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  1. Hi All, Once again, thanks a lot. Most useful info and pictures which are really helpful. Regards, Mark
  2. Hi Ian, Thanks for that, I'll have a look round. Regards, Mark
  3. Hi All, I'd be grateful please for any information and where I might find pictures/books about what steam locomotives were running on mainline excursions and the like in the early 1990s and the type of stock used (mainly Mk1s?). I believe there was an 8F and Duke of Gloucester but that's about all I know. Regards, Mark
  4. What work would you suggest needs to be carried out on the Replica models please?
  5. Hi All, Thanks for all the replies so far, they're most useful. I have some Bachmann BGs in blue so I might respray two or three for a bit of variety. Seeing the pictures would be a helpp too. Thanks again, Mark
  6. Hi All, I have six of the original SPM Mk 1 TPOs in the 1991 livery which I am finally getting round to making. If anyone has built some of these, I would appreciate some advice please on the best method of gluing the overlays to the sides and which glues people have found to give the best results. Also, the TPO train I am planning to represent contains some full brakes. I've been trying to find pictures of these as I'm unsure as to what livery they carried. Were they TPO red too, or did they retain their BR livery? Regards, Mark
  7. Hi Paul, Thanks for the reply, I don't think Heljan do it in 4mm, but will buy a Dapol kit and see how that turns out. Regards, Mark
  8. Hi Paul, On the photos of the tank wagons you sent to me, is a message saying that a suitable kit is available in 4mm scale. Would you be so good as to let me know who manufactures it please? Regards, Mark
  9. Hi All, Thanks for the replies and photographs Paul. I believe (though I may have misunderstood) that the storage tanks for the diesel fuel at the TMD would be flushed out every now and then to remove the impurities/gunge that would settle to the bottom of the tanks. A wagon was kept (I presume some sort of tank wagon) into which the discharge would be loaded to be removed later. I'm talking about the late 80s early 90s. I hope this is clearer, but please correct me if I am wrong. Regards, Mark
  10. Hi All, As part of my layout, I'm making a TMD. It's based in the BR Sectorisation period. I would like to know what wagons would've been used as sludge wagons for the refuelling point during this period please? Regards, Mark
  11. Hi All, Thank you 47406, the pictures are exactly what I need. They're the right period (BR Sectorisation). I have 12 Telescopic Steel Hood wagons and also 4 BBAs (soon to be more). I'll be respraying the Tiphook wagons back to VTG. The 'steel coils' which come with the Dapol wagons will be used on the BBAs and I'm getting the cradles for these from Colin Craig. Regards, Mark
  12. Hi Guys, Please accept my apologies for not saying 'thanks' sooner, I'd forgotten I'd posted this!! I'm going to use the Phoenix paints to repaint them and I've contacted Railtec Transfers about the lettering etc. Something I didn't ask - I've been trying to find out when these wagons started to be repainted into the Tiphook livery, all I've managed to find so far is that it was 'sometime in the nineties'. If anyone can be more exact i'd appreciate the help. Also, how many of these wagons would make up a typical train load and what locos were used for haulage? Regards, Mark
  13. Hi Glorious NSE or is it Martyn? Thanks very much for the information, it's most helpful. I've already been on the safety signs site and copied and sized some of the signs. I just need to buy some decal film I can use on my injet printer. Thanks again. Regards, Mark
  14. Graham/John, Thanks very much for the replies. I rather thought if they did survive that long, they might have ended up in departmental liveries. I obviously need to see some photos of these brake vans, if only one made it unrebuilt into departmental use, then I'll have to have a think about what I do with the other. It's not my period of modelling, I've owned the two Hornby ones since the 80s when they were released as part of a project which was abandoned. I now model BR D & E in the sectorisation livery period. I'm a member of the EM Gauge Society, so I'll ask around if anyone has t
  15. Hi All, A friend of mine is building a ficticious layout set in the early 1960s located somewhere on the former LBSCR . I have two of the Hornby LBSCR 20 ton brake vans in LBSCR grey. Can anyone tell me how long these brake vans lasted before being scrapped please, and if they made it into the 60s, what colours they were painted? I've had a look round on the web, but so far I've not been able to find much out. Regards, Mark
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