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  1. Just a thought, but might it be when the wheels of the stock go over the central plastic part of the point (the frog/common crossing). If you are using some older coaches or wagons, then the wheels can have larger flanges which touch the frog. Does it happen with all your locos/coaches ?
  2. Perhaps just cut some plasticard to shape, paint black and then add domino transfers ? Sheets of plasticard are available online in various thicknesses - I got a pack of mixed thickness for a few pounds, and have found it very useful for things like this. If you get it wrong, it's easy enough just to cut another one until you get a snug fit. Obviously domino lights won't illuminate though. Good luck with the 25 - I have several sound fitted ones and they are my favourite for using on the layout.
  3. Looking really nice - the effort you have put into planning it looks like it is really paying off. Looking forward to seeing more pictures as it progresses.
  4. Exploring new site...

    1. Andy Y

      Andy Y

      Do you mind me asking if you've just edited an old blog entry?

    2. unsoundmove


      Yes indeed - and have also just sent you a message asking for a bit of advice :-)

  5. Must get on with ballasting

    1. steve22


      Well done. I'm looking forward to the day/month/year when my modelling gets that far.

  6. Must get on with ballasting

  7. Bachmann 32-117 is actually D3963 in BR Green with wasp stripes, weathered. Then 32-118 is 08011 Haversham (in your list as 32-117).
  8. How do i delete a blog ?!
  9. How do I delete a blog ? I'd like to start a new blog but get rid of these old ones first. Can't see delete button anywhere!
  10. Not sure if right place to post and not wanting to offend original poster - but just wanted to record appreciation for a fantastic service from DC kits / Charlie/Ian. I recently bought numerous sound decoders and got excellent advice, swiit delivery and after care when there was a minor problem. I didn't know anything about a fire, so it can't have been easy for them but the service I received was excellent. Pat
  11. Hi - interested to know how you added the extra pick ups to the Whistler, as my 40 is a bit juddery and this would surely help... Is it just brass wire of a small diameter soldered to the brass section in middle of bogie, and then bent to touch the inner surface of the wheels ? Cheers.
  12. All sound-fitted locos on, creating a wall of diesel sound !

  13. All sound-fitted locos on, creating a wall of diesel sound !

  14. All sound-fitted locos on, creating a wall of diesel sound !

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