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  1. Does anyone know of any news about these? Whenever I have watched a virtual show video update from Heljan there has been no mention of these at all. It seems like Heljan are just focusing on the diesels in the O gauge market - I guess that is understandable if that is where the market is? Just would really like one of these
  2. Does anyone know what is happening with these? Are they in production or are they on hold?
  3. Hi, I watched the Heljan update video yesterday. It was very informative and helpful. The O gauge Class 2251 'Collett Goods' 0-6-0 was not mentioned - is there any update/news on the progress for this loco? Thanks
  4. Hi, thanks for that but I don't think it is going to be a 1960's version of the class 86. The current models are based on the ones that were modified in the early 1970's
  5. I would love the following: - Peak with split head codes in green with half yellow panel. There are no peaks in the current catalogue so is this model being upgraded? A 'skinhead' version of the Class 31 in green. Class 40 in green with split head codes. Any of the the Classes 81-86 in electric blue with half yellow panel and white cab roof. Thompson coaches in maroon livery. That's my dream anyway
  6. New = hopefully a class 40, maybe a 2EPB and class 85? 8F, King, 105 DMU, MVL and some Thompson coaches existing = Deltic with a different name in green / green FYE/ green SYE. weathered Deltic, 47's, 20's? more weathered steam loco's
  7. I received my umber and cream Belle today, very pleased with it. It runs very smoothly straight from the box. It worked fine on Kato track and Peco track. It was fairly easy to connect but had to be careful. The table lights are a nice touch. Hope they do more models, especially emus, a 2BIL maybe?
  8. I thought the whole thing was an excellent idea and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have always wanted to visit the Great Central but was put off because it would have been too long a journey for a day trip. This event was ideal because there was enough to make a weekend out of it. I attended Sat and Sun and stayed in a hotel overnight. On the Sat I parked at Quorn and travelled behind the Deltic to Leicester and back in the morning. Then I looked around the layouts and then visited Rothley in the late afternoon. On the Sun I visited Loughborough and then finished the day looking at the layouts again. I thought the ticket price was very good value and the car park fee is fair enough as the funds go to the railway. The layouts were very good, the staff I spoke to were very friendly and I enjoyed the atmosphere. I liked the 9F in green, it looked right, (even though it isn't - I know). I will definitely like to do the same next year.
  9. NEW Class 85 especially in 1960's livery as they could run alongside steam/diesel Class 40 Split box, Centre headcode and Disc versions? 8F 2EPB (Bit hopeful with that one but 4 CEPs are available and Hornby/Arnold Brighton Belle due soon to compliment this) 105 King class Modified Updated Peaks and maybe with split boxes? New Liveries Midland Pullman in Grey/Blue band with jumper cables Mk2s in NSE and Intercity

    Farish Ivatt 2MT

    I have got the early crest 2MT and it comes with a bag bits to fit .The diagram in the instructions does not show where they all go, can anyone help? There seems to be a spare cab roof and what looks like a couple of doors but I can't see where/how they would fit, there are also some other small parts.
  11. The N Gauge Deltic's are now delayed until Jan/Feb next year according to their website
  12. The engine noise at the beginning is the neighbour's lawnmower! My layout is in the attic
  13. This was the best layout at TINGS, absolutely loved it.
  14. Here is a video of Western Enterprise, it's a very nice model and runs smoothly and quietly.

    Dapol class 86

    I agree, the right choice of emu is almost impossible and there wouldn't be enough demand in N gauge whatever was picked.(probably not enough demand in OO either) Sorry for my mistake about the Thumper. I used to spot at London Bridge and saw them there along with 2BIL, EPB, CEP, VEP but not the MLV and the BELLE had gone by then but you could model a 1960's layout with all these classes but not 1980's or 90's. 4CIG would be great but I agree there are limitations with the location and time zone for maximum usage of these models.
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