and the beginning of some platforms. The layout is yet to be named (any suggestions welcome) Here are some pics of the layout so far: The layout from the front (platforms had not been added when this photo was taken) Side view showing the yard. Since this photo 3 extra lanes have been added and the 1st radius curves (bottom of the pic) have been removed. This track is now a terminus platform. A 2003/04 time period shot of the layout. Featuring a Rio HST, Freightliner 66 and a Central Trains 156. Modelling 1997 - 2007 is difficult without MML Bambi and blue HST's. Are you listening Dapol? Finally a 2020 time period shot of the layout. Featuring an EMR 156 (done with Electra rail vinyl's), freightliner 66, ex-LNER now EMR HST and an EMT HST Any suggestions welcome. More updates to come!
  12. Hi, does anyone know where it would be possible to get (or have made) transfers for the Rail Operations Group livery? This being the full livery applied to 57305, 312, and 47812? I know Rainbow Railways have produced resprayed Bachmann class 57/3's in 00 gauge but there is no mention on the site about being able to get transfers for this livery in N gauge. I will attach a picture of what I am hoping to achieve. This picture does not belong to me. If anyone can help or has any info on this I would be very grateful.
  13. This HST power car looks amazing! Forgive me but I need to ask many questions as I want to create the same power car in N gauge. Did you repaint this yourself? If so what colours did you use and where did you get the transfers from? If you didn't paint it then where did you get it done? -TIA
  14. This month has not seen much progress made to the layout. However I have been able to install a new bridge near the tunnel. It still needs blending in to the scene but it looks good so far. This is for the farm track seen on the layout plan. I may change the colour of the bridge as I'm not 100% happy with the blue.
  15. April. Lots of grass, trees and bushes. None of this is complete as there are plenty of small gaps and areas that need attention. The trees are not permanent. That brings this layout topic up to date! Anything posted from now on is happening in the present. I thought it was about time for a video, so here is a clip taken at the end of April.
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