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  1. Hello John, Just returned to RMweb after a year or so and found this thread, I have to say what a delightful layout this is. Inspirational. John
  2. The Signal Box in the photo is rather nice, I suppose the best thing to do is once the track diagram is finalised work out how many levers would be required to operate station limits then add in the off scene advance starter plus anything else required within the box and work out how big it would need to be. Once we know that we can always add in "modellers licence". John
  3. John Rich

    Dock Green

    Haven't had a chance to look in on this thread for a couple of days, fantastic sequence of photos from the development of the bridgework down to the unpainted wood wagons, this layout is truly superb. I'm a bit miffed at the moment as my new and hardly run Dapol Jinty has sheared a crank pin nut of all things, good response from Dapol service who are going to fit a new wheel set but if I hadn't been lazy and built a kit I could have fixed it myself, hey ho !!! Seeing layouts like this keeps morale up. John
  4. Sorry I couldn't make it to the club last night, last minute elderly Mother duties threw a spanner in the works. Track diagram looking good so far. John
  5. John Rich

    Dock Green

    Thanks Simon, interesting article. John
  6. John Rich

    Dock Green

    I have often wondered with brake levers on one side only how much of a pain in the proverbial this must have been for the shunter if the mix of wagons meant the levers were on different sides, I assume he would have had some "trick of the trade" to get around the problem or were there alway levers on both sides but only brake blocks on one side of this type of wagon ? John
  7. John Rich

    Dock Green

    What a superb thread this is, the photos are stunning. I hope to bump into this layout at a show one day. John
  8. I have been quietly following this thread for some time and I have to say that all the photos are excellent but those photos of 60109 are absolutely stunning ! John
  9. Yep, really looking forward to the J72, multiple orders will be a must. John
  10. Just found this thread, being in the process of a downsizing house move this layout is so inspirational as I am not going to have a dedicated layout room. Still we are moving to Pickering which of course does have a mighty fine railway in town John
  11. Damn and blast, having now seen these photos I think I am going to have to go back to my open wagons and retro fit the strapping and knees. Fortunately having not long returned to Railway Modelling my wagon fleet is tiny John
  12. Great photo. Being a painter of military figures as well as trying to be a Railway Modeller it's always good to see a nicely painted figure, good on yer Mr Knight. John
  13. I took early retirement from the aviation industry when the opportunity arose at age 55, never regretted it and hopefully you will enjoy many years of leisure activity now. John
  14. I have always loved seeing your modelling skills Allan although artistic skill is far more appropriate term. I have to say that these latest photos just take my breath away, the skill level is just stunning. John
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