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  1. It was first off tool, Dapol emphasised that there may be visible seams as the tool will be adjusted and polished following review
  2. Joining Phil in Micro layout room is Caroline Castle which was due to debut last year but the real snow trumped my winter theme. Jeremy
  3. jcmjcm

    New Peco Website

    Search works for me https://peco-uk.com/products/curved-turnout-large-radius-right-hand7
  4. I would be very interested in this as the Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society is building an N gauge model of Kineton which is on the Stratford upon Avon & Midland Junction Railway (SMJR) on which the Ro-Railer operated. I have some plans and background information if that would be of interest. JCM
  5. The new Dapol Digest has photos of the production samples https://digest.Dapol.co.uk/filedata/fetch?photoid=536
  6. Photos from Saturday J72 N2 Y7 51xx JCM
  7. Hi Jason, Loved the video, that's some basement! Do you think the uncoupler will work with N gauge? Many thanks JCM
  8. A great selection of layouts! Good cakes too!! Thanks to all involved. JCM
  9. You could try BR Lines http://brlines.co.uk/products.php?section=2 JCM
  10. jcmjcm

    N Gauge Gem Kit

    The kit is designed to fit a Graham Farish GP tank or 94XX chassis with only small modifications.
  11. These and several other Muswell Models buildings now appear to be available from Peedie Modelshttp://www.peediemodels.com/proddetail.php?prod=PMM85015 No connection with this business.
  12. Great Gathering at York Today. Early Photo Session. (A little on the dark side. Those on later sessions may be helped by the end of British Summer Time) Big Crowds as soon as the Museum Opened. A very enjoyable day. JCM
  13. jcmjcm

    N gauge

    You could start by looking at the Peco Setrack plans book. Even if you are planning to use a different track system it can give you some ideas about what sort of features you could include. There is a container terminal plan that might suit your modern image requirements.(plan 4) Note Setrack points are very small so other track systems will need more room.
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