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  1. Up there with Devonport Road, hope to see some RmWebbers there. Cheers, John
  2. Ok a bit of topic, but I will be up at the Great Central Exhibition this weekend (14-16 June) with my layout Devonport Road. This has a number of unusual loads heading into Devonport Dockyard, including the huge UCTP wagon. Hopefully see a few of you up there and we can discuss unusual loads. Shame we never got a definitive picture of the load on the OAA and Warwells. See you there. Cheers, John
  3. Having looked at the picture again......what are the loads on the Warwells?? ....and wonder what is in the second OAA .....perhaps the loads are all connected to some work in the Devonport dry docks? Cheers, John
  4. Hi Chris, I think they are actually in an OAA, but what a spot. I am continually surprised with what is out there. Gordon please keep us posted with any more detailed pictures. PB add that one to the rudder, sinkers and crane weights into the dockyards. cheers, John
  5. Bagged China clay by the looks of things. ...and I guess the VGAs fit in with the picture on page 64, and I would think also with bagged clay? I wondered with the picture of the bucket scoop in the picture on page 70 if the wagons might have been opens (sheeted?)....say Tiger POAs.....or I guess they could have used a temporary auger with hopper discharge wagons. Cheers, John
  6. Hi Brian, I have always thought that the Cattewater branch was a fascinating operation right from the days of steam, as you say, to its final end. For me it would be a class 08 meandering through different sidings with a few tanks. I’ll investigate Coast Lines shipping further. Thanks, John
  7. Thanks PB that explains why I can only find class 25s on Bull Point trains. Hi Brian, having had a look at those Mod photos on Paul’s site they are all 1982 which would seem to indicate that they are Falklands related. Did they deal with vehicles later on say late 80s, early 90s (Gulf war?). Think you are right that the Thomas sites were ex UKF, perhaps they changed when UKF were bought by Kemira ? Would love to know what was on the traffic to Victoria Wharf?? Cheers, John
  8. Hi Siberian Snooper, I think Bull Point essentially became part of Devonport (From my reading of the various books). As such the mainline connection was lost in the 90s. But as you say internally could/is still in action. Cheers, John
  9. Reactivating this topic, having gone through my copy further, hopefully someone can help with more information on traffic to the following sidings/depot in their latter years (late 80s, very early 90s) 1) Victoria Wharf...rail traffic finished in 1991, but what was it and the wagons used? Probably delivered by open but unlikely to be China clay due to potential for contamination (loading looks like by bucket scoop only)? 2) M. Thomas Distribution...was in operation in 1990. Main traffics I understand were fertiliser by VGA/PWA and bricks in OCAs...but anything else and what wagon type???? I think the OAA used as a reach wagon in the LPG siding was also kept there (photo pg 166). 3) RNAD Bull Point, closed early 90s , but never seen any photos of traffic in those latter years (only early 80). Interested to see what comes out of the woodwork. Thanks, John
  10. Hi Guys, Many thanks for the Marchwood pictures and further information on the operations. A lot of inspiration there. Cheers, John
  11. Many thanks Brian, Davey and Jim It continues to amaze me what is used, goes to and from, and ends up in MOD sidings!!...and if you modelled an APT power car in an MOD depot would anyone believe you ....and a use for the EMU translator coaches that were produced a while back. Those photos are really interesting Brian, out of interest when were they taken? Cheers, John
  12. Hi Davey, thanks for your post, some interesting insight on how things are/were done and what those loads are actually for. Your comment about Kineton has got me interested. This is off topic....but it was my topic originally. I have seen many pictures of stock in store at Kineton (and other depots in MoD service and otherwise). But do you know how most of it got there...or even left it was still rail worthy? Were there many rail movements or were they all brought in by lorry? It would appear most stock got to say Long Marston by rail and there are lots of pictures out there...but I have only ever come across the odd one for Kineton. If memory serves me right there were a number of class47s stored there as well as EMUs but never seen any pictures of them on route. Does anyone have any pictures for these movements to say Kineton, Longtown or other MOD bases (LM has been done to death perhaps!!!)? ......a real long shot how did 47538 get to Devonport and I think 556 to Rosyth to be used as engine test beds? Thanks, John
  13. Hi Brian, Thanks for these latest photos, yet more variety.......and yet in the midst a wooden box, but then how else do you move say mechanical spares in the time of containerisation. Having scoured the military kits websites it surprises me that not more of these "different" types of load are available in say kit form through these outlets. It does make me wonder that as many of the manufactures have done various container flats already, when such ones as the FCA, FAA and FKA may come onto the RTR radar, especially when you can use them in anything from one set upwards on such things as MOD workings. Thanks, John
  14. Hi Si, thanks for confirming that. and thanks West Junction for the background info. Yes the current scene does seem to have many "wagonload" options as the MOD become more and more ISO containerised. Cheers, John
  15. Hi Brian, An interesting pair of photos. Clearly showing DROPS on container flats as they have twist locks, and a clear view of the DROPS "loop" for the loading hook. The second pic is interesting showing how a load fits onto the DROPS flatbed. I have looked at your photos before and there are a lot of very interesting MOD loads on your Flickr site, many thanks for posting them. The two pictures are DROPS on FCA twins (amazed no one has done a kit or RTR of this) but to the right of the FCA on the second photo is that an EWS low deck wagon....not sure of the TOPs code? Cheers, John
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