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  1. Thanks so much guys - all very helpful information. I've had a closer look at what I have - its a triple pack (R4676) and it looks like the TSO is Hornby which helpfully has the buffers that can be pushed out, but the TGS and TRSB look to be Lima in origin - buffers moulded in place and the glazing and a few other areas look less refined. Am I right in thinking that there has never been a OO gauge blue-grey MK3 released that comes without buffers?
  2. I hope this hasn't been discussed before (I've searched & can't see anything) but I've bought some Hornby MK3s in blue grey livery with the Inter City 125 branding on the sides, but they have buffers fitted & of course the HST MK3s didn't have buffers. My question is, is it simply a case of cutting the buffers off and 'making good' or is there more complex surgery needed to the bufferbeam area make them look like HST MK3s? Also, given that these HST MK3s are currently not produced in blue-grey by Hornby, if I were to buy, for example, an Oxford rail blue-grey b
  3. Thanks very much indeed Mac this is really useful info (along with your previous post) - I will do some digging to see if I can find any images for the period in question and will update here when the rebuild of that part of the layout starts - the layout is in the garage at present after a house move but I'm hoping in the next few months I can dust it down and crack on!
  4. Hi Mac1960 thanks so much for your messages and kind words! This is actually good news, as I was never happy with the canal boat emerging from the tunnel (it was the first scenic work I did when building the layout) so if I can legitimately close off the tunnel and remove the boats then that's a job that will make me feel a whole lot better about the front of the layout! Because the resin for the water is poured into a self contained sealed 'unit' this is less drastic than it may seem. If you have any photos of the gates that closed the tunnel off and any images of that area in the BR blue era
  5. My apologies - I thought you were starting out - sorry.
  6. I'm not an expert (far more experienced people on here, some of whom respray for a living) but I spray at about 12psi with a 0.4 Harder and Steenbeck Evolution and I have never measured amount/ratio of thinners to paint, but follow the advice in George Dent's book - if it drips off the stirrer without 'encouragement' (as opposed to cascading off because its too thin) then that's about right. The usual advice is the consistency of milk, but I go a bit thinner than that (plus it depends what sort of milk you drink and are comparing your thinned paint to!). Also critical to do many li
  7. I've stripped several Heljan O gauge models with IPA - 99.9% but diluted to about 90% - not accurately diluted though, just a splosh of water. Not had any problems. Usually leave it to soak for 24 hours and then attack with a toothbrush - just don't forget how flammable this stuff is though!! I spray using Railmatch enamels - good match for Heljan colours, but mainly because decanting from their glass bottles is less messy than decanting from tinlets!
  8. Can't see the O gauge Deltic listed which I need spares for - hopefully this may appear at some stage? I'm after cant rail grilles and centre/top front end headcode bracket if anyone knows anywhere else that may have these? Unlikely I guess, but given that the Deltic has been re-released I'm moderately hopeful!
  9. Agreed!! Accurascale have been such a breath of fresh air with being open and transparent - please don't stop Fran!!!
  10. Thanks very much indeed everyone-this is all very helpful and clearly I have a steep learning curve ahead, but this has really helped clarify things and point me in the right direction - sincere thanks!
  11. I hope this hasn't been addressed already (but searching for DCC CVs and permutations thereof yields zillions of results!) but is there a decent book out there that covers adjustment of CVs in detail? What I'm driving at is that I have recently had to adjust CVs on a Bachmann 105 to alter the brightness of the front lamps with great results, but before doing this I had to alter 'indexing CVs' (with values gained from a very helpful RMWeb post) and I really want to learn and understand more about this, as I am told that adjusting things like indexing CVs (for example) has the capaci
  12. Take your time Fran! You guys are a breath of fresh air in this industry and my wallet can breath a temporary sigh of relief!
  13. That's really interesting/a relief, as my immediate reaction upon seeing these was "where are the black window surrounds?" when I saw them on the Hattons website.
  14. That's pretty shocking. Mine arrived from Key in a sturdy envelope which was perfectly fine and protective. Aren't we all meant to be cutting down on plastic waste? Thankfully I suspect most of us modellers are pretty good at reusing but that's a hell of a lot of plastic bubble packing.
  15. I know this thread is a few years old now, but I had the same issue with my 105 when I fitted a Loksound V5. As usual, RMWeb came up trumps! Check out this thread (https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/117575-dimming-headcode-lighting-with-loksound-v4/) and rather than dim, crank up the brightness to max and the orangey glow in the 105 is visible. OK its still not bright, but its a hell of a lot better! CV 31 to 16, CV 32 to 0 then CV 262 to 31.
  16. I like the theme of a 'train per decade', but also winced when I saw the price of the tinplate 0-4-0. Having recently dabbled in live steam, for an extra £135 you could buy a UK made, all metal, live steam Roundhouse 0-4-0 loco, or alternatively a slightly lower spec Mamod MKIII live steam 0-4-0 loco for £165 less than the tin plate limited edition. Looks like they are selling though and I guess on that basis, investment value could rocket assuming there are no second runs.
  17. A lot of Lima, ex-Lima and early Hornby blue-grey HSTs available second hand, but I've not seen many of the super-detailed blue-grey versions, aside from a few at insane prices on a well known auction site. Maybe I've just been unlucky? I must confess that I've only been looking for the past 6 months or so and I may have missed these when they were more plentiful on the SH market.
  18. Yes does seem a bit odd to associate such an esteemed name with the Steampunk range. I hope it does well for them though - it's pretty risky but could end up being a winner.
  19. Interesting range - has something of a 'make or break' feel about it and I sincerely hope its 'make'. The Steampunk range could be a stroke of genius if they can tap into the gaming market, but even if they can't, I suspect many kids will engage with this line which is good news - the few steampunk layouts I have seen at exhibitions have really captivated the younger audience. The 91 - hmmm that's worrying, as Cavalex have put so much time, effort and doubtless money into their project - I really hope they won't pull out from that and I shall be honoring my commitment to them and
  20. Yep as far as D&E is concerned APT was my best guess (from many pages back) along with an early AC electric to contemporary standards (class 81 probably the most likely? Hopefully with proper space for sound this time!) and maybe the full fat super detailed HST in blue and grey. All iconic and all previously in the Hornby range in some form or other. I can't help but think it will all have an 'iconic trains through the ages' type theme. Maybe way off here, especially with the 'outside the box' comments.
  21. Yes I sent them an email and a few days later received a detailing pack that contained headcode discs. Great service from Hornby.
  22. I suspect it will be VR railways in some form or other and perhaps on-board cameras, plus a release of 'celebratory' models from the back catalogue, hopefully something like an AL1 and APT (OK, OK, I know these are my dream wishlist!) made to contemporary standards, and a smattering of new releases - hopefully (and I'm dreaming again) a 25kv EMU and the LNER blue-grey HST set in the super-detailed form - not holding my breath on that last one in particular given the recent blue-grey Railroad release, but it would fit with the overall celebration theme and Hornby were first to release an HST ba
  23. Yes the more I read the more the 86 seems like a good bet. My original guess/wish of APT and class 81 may need revising to APT and 86 then! But as others have said, I suspect a class 81 will come from one of the manufacturers at some stage.
  24. Thanks so much Dave that's really kind of you. Yes it's a lovely spot (the cafe at Tunnel End always a high point!) with some great hill walking and great pubs in the vicinity-may retire there if I'm ever flush enough to stop working-which is probably unlikely if I keep buying so much model railway kit!
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