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  1. A quick update. Unfortunately Rectory Grove to West Park is no longer attending, but we have several confirmations to add to the exhibits. Layouts: Coffee table layout N gauge Trams to the park O gauge Traders: Severn Models Societies: Colonel Stephens railway museum More information will be given when I have it. Colin
  2. I will be helping to operate Southbridge, so come and say hello. Colin
  3. Some excellent layouts on display today, meant it was well worth the trip round the M25 in the horrendous rain this morning. Hopefully the weather and the rugby didn't affect the numbers through the door too much. Colin
  4. Hi Dave I am a member of Tonbridge MRC. Colin
  5. Thanks for the replies, I believe we will do some test pieces before we start fixing the backscene to the layout. Colin
  6. Thanks for that, something for us to consider. Colin
  7. I am part of a group building a layout, for our club. We are going to use an ID Backscenes, photographic backscene, and are wondering if anyone has sealed the backscene after it has been fixed, by using an artist's varnish or similar, or if anyone has any other suggestions. Thanks Colin
  8. Seeing the photos of the whole set of buildings together, shows how stunning they look, and would certainly be an eye catching part of any layout. Hopefully you can get a chance to show them in their location on your father's layout. Colin
  9. Have to say that the building's are looking superb. I really like the way you have got the brick work painted. Colin
  10. Another excellent show put on by Adrian & the Uckfield club. The standard of all of the layouts was exceptional (no surprise there) and a good range of traders, although wasn't after much today. Worth a visit tomorrow if you are in the area. Colin
  11. I can now add a list of traders, societies & demonstrators attending the show Traders ACE Products C&L Finescale Carriage & Wagon Models Coastal DCC Dart Castings David Wills Dingo Servo Mounts DoW Scenics Golden Arrow Productions Hardy's Hobbies Harrison-Brown Models Heritage in motion Kent Garden Railway KS Laser Designs Layouts4u Matthew Cousins (Artist, with Drive Thomas) Mike Turner (Artist) Plus Daughters Rail-Books Railroad Trading Ray Morris Roneo Models Roxey Mouldings Simply Southern South Eastern Finecast Squires models & tools Supercast Societies Gravesend Rail Enthusiasts Society Network South East RCTS Spa Valley Railway Tonbridge Model Engineering Society Demonstrators Michael Tucker - Scratch built buildings Roger Sawyer - Basic soldering techniques Steve Sharp - Steve's model building service, Locomotives & rolling stock built in Plasticard Also, Butley Quay was added to the list of layouts by mistake, and will be attending our exhibition in 2021. The list above has been amended. Will up date when I have more information Colin
  12. I have now been given a list of layouts booked to attend the show, there are 34 of them. I will list them with gauge and when set (if I have them!) Alt Furka HO Swiss Bottom Works Sidings OO BR and British Steel c1973 Canute Road Quay OO Southern 1940's Cheffley OO Southern 1930's Coldharbour Lane O GWR shed Durston OO GWR 1930's Edington Junction O Somerset & Dorset 1920's Forrestone N South London main line station Four Oaks OO BR Southern region Gasworks Basin OO Gasworks in 1950's Hayning Island EM BR Southern region 1960's Hoch Feldberg Z Kuchon 3mm German Black Forest branch line Lianbruck OO9 Austrian Lower Exbury P4 BR Southern region 1950's Lydgate OO Lancs & Yorks railway set in 1960's Lyndale OO9 small layout built to fit inside under bed box Lynwood OO9 small layout built to fit inside under bed box Manston Airport OO BR Southern region 1950's Morfa Mawr West Wales Polcombe Depot O Somerset & Dorset Rixworth Green P4 Southern 1920's Rotherbridge Goods OO Lancs & Yorks railway set in 1950's Scatchy Bottom Halt Gn15 Sheepcroft EM South West 1960's/70's Shellsea Harbour OO Southern 1920's Sillean MR N St. Elizabeth Street N St. Luke's OO BR Western region St. Mary's O Welshpool & Llanfair light railway 1930 Tansey Bank OO9 Preserved ex industrial line 1960's The End of the line O small mining operations in the early 1960's Welford Bridge N BR Western region 1960 I will add a list of traders once we have final confirmation. Colin
  13. Looks to be another excellent show put on by Adrian, and I shall be making the short-ish journey from Tonbridge, with some members of Tonbridge MRC on the Saturday. Colin
  14. Tonbridge MRC will be holding their 39th exhibition at the Angel Leisure Centre, Angel Lane, Tonbridge TN9 1SF, on Saturday 15th February 2020. Admission prices are: Adults £6.00, Children (between 10-16) £1.00, Children under 10 FREE. Following criticism of the over crowding situation this year, especially around the Jubilee room, the club has taken the decision to put demonstrators/Loco doctors and possibly a society in the Jubilee room, and there will be a larger area just off of the main hall that will house layouts in there. I will update with a list of layouts and traders in the near future. Colin
  15. Have to say that the signal boxes and the distillery buildings look very impressive. Colin
  16. Our club has a selection of books that have been donated to us, we do not have a great deal of space in which to keep an overly extensive collection. However I did recommend that the club purchase some of the Wild Swan books on scenic & plastic kits, which have been well used. As for magazines, the club itself does not order them, but members will bring down various titles on club nights. Colin
  17. Having followed your build of Caledonian Basin, I will follow your progress on this with interest. The coaling shed looks superb. I like setting deadlines on work being done on a layout (more self encouragement to get jobs done quicker) Colin
  18. Having seen the layout today at the Pevensey MRC exhibition, I can only say how delightful it is. A simple track plan, Scenery very well done, the sound on the loco's at just the right level, not too over powering, and movements kept me wanting to stand and watch it. Colin
  19. First of all I need to ask why this is in the exhibitions section? surely the miscellany section would have been better placed. I am a member of the Bluebell railway, and also in close proximity to the Spa Valley Railway, Kent & East Sussex, Lavender Line and at a push the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch railways, as well as the Bluebell railway, so I could have my pick of lines to volunteer at, but as has been mentioned, work and other activities mean that I am unlikely to be able to volunteer at this current moment. As I currently work as a signaller with Network Rail, I can understand that any railway would like me to do a similar position, but sometimes you need to do something different from a day job when on rest days. I might be more interested in the restoration side of the railway, rather than being a 'public face' to a railway. Colin
  20. ColinW

