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  1. Hello, The LNWR 0-8-0 G2 goods engine was not double headed to pull the large coal trains of its day as far as I am aware. I think it was amazing such machines where still running till the end of steam, be it with Belpair boilers. Says a lot for the original chassis design. trustytrev.
  2. Hello, You may find this link useful.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vyl-Z9VC2c I have done a few old Triang wagon types with good results. trustytrev.
  3. Hello, It would be nice to see how you cut the timbers from sheet ply. Do you have a link for Howes please? trustytrev.
  4. Hello, Scan anything you want to keep. Takes up less space and means you can donate the unwanted piles to someone else. trustytrev.
  5. Hello, Never used them but you could try here.http://www.timbertracks.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=5_6 trustytrev.
  6. Hello, Be careful you are getting rather close to contentious behaviour. That could have consequences for your future here. trustytrev.
  7. They don;t matter if you "flick em" trustytrev.
  8. Hello, Is going "onto moderation" more serious than receiving a "Warning for Contentious behaviour"? I hope so. I'm a glutton for punishment. trustytrev.
  9. Hello Derek, Have you considered getting one of those spinning computer chairs. You can adjust the height and they are really mobile when you want to move about. They take all the weight off your joints and are quite manoeuvrable once you get the hang of it. They come up on freegle quite frequently so you could get one at the cost of a car trip at your local group. trustytrev.
  10. Hello. It's me again. I have kept quiet for a while but am somewhat confused. Contentious behaviour apparently warrants me receiving a warning . However others seem to engage in such behaviour without let or hindrance on a continuous basis without redress. I think it seems a clear case of discrimination against me. Dear moderators please get your act together. trustytrev.
  11. Hello, I have received a warning for Contentious behaviour by a moderator of RMWeb. I assume it was my previous post on this thread which now appears to have been removed. I wish to state it was never my intention to behave in a contentious manner and offer my unreserved apologies to any one whom I may have offended or upset. trustytrev.
  12. Hello, I have a Baltic tank front bogey without cow catcher. Is it worth a lot? It could be used at the rear as well but would not be genuine for that purpose. So it is definitely a front one. trustytrev.
  13. Hello John, Any pictures of them and and their purpose please? trustytrev.
  14. Hello, You may find this link helpful.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVZLXLaidjQ trustytrev.
  15. Hello, I think it is all getting rather too complex. Surely a green led illuminating whichever way the turnout is set will show which routes are possible. Just follow the green led's along the route will show the way. If it is not illuminated green it is not accessible. One would just need an on-off-on switch operated by the tie bar to illuminate the relevant led. Turnouts are usually set one way or the other depending on the route chosen. trustytrv.
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