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  1. Looking at the pictures that accompanied the above post, it seems that you need extra fingers to be a pipe smoking train dad! :-) http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/107911-1910-mini-layout/&do=findComment&comment=2195065
  2. Any forward view of the layouts and traders attending Nyall?
  3. Excellent News. I have the day off so I can now come and do my bit. So i'll be there. :no: Tony B.
  4. Looks good to me. Happy to have any extra wiring if indication of throw is a concern.
  5. Nice box Jason. As regards the stairs, oddly enough one of the boxes on our club layout 'Waterstock' has not yet had any steps added. It has been there a number of years too and nobody has yet questioned how the bobby gets in or out.
  6. Excellent stuff Jason. That chap on platform 2 just needs a Snap Dog.
  7. Plunger I reckon. Could he be an Obstetrician? About to perform a ventouse delivery? He's no plumber, the trousers are too high.
  8. Excellent. Well Done! I love it. It goes to show once again that these old drawings and techniques are still applicable in this 'ready to plant' age.
  9. Thank you Beasty. Seems things are done differently on other groups. A timely reminder never goes amiss. :-)
  10. I love your 'little runaround' my dad had one when he worked for the firm. Many happy memories of trips (illicit) in that during the school hols. :-)
  11. I wonder how the 'bedroom tax' will affect railway modelling? Could one claim that it is a 'railway room'?. Will there be less or more spare bedroom layouts I wonder? Tony
  12. It's not my spilling that's the problem, it's my pismronounciation.
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