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  1. Looking back at this post: might give some clues... Hope it helps! Cheers, Mark
  2. pelhama


    Afternoon All, So, it’s been a fair while again since my last update – Christmas has been and gone and we’re in to 2020. Not a great deal has happened – a few boxes have arrived with various rolling stock manufacturers’ latest releases, but possibly the most significant delivery was on Christmas Eve. Santa, cunningly disguised as the local Postman, dropped off a nice parcel from British Finescale containing: This was my two pledges worth of kits and jigs, which covers the scenic trackwork for the layout; now I just need the time, space and money to get the baseboards ordered. The previously mentioned changes to the track alignment for using the British Finescale products has led to a review of the scenic plan, and revisions to accommodate the changes. This is currently a work in progress, and probably will be for some time as it is a very time-consuming process. The Templot plan has been imported and ‘tidied up’, I am now adjusting the scenic elements around it. Some of the tweaks are just that – to fit correctly around the realigned track, some others are a little more substantial, such as re-positioning roads. The latter is part of my plan to avoid the road disappearing into the backscene, and to obscure all scenic ‘exits’ as best as possible. I'll upload some images once I've made progress worth sharing. This of course also means the scale mock-up will need revising and will probably be better to start from scratch on that; I can hopefully reuse the buildings though. Anyway, better get on, I’ve got tea to drink, layouts to plan and build… Cheers, Mark
  3. I had considered a layout with an airport feature; it probably would have been limited to remote parking stands with aircraft undergoing maintenance. Hannants provide detailing parts for converting standard kits to something a little different, and I liked the idea of modeling a 747 from a certain monthly provider of my modeling credits with the flaps extended and engine cowls open undergoing maintenance. There is a surprising amount of detail that can be seen around the remote areas of an airport that can provide interest, and remote parking stands need little more separation from the railway than a strip of grass and security fences (both airport and railway). If you look at some regional airports, and even the likes of Gatwick, remote stands are often used for early aircraft departures for the likes of Easyjet, so no reason not to have an A320 being prepared for departure without the need for a terminal building. If you wanted a hangar, then it could be built low-relief, viewed from the non-apron side, and have the nose of an aircraft visible through open tug doors. Cheers, Mark
  4. Indeed, the PW JT9/2000/4000, GE CF6 and CFM56 also had mid span shrouds, probably others as well, but these are the engines I’m more familiar with. Cheers, Mark
  5. pelhama


    Okay, so one step forward, then one step back, but not necessarily a negative thing... I've had another look at Templot and found that I could use two of the planned AV7 kits for the branch turnouts. Well it would be a shame to lose the junction, so it's back. From this I've reviewed the kits I'll need from Wayne at British Finescale and placed a second pledge for the remainder using a second account - all legitimate as confirmed by Kickstarter themselves. I will need to assemble the crossing using copper clad strip and solder as I suspect it extremely unlikely that a kit even close to the geometry would be produced, however this shouldn't be a problem having built one previously. The branch will be modelled as if under engineer's possession with 'STOP' signs, so the turnouts will be fixed in one position, that way I won't need to disguise two tracks on an embankment disappearing through the backscene, but still keep the appearance of a junction. As for signalling, I can cheat by using a CR Signals Theatre Indicator set to display 'S' for Stour Valley to denote the main line route. So all departures towards Birmingham will show the main signal aspect and Theatre Indication, movements to the yard will show the Associated Position Light and 'YD' Stencil Indicator. Now to add in the replacement Templot prints to the full-size plan I've been gluing together. Cheers, Mark
  6. That looks like an RB211, probably from their Tristar fleet. Too small for a 777 engine! Cheers, Mark
  7. In case anyone is in a similar position, I found the ‘maximum’ pledge left me two turnout kits and a jig short of my total requirements. It occurred to me I could create a second account to add a second pledge, but wasn’t sure if it would be against Kickstarter’s rules. After a brief Google search I found someone had done a similar thing on another project and created a second account under the guidance of Kickstarter themselves. To verify this I contacted Kickstarter support who confirmed that it is acceptable to create a second account and make an additional pledge, so I have - initially for two turnouts and a jig, then after looking at my Templot plan again realized I could use two of the AV7 kits for a branch junction that I had removed from my plan, so an additional four kits and a jig. Hope that may be of help to some! Cheers, Mark
  8. Hi armleyroad, The layout's progressing well, will be a nice 'railway in the scenery' layout. A suggestion for your cassettes; a friend of mine used a similar system in 7mm scale with larger diameter but shorter length brass rod/tube, approximately 10mm long from memory - the engagement of the rods to tubes was eased by filing a slight taper/bevel on the outside ends of the rods and inside ends of the tubes. You could use a countersink or drill bit for the tubes - possibly the latter now that the tubes are fitted? Cheers, Mark
  9. pelhama


