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  1. I am really impressed with this addition of the front steps. Incidentally, I am very pleased with my model. Aside from looking good, it has been on my rolling road and works just fine. If I purchased a quality kit and then included the cost of motor, gearbox and wheels I don’t think I would be that far off the £750 I paid for this RTR model and then there is the time/money required to build it. So, in my opinion, it is a bargain and I applaud Hatton’s for their initiative. Many people will be satisfied with it just as it is and those of us who want to improve it by adding front steps etc can do their thing with the time saved by not having to build it. Regards Les
  2. Hello i received the GOG Gazette today and the Hattons advertisement says the A3 loco is now in stock. I I have one of these and an A4 on pre-order but have not been contacted yet. Of course, perhaps the information Hattons had at the time of the magazine deadline was accurate before the shipping delay was announced. However, it is now November and there has been no update I am aware of . Is there still a delay? Les
  3. All of which makes me want to ask another question. If I was to purchase one of these Photon S printers with the latest motherboard will I be at a disadvantage? I will be starting from scratch with no historical modelling files so will it be OK under that scenario? regards Les
  4. Hello I am new to this and thinking of getting one of these printers. I have produced .stl files before using Solidworks several years ago and had them printed by a commercial printer. However, I no longer have access to this software and needed to download a replacement 3D CAD program. So I downloaded Blender which has been mentioned but it seems capable of doing complex things way beyond the 3D sketches I want to produce of various railway parts. I can’t even find how to draw a line or circle with it or find a YouTube video to show me how. Have I downloaded the wrong software. Regards Les
  5. I am grateful for the responses to my original question. Currently, I am inclined towards a resin printer like the Anycubic Photon. The price point is very much cheaper than I was expecting and to respond to Harry50, I feel less inclined towards building a kit. Since asking my original question I feel I have made some progress weighing up the pros and cons of all what is available out there. Thank you all very much. Regards Les
  6. Many thanks for all your replies but I have another question now. Are there advantages using resin rather than filament types of printer or vice versa? Les
  7. Hello JCL Thanks for your reply. The first thing I would like to produce are things like the sides of carriage bogies, axle boxes etc. They would not have to be so pliable but I have noticed some commercial stuff is a bit brittle so I don’t want to be too limited in what I can print in future. However, thinking about it I can’t think of anything I want that would have to flex too much but good detail is a must. Hopefully, layers of 0.1mm are achievable in a domestic printer. Budget is flexible enough though. It depends what I can get in a domestic printer for my money. Beyond £1000 I would have to have more of a think about it but I would prefer to have something that would last a few years. regards Les
  8. I am perplexed as to what printer would be suitable for my needs. I have designed parts in the past and produced .stl files for commercial printers to produce the items and been pleased with results. However, I suspect things have now moved on in the domestic printer market. So, if I wanted to produce items in high definition using a tough non-brittle plastic material what 3D printer and material would be the best buy for me? I don’t want to purchase anything I will soon grow dissatisfied with. Les
  9. Thank you very much for the replies to my question. All very helpful and informative. Les
  10. I have a number of Mark 1 carriages to number and I need to know what size the alphanumeric designation should be. In early BR days were they 3 inch and was the colour of them yellow? I have consulted Keith Parkin’s books but cannot find this detail. Also, in “Parkin” it has the initial allocations by region but it seems no FKs were allocated to the Southern Region. I know this list is not meant to be exhaustive but it seems unusual the SR had none from the start. Can anyone throw any light on this please? Les
  11. Thank you for the replies so far. I am hopeless on the electric and diesel multiple unit side of things. My question was really addressing the state of play up until the end of Steam in 1967. Presumably there would have been Bulleid and/or BR MK1 loco hauled stock around even with a Warship at the front instead of a Pacific loco. And if so was there at least a Buffet provided? Personally I cannot remember seeing any.
  12. I was a regular at Waterloo in the mid-sixties until the end of Steam in 1967. I don’t recall many restaurant, kitchen or buffet carriages being around on the non-Pullman loco hauled trains to Bournemouth or on boat trains. It could be because at the time I was just interested in the loco at the front. Conversely, could it be because the journey time was quite short when compared to trains that had much longer mileages to undertake on the other regions. Personally, I am not sure but perhaps it was the length of the journey that was the deciding factor in providing catering in those days. Any thoughts or information? Regards Les
  13. Sorry I have not thanked everyone for their contributions so far but I am currently out of the Country. It is interesting to me that some steam classes, in geographical terms located quite close by, rarely if ever crossed the old boundaries of the Big Four despite all being part of BR. At Kings Cross there were BR Standards, including, as Jonny777 states, 9Fs on passenger duties when motive power was short. However, there is precious little evidence that I have been able to find with anything too foreign other than the aforementioned loco exchange trials. And yet just a few miles up the line at Hornsey MPD Southern classes such as Q1 and even a Class C would come over on cross London freight workings. Yes, these were goods trains so they would not be seen at Kings Cross unless they could get through the Widened Lines. But it still seems odd to me that over the period 1948 to 1963 when Top Shed closed nothing unusual was seen. Perhaps as has been suggested there was so much home grown motive power around there was no need. Thanks again for the replies.
