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  1. Does the other chip burn out? Could there be any connection between the two in any way?
  2. Does it run OK on DC with socket blanks in place? Then does it work with the decoders in and set to enable DC running. Have you tried running just the decoder car on its own on DCC? You need to eliminate things one by one to narrow it down. I think it is a problem in the train, not in the chips.
  3. Could the 395 be trying to draw too much current that the chip cannot cope with?
  4. Hi P for N. Throttle Data travels down the Track Bus. Track bus goes to your district cut outs for the 3 Power Districts and then from these onto the tracks of each district. If CAN Bus is feeding back info then it's probably for Point indication on a panel or Track occupation etc. I'm sure someone from MERG will soon be on this for you. Dave
  5. DGO. I've used these Servo mounts. They are brilliant. Maybe they do cost a bit more but I feel they are worth it. The MERG servo 4 is good but if you have more than 4 turnouts then the MERG kit for the Megapoints board if worth considering. Choose whether they are DC or DCC. The Megapoints offers 3 pre-set routes as well. Dave Smith http://www.dingoservo.co.uk/
  6. Just updated my 08 sounds. Brilliant new rendition. Legoman, of course. Well done. A lot more shunting on Elbow Lane in the Layout Topics section. Dave Smith
  7. Technically a Mk1 coach. Southern Pride body behind hand made sides.
  8. 'Shunting at Elbow Lane' ( a mind numbing video!) for some. Fresh from Lydd Rail 2020.
  9. Thanks for 'some' of the replies. Hahah! Problem solved. It's a Sil-Air Export 15c made by Wherner in Italy. Dave.
  10. I've used a lot of these. However it may be a little different to most. I fix mine to the underside of the baseboard so they can be moved, removed or added to. This is what works for me. 6mm thick ply baseboard, 3mm cork and Peco Code 75 00 track Two of these placed end to end so they cover two droppers. Neodymian N52 strength 25 x 10 x 3mm. Best deal I have found is Spider Magnets. This size is sometime not evident on their website so you have to search. These work very well under the above circumstances. I started with round one under the sleepers but they used to attract the axles of small wagons, often causing a pair to re-couple. These may work under 9mm baseboards but I don't have any 9mm timber to test it for you. Sorry. One tip if you do go with this method. Only Bachmann hooks work as they are brass. File the dropper part back to bare metal and solder the staples on here. Staples need filing clean first as they had a glue on them. You may also need additional flux for the steel staples.. Good luck. Dave
  11. I've done inlaid track with check rails. See Elbow Lane here on page 4. Dave.
  12. Hi Guys. Can anyone ID the made/model of this compressor please. Internet search failed so far. It's in the UK so should have been available here at some time. Cheers Dave
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