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  1. It seems there’s no unique topic for these— now rectified. What has prompted my post is the procedure for body removal; I have found the instructions to be less than helpful on this aspect. In my experience, the best way to avoid damage is to remove both bogies by pulling them away from the chassis, then using a small flat-bladed screwdriver in the slots where the friction clips are, lever the chassis away from the body.
  2. Would they be so specific? It might be a V2 or a Crab!
  3. Yes, the Baby Deltic would suit me nicely!
  4. Oh yes there is—in my fridge ready for curry tonight!
  5. Mine runs well. Go for it!
  6. Certainly not in grey primer Roy! But surely in glorious maroon you’ll be salivating?
  7. I was surprised and disappointed to see no mention of Peak progress in the latest Rapido newsletter.
  8. Rails e-mailed today saying these are on the way to them for release in June 2024. Yippee!
  9. I’m particularly pleased to see the early-liveried Shell/BP TEA tankers. I remember seeing a pre-TOPS blue 47 hauling a rake of these northbound through Hadley Wood with an HAA on the back holding the tail lamp, as required by the dangerous goods regulations of the time.
  10. The trouble with the old N gauge Peco chassis is that its width differs from the Farish one and the bodies are consequently wider, so probably not to scale. We also could do with a fitted open (wooden body on 10 ft chassis) as per the Highfit in David Larkin’s Working Wagons 1968-1973.
  11. I filled in one of Bachmann’s suggestion forms at Ally Pally. My choices were the pallet van and pre-TOPS blue diesels in N gauge.
  12. If only that pallet van was N gauge!
  13. Crepello

    Dapol N Gauge 63xx

    Really? That’s a shame.
  14. Presumably these will have the same non-standard NEM pocket as the 5 and 7 plank opens.
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