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  1. Hello, I think it is all getting rather too complex. Surely a green led illuminating whichever way the turnout is set will show which routes are possible. Just follow the green led's along the route will show the way. If it is not illuminated green it is not accessible. One would just need an on-off-on switch operated by the tie bar to illuminate the relevant led. Turnouts are usually set one way or the other depending on the route chosen. trustytrv.
  2. Hello, Powdered pencil lead and superglue could be used to reconstruct the track of the variable resistor. Fiddly to do but possible. trustytrev.
  3. Hello Jamie, You may find this interesting. trustytrev.:)
  4. hello, That still does not give you a post number trustytrev.
  5. Hello Gordon, I think most big stations had more than one signal box each with it's own section of the overall plan. Maybe you are trying to replicate the same thing but failing to consider this. After all you are trying to replicate a system that existed in such times and trying to get it to fit with modern technology? I am sure the use of multiple boxes and section plans would have been avoided if technology at the time had permitted. Regards. trustytrev.
  6. Hello, You could do the same thing with wooden wedges pushed in to the appropriate positions. Bits of wood lying around are inevatable in this hobby. trustytrev.
  7. Hello, I don't drink beer or lager any more since I became sophisticated when I reached my sixties. I stick to the wines of Australia now. No gas and one bottle is usually enough according to SWMBO. Yellow Tail is my preferred tipple nowadays and it saves on a lot of "P'ing". Like the modelling as well. My long term version of a local station (yet to be built) is undergoing changes with Templot at the moment.It is a long ongoing saga. I really must make a start this year and actually "Do Something" trustytrev.
  8. Hello, The best way to clean them would be to drill some holes and use them to make threads.That would show which ones where actually still usable and those that were not. You are likely to ruin the cutting edges any other way. After finding the good ones you could clean them up carefully by hand with with a wire brush. Beware of using a powered brush as it would probably do more harm than good. trustytrev.
  9. Hello Gordon, The shed at Lancaster Green Ayre is a good example of how compromises were made to fit things in at a later date as things progressed. Access to the shed is only possible via the turntable. Certainly makes for more interesting movements.https://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/image/epw042035 trustytrev.
  10. Hello, Google play Store is for Android stuff(mobile phones and Google Chrome OS). I assume you have a Windows PC which is not compatible with this software/apps. trustytrev. .
  11. Hello Gordon, It looks rather busy round the turntable. More like a continental type than UK maybe. I thought the number of roads into and across continental turntables always seemed excessive when compared to those in Britain.Even the one at Carlisle in the photos I have seen seems sparse by comparison. trustytrev.
  12. Hello, With regard to post boxes i think the comment that they would be at the kerb edge is correct. The examples shown that contradict this are obviously more modern views The original ones would not be standing on top of recently replaced flag stones. In the rear yard passage views the presence of weeds and grass would be zero due to human activity in those days. Kids playing and the efforts of house proud women who would clean and sweep the ginnel on a daily basis. trustytrev.
  13. Hello, I would say "Keep calm and carry on" is the best way. The virus will continue to effect humanity whatever individuals do until we reach the stage of developing immunity to it. Death and chaos are an inevitable part of a pandemics especially now the world is a smaller place when relating to human actions and activity. trustytrev.
  14. Hello, I suspect the weight of the tender is just hanging on the draw bar to the locomotive. I have recently done a similar thing to a Hornby Royal scot to improve it's haulage capabilities. I intend to repeat the same task on all my other Hornby Stanier locomotives with tenders. The dcc stuff has plenty of room especially if one fits a full coal load in the tender. trustytrev.
  15. Hello Gordon, You may find this link helpful.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2GmYZxX3Lk&feature=youtu.be trustytrev.
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