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  1. As Mark says, the Corgi 4 wheelers are a strange freelance thing in a weird 1/64 approx scale-I think it's a common scale for die cast vehicles? Though the wheels are 00 gauge, which would probably scale at around 3ft 6"! They are of a generic layout that most tram builders used until the 1920s or so. Each manufacturer had a standard design which could be bought off the peg, or slightly customised to each system. You can see this in the running fleet at Crich. Chesterfield 7, Derby 1 (both made by Brush), Leicester 76 and LCC 106 (made by ERTCW), Glasgow 1068 (Hurst Nelson) plus two Nottingham bodies we have in store are good examples from different manufacturers. In fact, Glasgow 1068 was apparently from an order LCC cancelled, which Paisley tramways bought up instead. Corgi call them a Dick Kerr type tram, but they are not a faithful replica of any particular real tram. These styles of 4 wheel tram never had names. The corgi models are made so that similar castings can be used to make single or double deckers, open or closed top and open or closed balconies/platforms. They were made in every livery under the sun, pretty much so people could buy the ones from their town. In all fairness this makes sense, as the detail differences between similar trams is a minefield. Why on earth corgi chose such a strange scale is beyond me, if they'd made a true 1/76 model, even if still freelance, it would have been hugely useful to modellers. You can look up surviving trams here: http://www.tram.vintagecarriagestrust.org/tms/tmsearch.asp
  2. It would be unusual to find dimensions listed. What may be of help are the 4mm models of Corgi felthams. These are 160mm overall length, 30mm width. I also have 4mm/ft models of an LCC 4 wheeler (like 106 at Crich), these are 29.5mm wide, 115mm long. Finally, I have the saloon only of a 4mm/ft E1, this is 27mm overall width and 89mm long-though that is minus the platforms. Halve those should give you the N figures. Or, if you want to wrap a measuring tape round some actual trams at Crich, PM me and I can point you at the people to ask nicely.
  3. Pavers came from Hattons today, so the outside of the club got done. Then some yobs threw litter all over it, one of them threw up. Added some fag ends in the smoking area, chopping up bristles from a toothbrush. Obviously everyone smokes roll ups, hence they're white.
  4. Yep, skip sounds good. Here is the beginning of a Wills semi detached shop. Got to say, these are a monumental pain to cut out! I noticed whilst hobbling to the shops that there's a lot of black end walls where I live. Not sure why or if it's just a strange Derby thing, but thought I'd recreate it. As the graffiti indicates, this will be the run down smack head house. The front will be a kebab shop, or possibly a Hen Cabin. Makes a change from the idyllic life.
  5. Went to Derby MRE at the weekend, and picked up two anonymous second hand buildings. Wasn't til I got home I realised I'd bought both N and HO versions of the same thing! Strangely, the N version has the same size bricks, but the windows are just too small to be convincing for OO. Anyway, the OO/HO version started out looking like this, but bigger: I began by slicing the bottom storey off, as I thought it was a bit too tall for how wide it is. Some wills sheet to make an apex roof, and we have a tall, single storey building of some kind: At this point, I got an idea of what it would be. Some kind of old factory/mill, converted into a nightclub. Hence the flyers everywhere, nicked off the web and printed on paper. For the main building, I began by removing the long windows. The front had them mostly sliced out and an RSJ put in for a door. I was going to put a proper entrance in, but haven't got any suitable bits. Took me a while to think of what to do, then realised as it will be closed, a roller shutter door will do. The anonymous, signless look is based on Electrowerkz in London, and also much easier to make! I've still got the paving to do here, ran out of sheets. Might add a phone box and a few graffiti tags. Stuck an advert on the side Smoking area, using bits I robbed out a wills shop kit I also bought. Could do with some fag ends on the floor, maybe a broken bottle, but not sure how to do them. I'll get some big bins too. Dots are various freshness blobs of chewing gum. Coming up soon, a kebab shop and crack house.
