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  1. Or organise a coach from your locality. Many coach operators are upgrading all/some of their fleets to Euro 6 vehicles. If you live in Norwich and down the A11 corridor ICTravel (.co.uk) are running a trip on the Sunday this year. (I have to declare a connection to ICTravel as it is a relatively new company owned and operated by a friend who I have been helping in a variety if ways as he gets his business established.)
  2. RichardS

    Main Stage.

    There are many reasons why people build model railways from those who want to play trains and model villages to those whose creations represent a time and place of historical, social or geographic interest. I unashamedly place myself in the latter group though my aspirations are probably greater than my abilities can deliver. At what point a train set becomes a model railway is moot but what is undeniable is that those layouts which appeal to me also show artistry. In my mind Bosmelin is a fully scenic diorama with a railway running through it. Any resemblance to Boscarne Junction is entirely deliberate but I have created a story to justify the differences that have been forced upon me by the simple logistics of space available for the model; and my budget. Nevertheless, the actual track layout will be included almost exactly to scale and it is for this use that the three base boards shown in the photograph are destined. The basic frames for the main scenic element are 1220mm x 610mm. 3 off. Just got to get them properly joined and braced and can then think about getting them joined into the curved ends (visible in the background. Track bed will be about 110mm above the top of the side girders and the rear hill rises about 120mm above the track bed. The track arrangement is effectively on a ledge cut into the hill side. I think there will be additional scenic boards attached certainly on the front and possibly on the rear unless I can craft a cunning back scene (yes, I have Paul Bambridge’s book.) Onward. Thanks for visiting. Richard
  3. RichardS


  4. RichardS


    Thanks, I'm not very fast - this layout has been several years in gestation. I have been using card to help visualise scenery profiles. I'm lucky in that I have room to replicate the track layout of Boscarne Junction almost exactly to length but with a bit of jiggery pokery around the curved ends. I've also built a test board using form-board to test dimensions and I'll also use it to experiment with static grass - a substance I think needs to be used with care and discretion. Progress during December will be curtailed a bit - not only is it a bit chilly outside but I have seasonal role that consumes quite a bit of time in the run up to the big day! ATB. :-)
  5. RichardS


