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  1. You will struggle for older drawings as a sizeable portion were destroyed in an effort to douse fires caused by incendiary bombs dropped on the works (RS&H by that time) during WW2. This is why only a small percentage of Kitson & Co. and Manning Wardle drawings survive, RS&H having inherited the goodwill, drawings and patterns during the inter-war years. Paul A.
  2. I had a pop at this a couple of weeks ago... If anyone has one they'd like silly money for (but not that silly) please PM me... Paul A.
  3. You will find a prototype for everything in industrial railways... Photograph taken towards the end of steam at Buckminster, South Lincs. with 15'' loco AB2314 of 1951 SEWSTERN in attendance. Paul A.
  4. Several have been rebuilt in recent years - though I agree, this bo bo thing is looking more the likely candidate. I'd have thought the Hunslet more logical, personally. Whether there is the demand for a modern bo bo industrial shunting loco with very limited geographic appeal is rather more my point (and others it would seem). The Golden Valley Janus seems to be very heavily discounted by most retailers nowadays and this is a prototype which has a lot less going for it I think it's fair to say. Paul A.
  5. To be fair in the comments section of the video the owner does go on to say that the "chip" was faulty. I may well get an EFE one if the price drops during sales etc Paul A.
  6. Oh dear, I do hope the prototype choice is not as niche as many here are suggesting. If it is as per the above then I don't predict good sales at all... My prediction/logical choice would be a standard 0-6-0 Hunslet DH, perhaps building on the research done by the N gauge society for their model. Paul A
  7. The two I am familiar with are 3' 1'' (actual) in preservation and down as 3' 3'' as delivered by the maker from works list. As I discussed with Corbs, later publications appear to have "error carried forward" for some locos on both cylinder and wheel dimensions from the early IRS pocket book series! Paul A.
  8. The sale of railway slides and negatives is big business, especially when copyright is attributed to the buyer as many of these are. There are well-heeled individuals with expansive collections and for traders it's a very cheap way to make £££ - buying job lots at auction and then advertising them with expansive descriptions individually on ebay. It's not unheard of for some choice industrial negatives to fetch well into three figures! Paul A.
  9. Hi All, Much progress through the coronavirus "lockdown" AB2139/42 is now finished, pending weathering at a much later date. The shed has also gained a roof, photos to follow in due course. Cheers Paul A.
  10. I don't know the history of this loco but HE2868/43 certainly had one fitted when preserved. She was rebuilt by Hunslets with a gas producer system in the early 60's, so possibly acquired it then. EDIT - It's the same loco, the re-allocated later works number and spurious name adding to the confusion... so yes, the fitting is original to this rebuilt loco Paul A.
  11. Did you buy that off ebay Corbs? Seem to recall it was on fairly recently Paul A.
  12. 2'3'' wheels by Sharman are a bit of a headache - the question I'd ask is does anyone do a small enough final drive gear at a sensible ratio? Paul A.
  13. While I sympathize with your minor inconvenience with these crank pins it's hardly worthy of a personal attack on the proprietor of the cottage industry who supplied them - a polite email requesting a replacement set is likely all that was required. The hobby would be all the poorer for it if suppliers such as this were to throw in the towel - something I'd think we can all agree on. Paul A.
  14. Nice images but we probably shouldn't be posting them as they are copyrighted and then downloadable by others on this public forum. Links to the images (but not showing a thumbnail on the forum) are acceptable, I understand. Paul A.
  15. I would also like a model of Sentinel 9615 of 1956 PHYLLIS. I have several useful photographs if anyone would like to use them for CAD references. Paul A.
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