  6. Apart from 331/Sunderland 100, which is a 4 motor car
  7. Thanks Ted. I'll hang on until the correct kit for 812 or 22 come out then.
  8. Crich tramway has a few in the archive, I know there is a 1/16th drawing of a Blackpool toastrack (166) by Keith Terry. Also full size drawings you could scale down.
  9. 3 years in, and some more progress. The left half of the layout is fully laid, switched and wired for 2 rail, and mostly for 3 rail. There's some plain 3 rail to do, but the tricky bit round the points is laid...sort of. Further testing reveals some locos foul the rail, which is slightly proud of the running rails. Also, some dublo pickups don't like round the points, so going to need some LU style ramps there. Anyway, been playing with the scenics. Only mocked up here, but gives some idea. I made a master and mould for my own resin retaining walls. I wanted this arched style in brick, everything I found was horribly pricey and not really what I wanted-other than the Bachmann walls, which would have cost a sodding fortune. The original was made in plastikard with Ratio arches cut in half. It's based on some I saw on the underground. Casting is so easy, I reckon if I buy in bulk on the resin it'll be a few quid per section. Wonder if there'd be much of a market for them? Here's another wall design, which I've not got any silicon to mould yet. It's only 3 bays long as I spilt mek pack on one arch... The smaller walls are for the front section, which will be a cutting. It's only mocked up here, but the sections are all glued together. I'll stick them to a bit of wood for strength, then get them painted. I've proven that I can get trains up the incline OK, but the lighter steam engines will need to be shifting some to get a decent load up. This should give a great backdrop. The wall on the left is the master, I need to cast a few more but ran out of resin. Two or three sections will meet the angle of the baseboard, setting the scene as a cutting but with it mostly open to view. I'll put a bit of abandoned line in there to account for the wider gap. Moving up to the station throat, this again will have some big, bulky retaining walls all along. I want to try and give the illusion that the line goes straight out stage left, instead of curving round, hence the depth. The girder bridge should hide where the track curves from most views, and I'll probably put some dummy track going into a tunnel mouth at the back corner. Finally, this area of junk will be the town scene. As well as being aggressively three dimensional, I want this layout to have loads of non-railway scenics. Station building will be on the corner above the tunnel mouth, other than that I'm planning big buildings a grot. Of course, when this actually happens is anyones guess! I've only been doing it as a fill in between old bikes, currently got a BMW R100RS that'll take most of my time and spare money this year. Hopefully I've got most of the bits to get some progress on this at very little extra cost though.
  10. Nice! Looks like it'd easily convert to open balcony as 22.
  11. Yes, it will be. There is about a third of another one rotting away by the old Cromford Canal too. http://www.cs.vintagecarriagestrust.org/se/CarriageInfo.asp?Ref=5262
  12. The seats suit open top form well. Not sure how many trams were open top enclosed platform mind. One thing I'll never understand is why Corgi made these models in such a stupid scale, they're around 1/64 I think. Anyone know?
  13. Blimey, over a year and a half since posting. I've not been completely idle though. The boards were rebuilt with the raised bit lowered, making the climb just about achievable for a modern steam loco. Modern diesels and dublo absolutely storm up it, having a bit of weight to them, so hopefully ballasting the kettles will sort them. As ever progress is slow since this is only a side project. As well as the boards I've built the first of the stands, and got some track down. This past month I've really gone at it, I now have the top left corner boards track all nailed down, partly ballasted and third rail fitted. I settled on peco parts for doing southern/Underground style third rail. The peco chairs are a little high, even though I left out the packing pieces for code 100 track. The dublo N2s will need the pickups tweaking so they don't short, and I've found the bachman 2mt tank has a screw that fouls on it. Other than that, it works perfectly. Here's a few photos, with a dublo castle just used for testing. I'll probably replace the rail ends at the points with LT style ramps, though they have to have much closer gaps than scale for the dublo pickups.
  14. Gardens look great. Are you still bashing up a pantograph car?
  15. Did they send you folders too? How many and did you try returning them? I'm genuinely curious to work it out accurately, might even go for it myself.
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