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  1. Hi cypherman I assume you are talking about the tender for the streamlined Coronation. If so the Black 5 tender body will not fit. Believe it or not the Coronation used the drive unit from the LMS Compound. The Black 5 and the Duchess used the same tender drive unit so the Black 5 tender top will fit that. Just to make life interesting there are two types of drive. The original type used the unit with separate tender weights, smaller wheels and a plastic tender chassis. The later ones used the drive unit with the integral weights, large spokes wheels and a metal tender chassis.
  2. Hi cypherman. The brass insert you are after is usually referred to as a helicoil. It looks like a length of spring but wound the other way. Originally Hornby ( and Tri-ang before them ) used a proper brass brush. Expect helicoil are now used because of cost. Ray
  3. Andrew Your picture of the Port of London building is not near Spitalfields Market but is actually in Charterhouse Street, opposite Smithfield Market, about a mile away close to Farringdon Station Ray
  4. Hi Owen The X776 wheelset was pretty generic in the 1980's. As well as being fitted to wagons and some coaches it was also used in the pony trucks of some tender locomotives and, as you are aware, the King bogie. I am unable to access my Service Sheets at the moment but,from memory, they were used on the Flying Scotsman type chassis. This chassis was also used on the LMS pacifics (Princess and Coronation). The X776 appears to no longer be available as a spare but the scotsman type pony trucks are. Buy a pony truck complete, remove the wheels and sell the remainder on ebay.
  5. Popped into my local Homebase (Basildon) to get some sand paper this morning. Just so happened that on the other side of the aisle were the adhesives. Low and behold Evostik in tubes. Lots on the shelf, £4.00 a tube. Ray
  6. Just checked on Peters Spares web site. Part number is X1140. They have it listed more than once, in different colours. Over a hundred in stock of the green ones. £2.35 plus postage. Never ordered from them but those who have praise them highly. Ray
  7. That is most certainly a schools tender drive. The reason you are getting confused is that the James model is a conversion of the old Tri-ang R251 0-6-0 tender loco. Old Jinty block (modified), Ivatt 2-6-0 pony truck and later type 0-6-0 wheels. Body is a stretched R251 body and tender from the schools class. No service sheet issued of the old 3 pole model. Peters Spares do have the correct wheels for this tender. They are the the ones with the reduced size flanges. If Redgate has a centre wheel assembly for a TD Flying Scotsman that will fit. Just pop off the wheel with the gear on the back,
  8. If the locomotive concerned is 20 years old the current service sheet may not be the correct one. Current service sheet would be for a 5 pole motor the model may well have a 3 pole motor. The tender used for both James and Gordon was the old, Margate era Schools class one. The wherls for this tender could also be found on the tenders for other locomotives eg.A3, A4, B17& D49. Also I believe on the Class 86 also. Only thing to watch out for is the brass centre axel on the Schools/A3/A4 drives. Not sure of the part numbers as I cannot locate my service sheets at the moment.
  9. That looks like Henderson door gear. If you look on the Henderson website for instructions on replacing the door cones. You have to remove the door from its frame to change them. But as you are going to remove the door you would only have to read the relevant section. Tools required : Adjustable wrench Spanners Two No.2 phillips screwdrivers. A set of Allen keys. Oh, you will also need another pair of hands. Those doors are heavy.
  10. The R759 number was most probably on the chassis block. R759 was the catalogue number for the Triang-Hornby Hall. The same casting was used for the B12, A3, Coronation, Saint, King Arthur (R154) and some versions of the 08. The other number R859 was probably on the body shell and was the original catalogue number for the Black 5. As to the colour of the moulding some bodies were made in maroon plastic and spray painted black. There was a Crimson Lake Class 5 about during the 1980s and Hornby did a model of it. Ditto with the green preserved one in the 1990s. Although most of the Hornby TD
  11. Graham King did one back in 2009. He used a Bachmann B1 Body and chassis fitted with wheels from a Bachmann A1 and the cab from a Hornby B17. See here: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=46312 Ray
  12. Also saw the compound today, as usual the locomotive case was detached from the magazine. Model looked ok to me. A bit too much silver paint and moulded on handrails. Looked like a compound though. As for the 4MT allocation, not an exhaustive list, just the main shed numbers. 1, 2, 5, 6, 9,10,14, 15, 17, 24, 26, 30, 31, 33, 34, 50, 55, 56, 61, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 73, 75, 82, 83, 87 & 89. Should help to work out which regions had them.
  13. Try APT-P or APT-E. They apparently have power cars from both at Shildon. Both have a wedged shaped front, neither have a bell. The APT-E car may not actually be the power car. Just called it that as an easy reference. I belive the power car was actually the un-streamlined car in the middle of the set.
  14. Looked into this a while back. Found this one. may not be available in the UK yet. They do show prices in "GB Pounds" on the web site. modeltorque.com.au Hornby x.04 motor "drop in" replacement kit New brass worm & high torque can motor. Never requires re-magnetizing! Price: GBP 21.50
  15. PDK do a D49 kit with A GCR 3500 gallon tender and they do sell tender kits separately. Only problem is the tender kit prices are a bit steep. £70 for a tender or £98 for the full kit. Probably best to stick with what you have and try to improve it.
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