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  1. Not to have too much of a moan, but I hope the 15 year plan includes an upgrade of their "search engine" facility... I traveled a not insignificant distance today to the NRM to make use of this resource, arriving at noon, having previously used it several times in the past and called ahead. It was hugely disappointing. Given that we are in the school holidays it was surprisingly quiet, especially in the research area/library on the upper floor (perhaps not so surprising). I was after a locomotive photograph and had to hand the makers build date, loco name, locations with suitable dates and a reference number and collection ID for a particular known photograph in the national collection. Unfortunately the researcher I spoke to was immediately very downbeat about the possibility of finding any material relating to the locomotive and before the first key stroke of the PC stating "I don't think we'll find anything, there was millions of industrial locomotives of course". Wrong, I thought, but I'm a fairly agreeable chap so I went with the flow... I was directed to a PC to use the NRMs website tool to find details of the collections. I relayed that I had already done this and inquired as to what further information I would need to produce in order to locate any photographs etc. At this point I was told "well, there's no time to look for them today anyway, you'll need to come back another day". I said I had plenty of time and was willing to wait or assist in any way I could but was told this would not be possible. Understandably this was quite annoying as I had put in the ground work and even rung ahead to make sure that the collection number could be traced etc. I know that photographic negatives need time to acclimatize when taken out of storage etc so I was not expecting to look through these, but a PC search of the folders and general publications would have been worthwhile I feel and the photographic collections/bound publication folders which are accessible I have been through several times in the past. I explained this calmly but bit my tongue through saying anything further. I went on to leaf through some associated books in the library for a couple of hours - time which I have put aside to do my research. During this time only a small handful of people came/left the research area and nobody approached the main desk at all. I will be going back of course, In the past I have found it a very useful resource. Had I not had such positive experiences in the past however, it would have put me off for good. Phew, apologies if that all sounds like a bit of a rant - not intended as such, but as I say, a day wasted! Paul A.
  2. They're my kits. I bought them for conversion to Ebbw Vale hoppers as per earlier in the thread. Frankly, I thought, while there is £1 final selling fees I would see if anyone wants them at this price (and why not? They're mine to do with as I please) and I could put the funds towards commissioning some LMS ore hopper kits. If they don't sell they'll go back in the cupboard for conversion. Paul A.
  3. The track work has me interested already - one to watch. One can already picture a small post war sentinel or similar negotiating the harsh curves between buildings... Paul A.
  4. Quick question Dave, could you tell me if there is a buffer from your range would suit the un-lettered LMS hopper in the link below please? https://www.flickr.com/photos/dan700/35005569163/in/photostream/ Many thanks Paul A.
  5. Hattons seem to think that these will feature some portrayal of the inside valve gear (0.26 on the video) Paul A.
  6. 1whitemoor

    N gauge J94

    Personally, I feel Dave is to be applauded for putting his money where his mouth is and entering the market. I'm sure he is much more knowledgeable both in terms of marketing, product design etc than those who choose to snipe him on a safe forum where he no longer posts. I'm sorry, but I can't let this lie and I feel I must also say this - The tone of such remarks is frankly disrespectful and flippant towards what is essentially a one man band (in this case DJ Models). One has to wonder if such attitudes and posts would be tolerated/posed on the small supplier section of this forum. Paul A.
  7. Glad to be of assistance, looks excellent Paul A.
  8. The dump car is looking excellent, very fine chassis indeed. Any more clues regarding the early Hunslet ? Paul A.
  9. Thanks Cropton. I'm thinking they will be suitable but I may omit the wire entirely. It is barely discernible at 25 yards, so on a model I'm worried that it may look overscale at the rear of the layout. Paul A
  10. That MW is lovely, one of the best MRJ ones I've seen - especially as it has the original cab Paul A.
  11. Hi All, Can anyone advise the most suitable 4mm scale product which is the nearest match for the type of wire fencing on this photograph please? I'm looking at the ratio range at the moment, though I'm open to other brands/considerations. Ideally I'd rather not have to solder anything, though it's not outside the realms of possibility. Many thanks Paul
  12. Quite a fleet you have! Is that an MRJ F class Manning Wardle? - Looks very nice, any chance of a better photo? Paul A.
  13. One set of gib and cotter coupling rods have been overhauled and will shortly be winging their way from RSHN Newcastle. Paul A.
  14. Hi Mark, Does that statement include RSH7671/51 JUPITER currently resident at the Colne Valley? I am lead to believe she had a somewhat more sedentary life out-stationed away from Corby and was in good condition when purchased from S&L. Paul A.
  15. I am told No.24 had/has cracks in the frames and the leaf springs were re-positioned during overhaul at Corby to help alleviate this. She was a popular loco at Corby and she was stripped at Scunthorpe with a view to restoring her to working order. Unfortunately she is very far gone and is far from original condition as is noted above. Paul A
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