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  1. That's detailed stuff Flood. Thanks for sharing it. Like the shot of 50003 arriving at Truro as well. Thanks.
  2. Whoops. I should have pointed out that the accompanying detail with the negative confirms 50035 as the loco featured. It was the accuracy of the date that appeared to be in question. Thanks for the link to Jon Woolley's shot which I hadn't seen before. Thanks Kevin (Commoner)
  3. I am not a 50 expert so but I don't think this mod was widespread before fleet refurbishment. 50035 was the first 50 to be named in a ceremony at Reading in January 1978. I am not sure if the mod pre-dates that event for which the loco was turned out in superb external condition.
  4. Many thanks to you both for the above information. RMWeb proves again that its membership has all the answers. Obviously photograph dates from summer 1978. Thanks.
  5. Another John Vaughan negative I recently purchased with an incorrect date. Photograph is dated 1977, but 50s weren't named until 1978. Location is given as Wolfhall which I believe is near Savernake? The signal in the photograph has not been commissioned. A confirmation of the location combined with the date from which MAS was commissioned for this part of the B and H line would go some way to more accurately dating the photograph. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Well that didn't take long. Many Thanks. Kevin (Commoner)
  7. I have just purchased a number of negatives featuring the work of railway photographer John Vaughan. The attached scan is captioned Witham 25.07.81. The date is incorrect as by this time the leading power car from 253 012 had an exhaust cowling fitted. My hunch is this photo was taken on 29.09.79 as JV had a photographic expedition to the eastern end of the Berks and Hants line on this date. At the time HST working was limited to two up and down workings a day, and one of the up workings was formed by HST set 253 028 with 43024 from 253 012 replacing 43125 on 29.09.79. The question is where is the shot taken? There is no station at Witham just east of Castle Cary. I wondered if any of the RMWeb contingent with a more intimate knowledge of the B and H could name the location please.
  8. Goodness me Jack, I think that your shots are pretty impressive if you were using your camera atop a pole at 7.5m. Be careful though with those power lines in the background. Thanks for posting. Kevin (Commoner)
  9. Thanks 37114. I think Geoff has been in touch with me previously but didn't have anything going back as far the period I am interested in. However, if he is around, perhaps he can confirm. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Apologies for "bumping" this topic, but I wondered a year on, whether any RMWeb members, new or old, might be able to add new information in response to my original post. I appreciate the information I am seeking is scarce, but any help or new contributions would be much appreciated. PM me if you need further information. Thanks Kevin (Commoner)
  11. In terms of 2+9 formations this was a temporary arrangement that operated in the May 1980 and June 1981 summer timetables. The lengthening of some formations was facilitated by the loan of WR TS vehicles that had been displaced by newly delivered TGS vehicles from April 1980 onwards. By July 1980, 42091/3/6/7/9, 42101-110 were all on temporary loan to the ER/ScR. These vehicles were destined to be formed in NE/SW sets, and slowly returned to the WR over the course of 1981. An amendment to the ECML HST diagrams operative from 12/5/80 show that 6 sets were booked to be formed as 2+9 formations. They were confined to operation on the Anglo-Scotish route and had no booked workings to Leeds. The actual workings are show below with their allocated depot turn numbers. BN 104 (TRUK+TRSB) M-S, 10.00 KX-Ed/16.15 Ed-KX, SUN 10.00 KX-Ed/17.15 Ed-KX EC 102 (TRUK+TRSB) M-F, 08.00 KX-Ed/14.15 Ed-KX, SO KX 07.32-Ed/13.25 Ed-KX, SUN forms EC113, 17.00 Kx-Ed (forms EC113 Mon) EC 113 (TRUK+TRSB) M-F, 10.15 Ed-KX/16.00 KX-Ed, SO Ed 09.15-KX/15.00 ABDN, SUN forms EC 102, 12.10 Abdn-KX (forms EC 102 Mon) EC 112 (TRUK+TRSB) M-F, 09.15 Ed-KX/15.00 KX-ABDN (forms EC 114 M-F), SO 08.35 ABDN-KX, SUN 11.00 KX-ABDN (forms EC 114 Mon) EC 114 (TRUK+TRSB) 08.35 ABDN-KX/17.00-Ed (forms 112 M-F), SO 10.15 Ed-KX/16.00 KX-Ncl, SUN 08.15 Ncl-KX/14.00 KX-Ed (forms EC 112 Mon) HT 129 (TRUB) M-S, 08.30 Ncl-KX/13.35 KX-Ncl, SUN spare at Heaton After 1981 I believe that any 2+9 formations (apart from the Pullman sets) were ad-hoc arrangements. As mentioned by other contributors there just wasn't the spare TS vehicles to go round in the mid-1980s. Similarly, the ER diagrams through the mid-1980s make no mention of 2+9 sets.
  12. In the 1990 timetable the 12.40 Penzance-Paddington was booked ecs to OOC at 18.43. The stock for the 18.50 departure was formed of a rake fresh from OOC arriving Paddington 18.20. I don't have the loco diagrams, but I wonder if the 7 minutes between the time the stock of the 12.15 Penzance left and 18.50 departed was enough for the loco off the Penzance to drop on to the Oxford stock, attach and do the necessary prep before departure. In 1991 the Monday-Thursday working was the same, except on Fridays when the Penzance service did form the 18.50 departure. Obviously on Fridays there was no possibility of the loco off the Penzance working the 18.50 as it was trapped on the blocks. All workings were load 7, MkII EHA stock. Hope this helps.
  13. During my time working at the Station Manager's Office Paddington 86-88, there was a staff bus service which ran between Padd and OOC, from memory every hour. On some occasions if it wasn't running, or it had been disrupted, the service would be replaced by a loco. In that event we would get a call from the platform supervisor informing us that the Loco was in their platform and a staff announcement would be made advising train crew of it's availability... 'staff announcement, staff announcement for train crew travelling to Old Oak Common, the LocoBus is on platform 1A'.
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