    When building a ‘model railway in the landscape’ the planning process is comprised, essentially, of three elements which are all inter dependent. Make an alteration to one and this will impact the other two. The three elements are the baseboards which must support the track and give a foundation to the landscape The track plan which must nestle in the landscape and look as though it was an integral part and lastly the landscape itself, the landforms, rivers, woodlands, embankments etc. All three elements must be juggled and adjusted to arrive at an acceptable compromise – for all model railways are a compromise at the end of the day. I’ve been juggling with Bosmelin for a long time, too long in fact, and eventually a stake must be hammered in the ground or in our hobby a saw applied to piece of wood. And so I find myself at the point of commencing the construction of the main scenic boards for Bosmelin. My Templot plan has been ready for a while and is as close a match to Boscarne Junction as can be achieved based on the 1907 25″ OS map. Of course it is rare to be able to adopt a real location without some adaption. For Bosmelin the overall length of the junction to 4mm scale has been cut by about 300mm and the alignment of the diverging branches to Bodmin SR and Bodmin WR will need to be changed but by and large the actual model track layout will be pretty close to the real thing. The problem will be the points, turnouts or if you prefer crossings and switches. The use of Peco ready to lay point-work produces a fixed and rather ‘straight’ geometry. Whereas the plan requires a bespoke set of switches to maintain the integrity of the subtle curves in the layout. So it seems that I shall have to construct the point-work. I have made a point before and it’s not to difficult provided you take your time, don’t rush, use quality gauges and follow instructions or guidelines. The point-work will be built to 4SF or OOSF standards which means that the track guage through the crossing will be 16.2mm and the flange way will be 1mm. This is of course the EM Society standard with the gauge reduced to 16.2mm which is designed to give better running through the crossings as the wheel is supported at all times. Standard RTR stock will run through. the crossings provided the back to back measurements are refined to not less than 14.3mm. Effectively what is being done is to remove ‘OO slop.’ Elsewhere the track guage will be 16.5mm. More details about 4SF can be found online at http://www.4sf.uk To finish here’s a couple of snaps of a baseboard under construction and the templot plan.
  6. I took a hessian shopping bag. Firstly, it folds up for carrying to the show. Secondly it takes sandwiches as well as a any rucksack (not if folded up on the way to the show of course, Thirdly it is oblong and thus takes magazines and leaflets and rectangular boxes rather well. And of course - all it does is take out people's ankles which as they are further from their brains than torso or arms one has longer to escape. I suspect some haven't even noticed yet.
  7. Sssh - GMRC will be insisting all layouts have a bubble machine next year.
  8. With all that on; you're ensured free passage around the hall.......
  9. Could the gate staff, security, stewards not proactively encourage it?
  10. Well, I'm sorry I missed the humour but it was a bit too realistic as in actual fact I have seen people similar to as you describe at shows - I even encountered a trader at one show who smelled of urine. That was very off-putting. But I won't bother with the bookmark thank you as I probably wouldn't be able to find yours (if one submitted) amongst all the other after event moans and other posts comprising hundreds of repetitive, unedited, out of focus snaps of N gauge layouts taken with wide angle lens camera phones coupled with comments like "cor looked a good show mate wish I'd gone now. Any bargains?" :-)
  11. Precisely Chris, it's a great inclusive show. I have been hit by a ruck sack but it's no where near the problem in my experience that others make it out to be when finding a reason not to attend. Same as the occasional niffy visitor. It happens everywhere but not a reason not to attend.
  12. bus. I've eaten worse sandwiches than those BR supplied - which I never found to be too bad in comparison! And as far as BR is concerned - I'm actually ahead of the game. TOCs are so 1990s!
  13. In such case you should ask him for the costs of cleaning your clothes as a minimum and compensation for the injury if any. I believe it counts at least as battery which in most minor cases does not warrent redress but in the case you describe you would certainly be entitled to ask him for compensation. He'd soon learn. As I mentioned eleswhere, in this case the organsiers should ask him to remove the rucksack, deposit it elsewhere or leave. Organisers have to be accountable in these cases - see what happens if someone's a problem at a concert or show. An exhibition should be no different. Try telling people straight this year if you are hit. It's only by we victims (yes, I've been hit too) taking a stand that change will come about.
  14. If his kit and bags hit you tell him, if you're hurt ask him for compensation. He'll soon learn. Just co's he's disabled doesn't mean he shouldn't be considerate to others. You have as much right to a satisfactory day out as he has. People have no right to be a nuisance to others because of their circumstances and the organisers should take steps to ensure that any individual does not cause problems for others.
  15. Every year, same old, same old - boring... moans about the BR trains moans about the car park moans about the entrance fee moans about the odd over sized ruck sack moans about the crowds moans about the layout of the hall moans about lack of chairs mooans about the occasional niffy customer moans about the cost of a coffee and bun moans about children moans about old people moans about pushchairs moans about mobility scooters moans about lack of bargains moans about too many purchases moans about the wrong layouts moans about the height of layouts moans about RMWebbers not meeting up moans about cliques of RMWebbers meeting up moans about Jeremy & Boris (well, ok I'll allow that) If this sounds like you - please don't go - it'll mean more space for everybody else. And the thread is soooo boring; when it should be celebrating an extravaganza of railway modelling and keeping us informed of what is happening at the show, changes to the exhibitors, and so forth. Not 6 pages discussing the fact that Charlie Brown from Chipping Sodbury can't go this year because he's visiting his aunty in Bath and can't afford it anyway as the rail fare is too much although he could have planned it sooner and got a cheapo day return but the trains will be cancelled and he doesn't know where to park and doesn't know anybody who can take him and anyway his auntie has bought merangues for tea and they're his favourite, so long as they come from Morrisons and are within date and don't contain brown eggs cos he's allergic to brown eggs, but not white ones - breathe - and, well, he's heard that it's crowded from a friend of his neighbour and that half the people have big rucksacks and the other half smell like a cess pit so he probably wouldn't enjoy it anyway. I don't ******** care! If somebody hits you with a rucksack - tell them. I bet people won't, it's all "sorry", "sorry", "sorry." Why not "Listen pal your rucksack is too big, it makes you twice the size, it hurts - get rid of it." If you don't deal with it, please don't moan about it. If somebody is pushing round and empty pushchair (probably wearing a big rucksack) ask them why? What's it for? And don't move out of their way. If somebody smells - look them in the eye and tell them they smell and ask them to move away. But nobody will. If you don't deal with it, please don't moan about smelly people (ps: as you can never smell yourself and if nobody tells you........It could be you!) We're all too polite and allow the anti-social to get away with being anti-social ad infinitum. And if the rucksacks and the smelly don't go again because they cannot accept the truth then that will also mean fewer moaning posts on this forum. I'm risking going. In fact we're running a coach (www.ictravel.co.uk) combined with some people going to the motocycle show. (Just hope there's no smelly passengers with big rucksacks..........especially if they're big hairy bikers with tattoos on their tattoos and only wearing a vest when it's freezing!) If you are going, do enjoy the show.
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