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  1. I've seen them but who makes them please. I've searched eBay already. Cheers. Dave.
  2. I have just realised there could be a problem here. Where I said outer rails joined to adjacent rails, this doesn't work if any adjacent rail is a switched frog. If it it you will need an insulating joiner here. Sorry. Dave.
  3. Isn't there an earlier post saying the Peco have a problem with their website, in that they are unable to update it? Dave. Now desperate for a BH doubleslip.
  4. No, you should be fine as you are. Outer rails connected to adjacent rails and only the frogs insulating joiners and switched. Best of luck. Dave
  5. A slight change has taken place in the background. The shop backs have changed together with the addition of an old lamp and a broken telephone wire.
  6. Three 'first times' occurred today when Elbow Lane visitors included a Tamper, a Class 73 and and a Post Office delivery.
  7. Yesterday was only the 3rd time the layout has be up altogether without being on its shelf. I good opportunity for an overview shot. Dave
  8. Ian. I must be loosing it. I never realised South Gallions was yours even though I've been following it very closely. Both the layouts are very much after my own heart. Where you have set South Gallions is kinda where I have set Elbow Lane. Keep the good work up. Dave Smith (Parcels Van)
  9. You are perfectly correct. I was only complaining about the lack of non-steam layouts. Well spotted.
  10. Mal. Coastal DCC will make you one of almost any length. Good service too. Dave
  11. I don't doubt it but the Society surely has a list or know of a good many P4/S4 layouts and some of them must be Modern Image. I would have thought that at least one would agree to take part. If you are putting on a show, you don't just advertise for layout owners to come forward, you go out and seek what you need. Never mind. It's done and dusted now.
  12. I had a look at the Show on Sunday and some very good looking layouts as usual but I feel a better name for the Show would be; 'The Almost Exclusively Steam Era Layout Show' I guess it reflects the interests of the Exhibition Manager. Dave.
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