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  1. Here's my take on cassettes. Raw Ali on MDF. Screwed down not glued. Use low level Flange head self tappers MDF wider than the Ali so that when they are next to one another on a table, you can get your fingers in between two cassettes A smaller size of Ali and a spring steel clip (B&Q Greenhouse Glass Clips) to form a kind of 'fishplate' at opposite ends like RTR Track so that no bulldog clips etc., required. This makes the cassettes reversable. Ali extends 1mm beyond the MDF A stub matching the cassettes at the end of the normal track that the cassette
  2. Thanks Simon. I hadn't seen that. Very grateful. I get the R Y G & Neg but what are the others please. Obviously the routes but is there a separate return for the routes. Are you feathers bulbs or LEDs please?
  3. Thanks Graham. Tried them but no help at all. Wouldn't even tell me about their wiring system in case they had continued Roger's. Dave.
  4. Before you change and CVs, don't forget to record the setting before the chance so that you can return to the original in case it all goes wrong. Dave
  5. Perhaps he hasn't got the manual? Dave.
  6. Thanks Andy. I'll keep that in mind but I don't have a Ramp Meter so I'm not able to measure the voltage at track. Cheers Dave.
  7. I will just add that I am working my points using servos on a DCC layout. I buit the MegaPoints control board kit available from MERG. I have had no trouble at all from twitching but I did use the recommended Analog Servos from HobbyKing. The HK15178 servo. Dave.
  8. I have started a new topic on this as I feel a previous thread got somewhat confused. I have fitted DCC Concepts 3 wire Power Packs to 2 x V4 Loksound Micro locos. A Bachmann Class 03 and Hornby Class 08. I believe they are fitted correctly and the locos perform as before fitting. I have set CV113 to 255 as per ESU instructions. However I cannot detect any 'run-on' at all in both locos. I have allowed plenty if time for the Caps to charge up. I have checked the instructions issued with genuine ESU power packs and it seems that is all that needs setting.
  9. Thanks Rowsley17D. I have looked absolutely everywhere I can think of regarding CV315 on a V4 Loksound Micro as well as a standard V4 Loksound. I have been unable to find anything relating to this. Please can you remember where you found this info? Dave.
  10. Today I've replaced 5 x 0.5mm dia bulbs with 3 end to end soldered SMD LEDs in an old Roger Murray signal feather and built a couple of differing 3D printed shunt signals fitted with .6mm pre-wired LEDs.
  11. Thant's the one. I used Microsoft Publisher to cut out windows and copy and flip them and generally swap them around. Even removed some of the uprights. Good luck. Dave.
  12. Anyone heard anything about these please? Dave.
  13. I wondered in anyone makes a point of photographing station furniture. I can't be the only one who can't remember what things such as seats, rubbish bins and other things and especially the colours. Dave
  14. Hi All. Can anyone help at all with this problem please? I am struggling to get a number of Roger's old colour light signals working but the bases they plug into are all missing. I can build new bases and I have got one or two working but I am stumped a a few. Particularly one with shunt or call-on subs. The signals consist of a variety all 3 aspect. Some singles, some double brackets and one with a Theatre Indicator. I guess there won't be actual diagrams but if some of you have similar signals, how are they wired please?
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