    Afternoon All, It's been a fair while since my last post on this thread, and to be honest very little has happened with the exception of the announcement from Wayne at British Finescale of the Kickstarter project to produce flat-bottom 'concrete' base turnout kits. The initial announcement of AV8 and CV10.75 turnouts lead me to review the track plan for Bridgtown in Templot with an aim to make use of the proposed kits. Once the geometry/Templot settings were confirmed it didn't take long to amend the plan, with the only 'major' change being to reduce the track centres to 23mm from 24mm. I also reviewed the branch line and decided that the work required to include it as functional didn't bring a huge amount of play value operational interest, particularly given my intent to have fully working signalling and the limitations with what can be achieved in this scale. So I have decided to model the branch as if it had been lifted during track renewals. The later announcement that AV7 and CV10 turnouts were to be produced then lead me to attack Templot again, but with even less impact this time around. I also took the opportunity to review the line to the steel transfer terminal and how it would sit with the scenic surroundings. I wasn't happy with the three-track viaduct, so opted to move the turnouts towards the scenic entrance, decrease the curve radius into the terminal (more in-keeping with the prototype), and also re-position the road under the railway to shorten the viaduct slightly but enable it to be modelled as a double-track width. So the current track plan looks like: Next will be to export a DXF file and import into the Xara scenic plan... If you're interested in modelling 'modern' railways I can highly recommend the British Finescale products, the earlier Bullhead rail kits were straightforward and enjoyable to construct, so hopefully the Flat-Bottom rail kits will follow suit. I would strongly recommend supporting the project to anyone considering building a layout that could make use of the kits as the appearance is a vast improvement to off-the-shelf products for very minimal effort, the only required skills are patience and forethought to achieve great results. The project can be found https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/britishfinescale/n-gauge-code-40-flat-bottom-rail-concrete-sleeper-turnouts the NGF thread https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=3280.1365 and the RMweb thread https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/65617-finetrax/ Cheers, Mark
  10. Morning All (as it will be by the time I hit the ‘Post’ button!) Bit more progress Friday; I dug out the remaining PICs from my electrics box and got the Firmware loaded to them all. Next was to look into why the MERG FCU wouldn’t talk to the CANMIOs; after connecting directly to a CANUSB4 - bingo! Must have a problem with the CBUS connection to the Hub which contains my original CANUSB. So now when I put the CANMIO into FLiM I get the dialogue box pop up in the FCU. Next hurdle - figure out how to program them in the FCU, but at least that’s just a learning exercise. Cheers, Mark
  11. Morning All, Finally, a bit of time for modelling and a little bit of progress. Some time ago I assembled a small test board for the CANMIOs, but stumbled at the firmware loading stage. This evening I had a chance to hook up the laptop with all the necessary bits and have another go at it: At the top there are two lengths of track for occupancy detection, the tracks being connected to the dual block detector (lower left); the latter is just the MERG PMP7 duplicated on one board. This then feeds into the CANMIO at the lower right. For output testing I will use the two servos just above the CANMIO. So the "little bit of progress" is that the Green LED on the CANMIO now illuminates, and when the board is switched into FLiM mode (basically computer interface mode) the Yellow LED flashes, indicating that it is ready to talk to a computer. Okay, so it really is only a little bit of progress, but a fairly big step towards getting the electronics up and running. The downside now is that the laptop, or at least the software used to program the board (MERG FCU) doesn't see it. I have a second CANMIO now with the firmware loaded (would have loaded the rest if I could find them!) which displays the same issue, so I think i now need to look at the interface side of things, but it does seem to be forward progress! Cheers, Mark Oh, and how do you resize images so they don't overwhelm a post?
  12. Hi Alex, I couldn’t remember at first, but checking the Kitlocker, yes they’re kit 921. At the time of planning I hadn’t realised the diversity of the CANMIO and would probably have used them on the scenic boards as well as the fiddle yard. Cheers, Mark
  13. Hi Alex, Wow, last update on 5th September, I knew it had been a while, but didn’t realize it had been that long! Not much progress made on anything since the last post due to shifts (including a fair amount of overtime), a run of bugs through the Christmas period, and helping my Brother renovating his flat (which is also taking ages due lack of time). Typically, having purchased the resin casting gear for making the Southern-style concrete lamps, they’re now available from Osborn’s Models, so I now have few packs ready to install at the appropriate time. I’ve also been looking at the control panels, and am considering having the boxes and facias manufactured. I spoke to KS Laser Designs at Tolworth last year and need to get the artwork across to them for a quote. I might have some evenings coming up soon where I can leave the scenic boards accessible to finish the wiring and look to get the electronics working between shifts and kitchen rebuilding. I have a couple of mods to do to bring them in-line with the later fiddle yard boards, such as installing the district cutouts. I also need to fit the labels to the fiddle yard boards, so may try and get that done as well. Progress will be slow again this year with finishing the flat, an A350 theory course for 7 weeks from the beginning of April, plus a further week on A350 practical training training at some point, then there will be more overtime covering guys on the next courses - so a busy year again, but a few more modeling credits for the bank! Cheers, Mark
  14. pelhama


    Afternoon All, A quick update from a small amount of work completed a few days ago, I have added the enclosed viaduct arches to the model behind the derelict factory site and added the retaining wall to the rear of the station area. I have also added the platforms and raised ground level where the station building will sit: It’s not easy to see in the photos but the arches and retaining walls all have the detail where the final articles will have a lot more 3D relief. The retaining wall is based on the style at Wolverhampton along the North side of the station by Sun Street and the Great Western Pub – see the below screen grab from Google Maps: This extends approximately half way along the length of the station before changing to a more ornate design with arches, although I will probably omit the arches on the layout given that it will not be easily seen. I think my next tasks will be to finish the retaining walls and bridges to complete the raised track areas, then look at finalising the ground levels and roads before adding more buildings. Cheers, Mark
  15. pelhama


    Afternoon All, A quick update before work; I have made a reasonable start on the scale mock-up for Bridgtown, having assembled the base, first and second ground layers and track layer. It’s already starting to give a feel for how the final layout might/should look, and I’m feeling quite positive about how the plan is coming together: Next up will be to add some scaled Scalescenes sheets to show the viaduct arches and bridges, and start making some of the scaled buildings. I’d also like to get the ground levels finished where the road rises from the underbridge to cross the canal. Cheers, Mark
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