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  1. time for me to leave this forum, too many people getting stress over toys
  2. Indeed he doesn't, the same he doesn't need to take to twitter to tell everyone that he's spent x-amount on overpriced junk. Too many people just want to moan about the latest models, justified or not. For the record Im not in the market for one, but if I was, I'd pay what is being asked and fix the problems myself
  3. Well send it back then, no one is forcing you to keep it
  4. London is a whole different ball game, spent 6 years there and couldn't wait to get out!
  5. I see people jumping the lights in cars and vans every single day on my commute - and not just blasting through an amber. In contrast I could probably count on 1 hand the amount of I've seen cyclists do it.
  6. To save yourself much frustration, use a white primer. Yellow pigment has poor coverage and will require many light coats to be fully opaque on anything darker than white, that could result in obscured details Humbrol do a BR Yellow which you could use, with a little white mixed in, its only available as acrylic.
  7. Click on the link in the first post for info
  8. Really liking your layout Turtlebah, can I ask the dimensions please?
  9. I didn't really notice the passing of Lima, I had all the stock I needed at the time - mostly Lima, detailed and resprayed throughout the 90s. When I started buying again in the late 2000's I still considered Lima, and to this day if I was looking for a 31/40/47/73/HST/101/156 I'd look at Lima first. I think that's because I cut my teeth on Lima, I learned how to detail and respray on their products, and I still enjoy doing so. Most Hornby products at the time I thought were rather toy-like with the exception of the 86/110/142. Newer tooled loco's have the central motor drive as a major plus point, but bodywise they sometimes arent too much of a step up (in my opinion). Having said that, I think Accurascale, Cavalex and RevolutioN are definitely pushing things forward and I look forward to see how their ranges develop.
  10. Yes, you will find loco's that cost the same as a complete PS4 system. You can also find rtr loco's that cost the same as a new car if you need to be specific. But you will find many many new loco's that are much much cheaper than a basic PS4 system, never mind a complete system. You cant compare a PS4 (or any gaming system) to model railways. You don't need to buy a new locomotive every month, can you say the same for an avid game player who complete games in days if not quicker? I have heard the hobby is in trouble for the last 40 years. Usually the reason being there is no new blood and prices are too expensive. I would say the hobby is in a better position now that it has been in the 40 years I've been part of it. I was new blood, and I couldn't afford the top ticket items when I started out. This hobby is only as expensive as you want it to be, the same with the majority of hobbies. If you have a tight budget you can still get a new loco, it might not be all singing and dancing one, but it'll still be a loco that can still pull coaches and wagons. You don't need to have had an interest as a kid to develop an interest later in life. My closest modelling friends all started the hobby in their 40's and one of them had never even been on a train before he bought his first model railway items.
  11. Maybe the dips were to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible, or to create a bit extra length in the load area? Or both! I dont think I've seen any photo's of Cartics with the top deck removed, looking at @hmrspaul website I cant see any
  12. I reckon the 303/311 would be picked up by a larger manufacturer - thought not Hornby/Bachmann or Dapol. Maybe Heljan as a toe in the EMU market, though I reckon it would be someone like Accurascale. 6 main liveries with fair number of variations, curved and flat cab windows, refurbished/original condition, and Scottish Railways are always popular with modellers (as is the North West, where 303's also operated!)
  13. Give it up please, you only embarrass yourself further with each post on this subject
  14. If the OP is building a layout that is to be long lasting and portable then avoid chipboard at all costs. I learned the hard way by using chipboard on my first serious layout and paid the price for it. Many wasted hours, materials and much frustration!
  15. Well thats true, however the 59 has carried a lot more liveries than the Peaks (Im a fan of the Peaks although I only seen one in real life) The gestation period for Dapol's proposed 59 is glacial, and the latest CAD's are showing cut outs on the solebar for flange clearance. Not exactly inspiring!
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