    Avon Junction

    P{art of the reason for extending the hidden fiddle yards, was to allow us to add a local freight movement down the branch line, rather than just use a 14xx & Auto coach or Diesel Railcar. Due to the way the original fiddle yard board was constructed, we are unable to fit a hand into it, so the extension board was made so that we could gain access to the nearest track on the hidden fiddle yard. Running a freight down the branch means that we will need to remove and then reconstruct the freight before it departs again. This means that we need to fit an un-coupler to that line. In the second picture, the rule is 5" from the end, as that is where a loco can be run/pushed to before using the un-coupler to un couple each wagon. The piece of card in the third pic, is just a template to show where it will be situated. Will show more when I continue with this work later. Colin
  21. ColinW

    Avon Junction

    Some more work was carried out this morning, mainly tidying up the wiring, but we were able to sort out the isolations on the two tracks in the hidden fiddle-yard. Some of the next jobs to be carried will be checking the Seep point motors used for operating the un-couplers and signals, and looking to install a new un-coupler in the extension board, for the hidden fiddle-yard. Colin
  22. ColinW

    Avon Junction

    Thanks Neil Colin
  23. ColinW

    Avon Junction

    Having not put anything on here for some time, here is an update. Unfortunately, we once again suffered electrical problems during the Faversham show, and this left us with little choice but to go through the wiring on each board. Fortunately the way the control panel has been made has meant that we could plug each board into the control panel and fully test them. As we did this, we also found problems with some of the Fulgurex point motors, so we took the decision to take 4 of them out and replace them with Cobalt motors, and these appear to be working much better. Today we had the layout up and had a successful running session, much to our relief. Colin
  24. It's good to see you back at work Ron, have certainly missed your building updates. Colin
  25. A few local stations for me PENShurst PADdock Wood (if you have enough money might have full first word) High BROOMs STAPLEhurst HilDENborough OrPINgton Maidstone BAR/RACKs BELT/RING StoneGATE ROBErtsbridge BATtle ETCHingHAM Colin
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