  14. I have always held the view that if it could happen on the Railway it possibly did at some time or other. So, I have been wondering did any unusual steam engines ever appear at a Kings Cross. Like one of those show stopping moments when something appeared that shouldn’t have been there. I am aware of the obvious locomotive exchanges but after that did say, a Black 5 ever find its way into Kings Cross. These engines were so ubiquitous across the network, especially North of the Thames, that it seems a likely contender.
  15. Many thanks for all your suggestions. All very interesting. Thank you.
  16. Many thanks for the informative replies to my original question. My spotting days at KX covered 1965 - 1968. I copped all the Deltics and Baby Deltics but took little, if any, notice of coaching stock. I can vaguely remember some old LNER carriages with oval windows on some trains, some in the new corporate blue and white livery. Presumably these would have been BGs or Restaurant carriages? I am intrigued about LNER vehicles being used on inner and outer suburban trains. What types would these have been around 1960? Once again thank you all for your help so far. Regards Les
  17. I wonder if someone could help me with the MK1 coach formations used on the Kings Cross Outer Suburban services around 1960. I understand these were usually made up of perhaps seven coaches and would have included an open second with lavatory for longer distance travellers. However, I would like to know what the complete formation would look like. Was there a composite coach with some 1st Class seating for example? I understand the ER did not have any composite lavatory coaches. I have looked at my copy of Parkin but could not find any further information. Any help would be gratefully received. Regards Les
  18. I am about to start constructing baseboards for my garden railway. However, I have had to do a great deal of soul searching about baseboard construction. In the end I have decided to opt for Plywood/OSB board well treated with something like bitumen and covered in roofing felt. This has brought me to a new conundrum. How do I fix the track to the roofing felt? I would have preferred adhesive like evo-stik but I doubt this would work on mineralised felt. I suppose one solution would be to pin it down but I am worried about how it might look and would it move/distort over time. One further consideration is that I am planning to keep the track covered and out of the weather when it is not being used. If so, could I do away with the roofing felt? This would let me glue the track down and perhaps even use proper ballast. Any comments/suggestions would be gratefully received. Regards Les
  19. My apologies if this subject has been covered before. Some years ago I found a website that covered carriage formations which was a wonderful resource but I can’t find it anymore and can’t remember any details. I believe there was also a Yahoo group but I can't load it if it is still there. So my question is there a resource that I can access to find out the carriage formations of trains? Regards Les
  20. Thank you for these replies. Most helpful. Regards Les
  21. Hello I am new to this sub-group but I have a long-standing interest in the Southern. This stems from my spotting days at Waterloo from 1965 to 1967. I also visited Nine Elms regularly and visited Eastleigh and Salisbury MPD at the end of steam on the Southern. However, I never got to see a Q1 at all as they had all but disappeared by my time. My interest in No 33021 is because I have a photograph of it on the ECML on its way to Ferme Park with a cross London goods. A loco driver friend of mine at Hornsey MPD told me the Southern men would come on shed to sort their Q1 out before the weekday rush hour and rest up in the mess room before returning to the Southern after the rush hour had finished. I am interested in where this particular engine was shedded circa 1960 and whether or not it received the later BR emblem. Also, if anyone could point me to a book or magazine where this loco is well photographed that would be great too. It would also be nice to know where these freight trains originated from. Any help would be gratefully received. Regards. Les
  22. two tone green I had a sneaking suspicion you would know the answer to my question. TrainController Gold is my choice due to items like icon editor and perhaps functionality, for the future, I don't even know about yet. Yesterday, I ordered my first block detector. I chose an 8 channel LDT to try it out with a demo. Thanks very much for all your help. Regards Les
  23. The more I read about and see about TrainController the more I like it. I do have one more question though. Does the software contain British home and distant signal icons as opposed to the colour light ones I have seen on YouTube demos? Alternatively, can these be created with the icon editor? The help I have received on this topic so far has been brilliant - thank you. Regards Les
  24. Two Tone Green I have had a busy week trying to work all this out. My current view is to keep the ECoS 50200 as it is a piece of kit I really like. The only issue I had with it was that we use the ESU 1st generation radio controllers. These have been OK but as they are a few years old are in need of replacement. The ESU second generation radio controllers are a bit pricey for us as we need six of them. That was why I started looking at the Z21. However, I have also looked at Railroad and Co TrainController software as you have suggested and it seems I could hook up the the ECoS to my PC and also have access to a web browser that could also support iPhones and iPads through its SmartHand product. Thus all my needs will be met using this solution. With regard to block control, TrainController will also allow me to set signals in the preceding block back to danger as well as giving a degree of future proofing the layout. So, thanks to the help of you and others it seems I now have a way forward. Thank you once again for all our help. Regards Les
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