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  1. Hi I absolutely love this layout. It captures that feel of southern branch lines in their final days . there is a lot to be said for small layouts such as this which in spite of their limited track plan can provide much operational interest. it’s easy to lose interest in a large layout which never seems to progress but with a small layout you can see it develope to completion . well done, this is one of my favourite layouts on this thread.!
  2. Western region takeover .
  3. North Street in the rundown to closure
  4. Welcome to North Street,my 'new' layout. I say'new' because it uses a large part of my previous layout 'Loose Road' which I featured here a year or so ago and which was exhibited at Folkestone in 2017. North Street is an inglenook layout and represents a truncated Southern Region branchline somewhere in Southern England. It was inspired by ,but is not a copy of Farringdon Halt on the old Meon Valley line which closed in 1955. After closure two sections became goods only ,the northern section running from Alton to Farringdon not closing until 1968. What made Farringdon unusual
  5. Terry Further to my postsyesterday, if you have access to Alan Poslethwaite’s book ‘the best of Southern steam the final decade’ there are some excellent pictures of rural stations. One shot is a lovely panorama of Brasted showing the goods yard including piles of coal,a grounded van acting as an office . There is also a lovely panoramic shot of Edenbridge Town showing the coal bins up against a siding . There is even a set of points alongside the bins , something I feel sure would be frowned on if it appeared on a model railway. I look forward to watching your progress
  6. Following from my last post here is a picture of my North Street layout which may give an idea of what I meant. North Street is a small rundown Southern halt with two sidings. I have no bins but a small coal pile and some sacks awaiting collection ,the coal trucks are simply Parked in one of the two sidings to be unloaded. All the best David
  7. Hi Terry I really like your model. You have really captured the feel of a Southern branch line. I also have written about the positioning of coal bins.it seems to me there is no hard and fast rule but on the southern more often than not bins backed onto a siding eg Hawkhurst Westerham Wadhurst and Swanage but At Sherborne ,Seaton for example the bins were on the other side of the service road . As has been said at many stations there were no bins and coal was left in piles in the yard or more often shovelled straight into sacks on the traders lorry Where bins were placed against the
  8. I have one. It was very jerky out of the box but on examination I found that the pickups weren’t touching every wheel and lost contact on curves. After some attention and adjustments it now runs pretty well . Taking off the keeper plate is the devils own job and the chassis is very basic but it was worth doing. I am now happy with the way mine now runs
  9. Regarding coal staithes we have had this debate before . At some stations , Wadhurst is a good example the staithes were alongside the siding ,at others , Knockholt for example the staithes were on the far side of the cart road from the siding, at others the coal was left in heaps by the siding Brian Harts book on the Hawkhurst branch has some excellent photos showing the arrangements at Hawkhurst At Brasted on the Westerham branch a grounded van served as an office with the coal in heapsby the siding Again some useful photos appear in Ron Strutts book on the Westerham branch.
  10. I have received a1361 from Rails(excellent service even during lockdown) in late livery BR black. looked good but running was terrible. It stopped on every point and even on plain track. On investigation I discovered that the pickups were not touching all wheels and some lost contacts on curves and appeared to short out against the chassis block. A certain amount of tweaking and a degree of trial and error have resulted in quiet reliable running . It is still not wholly perfect but acceptable and bearing in mind the bargain price I paid I am happy with it. Not sure if I would feel th
  11. I hate predictive txt. past should be Oast and Tobin should be Tovil! sorry!
  12. Past houses were common all over Kent ,many have been converted to homes . There are many around Faversham and Canterbury , Faversham being the home of Shepherds Neame who still have their brewery there . There were oasts near Sutton Valence which is in the area served by your railway . My old layout’Loose Road’ had much the same background as yours( I had a thread with some photos on RMWeb). There was a quarry near Sutton Valence which could be an extra scource of traffic. In my scenario the proposed tunnel near Tobin has collapsed leaving a truncated branch from Headcorn . My
  13. Hi stop blocks on sidings generally didn’t require lamps but on running lines lenses were red and where provided next to running lines lenses were white . This was in order to avoid confusion so that engine men did not mistake the lights and stop by mistake . Hope that helps David
  14. Morning Terry i looked at the Bishops Waltham book and I was reminded that the siding to the goods shed came straight off of the platform track . it just proves there is a prototype for everything David
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