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  1. The new street lights are now in operation along with a 'new' old lamp at the end of the loading dock. All in aid of getting ready for the layout's first show in October. Dave
  2. Over the weekend Elbow lane has gained a couple of Position Light Signals. Dave.
  3. I had planned to drop the three supplies for the lights, down through individual holes in the baseboard but then I came to my senses. Just in time. A small PCB was built and affixed under the roadway complete with the necessary resistors and a safety diode. This will now be fed with a single supply lead. Room under the end of the board is getting sight and I still have to find space for the Shunt Signals' PCBs. Dave.
  4. Had to remove the bridge to install a Shunt Signal so decided to fit a couple of street lights. Hopefully, this view won't be seen again. Dave.
  5. I'm pleased to advise that we have restarted our Monday evening meetings. We have a large ish 00 layout that needs finishing off. It is fully running in DC but could easily be converted to DCC. Scenes need finishing and a team to run it. Visit www.csmrc.co.uk Dave.
  6. I fully realise that the two people I saw posts from could be speculating or rumour mongering or miss interpreting. That was the whole point of my post asking if anyone else had heard anything. Read my original post again to fully understand what I was asking. Dave.
  7. PMP I understand that statement completely. I'm not 'thick'. Things change all the time and their view of the future of 00 Bullhead could have changed. For someone who has invested in the 00 Bullhead I keep my ears and eyes alert. Nevertheless, two well known users/followers of Peco 00 track have suggested very recently (since that statement) that these items may never arrive now. My question was, has anyone heard this. It wasn't a request for a repeat of Peco's statement. Dave.
  8. Guys. I have heard/read two suggestions that Peco are to drop the idea of any more Bullhead 00 track. Anyone else seen anything please? Dave.
  9. If your layout is more of the size of most UK layouts then 5amps is probably enough. How many sound locos would you have moving st a time? Power the yard and the main through their own cut-outs from the 5amp supply. Dave.
  10. Are you saying that you would have upto 10 locos in a yard making sound at the same time? Dave.
  11. Hi Guys. I am trying to fix the above for a friend. First I found the a component on the Blanking Plug had blown and Gaugemaster have supplied a new Motherboard and blanking plate. On fitting these I find the lights all work as they should but I have no movement. Can anyone help me to get to the motor so I can test this with direct connections please? Dave.
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