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  1. Well - as another expert in the field I’m always open for a chat directly - you know where I am (well Disney) to drop me a PM… Andy
  2. Oh I’m not so sure…. Disney time is family time as it’s they who put up with me thinking about model trains and work pretty much constantly for the other 50 weeks of the year…
  3. I really really really must stop reading this on holiday…. A couple of comments. If you think leaving off a couple of bits of detail will save in the region of £10 per unit then, respectively, your in cloud cuckoo land. You then assume many of the bits that you can’t apparently to see are separate - take a look at any of our wagons and you will see that the underfloor ribs / planks / springs are not separate but actually just part of the floor moulding and require no assembly - and we purposefully don’t decorate them with more than one colour (sometimes steel and wood should be two colours). What you can see are different axleboxes, springs, buffers, vac and non vac, open brake ratchets and a host of other details - all of which with the exception of maybe the brake cylinder can be seen from any normal angle. We do them properly because you CAN see them. This leads me to comment - we do wagons properly and have made ourselves a reputation for that why would we go backwards and make one that’s ’sort of proper’? Your future sales are always off the back of your last product - so if we make a ‘less good’ tank and people buy it and don’t like it - then that hurts my future sales. On the argument of ‘people don’t need all the detail’ then let me please point you towards the 6w milk tank that’s currently available in RTR. Surely that’s good enough? Or do you want something a bit better than that but not as good as our usual stuff? Turning to the milk tankers specifically. As I understand it from talking to people in the know - there are no ‘identical chassis’ with the same rivet patterns and other visible details. They are close, but not identical - so we could t make multiple versions without doing a ‘close enough’ wagon. Similarly as these are not anchor mount types they will be fiddly to make. Think of all the strapping, ladders, hatches and tank support braces. All of these would need to be separate parts which means lots of tooling and a higher assembly costs. Don’t get me wrong - I’d LOVE to do one. But the economics need to be looked at carefully PLUS I’m now very aware that a package has been given to another manufacturer. As I sit here writing this in the middle of Disney World I have another thought: Im constantly aware of pricing. I’m the head of a business but also a modeller and I see both sides very clearly. However it comes down to value and, importantly, do people like what we produce. I’m sat on a bench whilst the baby is asleep and have been watching THOUSANDs of people walk by enjoying themselves. This place is expensive - but you know what you’re getting and it’s very obvious that people are happy to pay it. I suspect some people have saved for years whilst for others it’s more in reach financially. I want Rapido to be the same. I want people to know what they are getting with us - a product that brings fun, enjoyment, benefits to mental health and a feeling of value. Yes we may be expensive compared to some, but that’s ok if it brings the benefits above. We work within a set of lines and I’m comfortable with the limits Rapido has set itself. Now I’m going back to my people watching - and maybe a train ride shortly… Happy modelling. Andy
  4. When we close an orderbook we tally up the totals and usually order a small percentage extra - not many, but enough to pick up a few stragglers. When it says ‘sold out at Rapido’ it means exactly that A we don’t have any more for the public or retailers. However retailers may have stock still available. Andy
  5. And again here lies a problem - knowing that a document has been submitted to another manufacturer lessens the chances to a degree. Now I know others have been given a research package but don’t know if they will take it forward or not - leaving me to err on the side of caution and not touch it with a barge pole. However if the other manufacturer decides it’s not for them I will never know and it will never get produced….
  6. Oh now there is a complicated set of questions which I probably shouldn’t answer on my holiday. But here goes… The single most expensive part of models now is the assembly - all don’t by hand. The tankers are date from simple, with ladders, fillers, strapping, open chassis, brakes and vac gear that will all make a very large part count. The chassis are often unique - on many of our wagons we have (with much planning and thought) got multiple wagons using parts we made earlier. This helps us keep costs down. But a completly unique vehicle, with lots of parts is expensive. Looking at the statistics - if a model has a high RRP people will buy only one. Let’s say these come out at around £40 to £45 my suspicion is people will have one or maybe two. Where as at £32 we do see greater sales. This then translates over to having multiple diagrams. People I suspect won’t buy two of each diagram - but instead maybe one. There’s a finite number of sales out there and they then get split between two manufacturers for a broadly similar wagon - not good for either party there. As for knowing what we are all doing. Certain people and certain companies talk to each other - but many don’t so there is no certainty. With the 14xx we were approached and asked if we had started it (because of Titfield and the logic that we would have done it). We had not at the time (but being honest we were about to) and the other party said ‘phew - we have!’ So we left them to it… Hopefully some of that makes sense? Now I shall return to the family and some rollercoasters. 😀
  7. Sadly I think that the people who care about having different diagrams etc are the minority. I think there is room in the market for one good milk tank - but several people certainly doubt. i have lots of works drawings for SR and GWR versions in my personal collection and do look at them. I also suspect they will be expensive to produce properly which a) means people think twice about purchasing more than one and b) adds to the argument above about having more than one on the market
  8. And there’s the problem - everyone has been suggesting it to everyone which maximises the chances of duplication….which on a wagon is akin to a manufacturer putting money in a bucket and burning it - which involves a lot less effort…..
  9. This bit is family holiday time. My rather forgiving wife (who lets me play trains quite a bit) and kids (and let’s face it me) have been looking forward to seeing a certain mouse…
  10. Well the show was fantastic - I hardly stopped all weekend and only took about 3 photos! I was treated to a trip downtown after the show. A ride on the subway and a visit to the roundhouse to see a steam loco - followed by beer and dinner in the Steam Whistle Brewery. Canada - it has been fantastic and I can’t wait to be back. Now on to the US. Happy modelling!
  11. Sounds like something an enterprising retailer of publisher should commission….
  12. Least someone competent is in charge - let’s face it he runs the show 🤣.
  13. Well last night I was treated to a trip to Mohan’s club - the Scarborough Model Railroaders. Amazing place with two mind blowing layouts - one N and one HO. I couldn’t resist taking a wee something for a play…. Todays job - set up for a show!
  14. Made it to HQ.. Can you tell whose office this is? Great day meeting the team. Now off to a local model railroad club - honestly it’s all work.
  15. Well I’m off! Honestly I have a bit of a dislike of flying. @RapidoCorbs has pointed out that I’m currently travelling at four times Mallard speed - which I’m not sure helps. I’m fairly certain the team are tracking my departure so they know I have actually gone… …next stop Canada.
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