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  1. MEK works great with Slater's Plasticard and Airfix kits, but is rubbish with the greasy plastic of Evergreen and Plastruct Jon
  2. I really enjoy making CV turnouts. I accidentally got some code 70 ones, but found that Peco code 75 rail is a perfect match. Cue hours of fun swapping over code 75 and code 83 rail in lengths of flexi-track...the code 83 with British-style sleepers is perfect for fiddle yards as it is more durable than the code 83 as bought Jon
  3. Not sure Adrian, I'll try and find out Judging from the condition of the CSX pulpwood cars, I would hazard a guess at somewhere between the late 1990s and mid 2000s Jon
  4. Excellent ideas Dave and an excuse for running one or two boxcars up the branch - Ashley Drew, etc Car cards would be a must to retain attention Jon
  5. Just ordered one Jack - bit cheaper than the $41.00 from the Walthers catalogue Thanks Jon
  6. One of those loaders looks ideal - I've built one of those 'orange peel' grabbers before on a JCB kit - one of a choice of 5 grabbers/drill/buckets. The pneumatic piston rods falling out of the pistons gaused more grief than enough....until I glued them in place Jon
  7. ....and a few more Starting to get excited about this little project now Jon
  8. A pulpwood loading yard in Alabama Lots of potential here. I have a container lifter that will kitbash into the log loader without too much effort Jon
  9. Thanks Jack Looks like a woodchip loader involves a bit more infrastructure than a small industry in the woods I have a few photos of a pulpwood loading site in Alabama and will perhaps go down that route Jon
  10. Love the cobbles Wonder what Mr Wright would make of the nice clean Rutland car Jon
  11. I am looking to extend one of the Sweethome Alabama baseboards by 18 inches, to make the scenic board as long as, and to hide, the newly-extended fiddle yard. While thinking about what to put on the new bit (other than more trees), I thought it would be a good opportunity to add a turnout and a bit mor track to increase the operating potential of the pulpwood branch/spur. Leading on from that, I also got to thinking about turning it into a small, Inglenook-style layout in its own right, with a dedicated fiddle yard, with a view to using it as a working layout for small shows, as well as remaining part of the larger Sweethome Alabama Here's the board in its current guise I have scope to extend the board by 18 inches, and will probably end up with two 3ft boards. I also have scope to make the boards a few inches deeper. My initial intention is to have the log cars disappear either into a building or behind some trees so that they can be loaded 'off-stage', behind the backscene. I also hope to use a dedicated switcher, possibly a 44 or 70-tonner for the site. Your thoughts and suggestions, folks. ps - I also have some huge woodchip cars....could a woodchip loader be included into the same scene as pulpwood cars, or is it either/or? Thanks Jon
  12. As Mr Wright would say '1938 - a good year for Hitler' Must keep an eye open for another of those little Intermountain beauties Jon
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